July 11, 2013

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Flat Belly Diet

Flat Belly Diet Book Reviews?This is a page about Flat Belly Diet book reviews. The Flat Belly diet book describes this Mediterranean style diet that promises a loss of up to 15 pounds in approximately one month.


Clean white bathroom sink.

Keeping Your Bathroom Sink CleanThis is a page about keeping your bathroom sink clean. Keeping your bathroom sink clean between thorough cleanings can seem daunting. However, there are some tips you may find useful.


Laminate Furniture

Painting Laminate FurnitureThis is a page about painting laminate furniture. Painting laminate furniture while requiring a different process than real wood, can easily be done. This is a great way to update and refurbish older furniture.


Peacock Feathers

Peacock Themed Wedding Ideas?This is a page about peacock themed wedding ideas. The beautiful colors and feathers of the peacock lend themselves to being incorporated into your wedding planning.



Freezer Meal IdeasThis is a page about freezer meal ideas. Cooking ahead and freezing meals can be very helpful for your busy schedule.


Storing Salad

Storing SaladThis is a page about storing salad. Salad, especially greens, can be a challenge to store for any length of time.


Smelly Sandal

Preventing Smelly Sandals?This is a page about preventing smelly sandals. Warm weather is the time for wearing sandals. However, it is also a great time for the flourishing of bacteria on your feet that can cause foot odor and smelly shoe odor, even when wearing sandals.


A couple dancing at a fundraiser.

Planning a Fundraiser Dance?This is a page about planning a fundraiser dance. Planning a dance to raise funds for your organization or group is a great idea. There are some ideas to keep in mind so that the event actually yields a profit.


Clothing hanging by clothes pins.

Buying Heavy Duty Clothes Pins?This is a page about buying heavy duty clothes pins. Finding heavy duty clothes pins can be difficult, as so many of the ones sold now are more for craft usage rather than actually hanging laundry.



Blueberry Lemon Breakfast CakeThis breakfast cake is so delicious and would be perfect for a brunch get-together.


Rainbow CupcakesI made these for our daughter's birthday party.


Removing BlackberriesTackling blackberries is a pain in more than one way.


Creamy Tuna Casserole

Creamy Tuna CasseroleThis simple tuna casserole is super yummy and creamy.


Fabric Flower PinUse your fabric scraps or old clothing to create these fashionable flower pins.


Homemade Granola

Homemade GranolaGranola isn't one of the cheapest foods but it is definitely nutritious and a great way to start your morning.


Homemade Blackberry GlovesWe are constantly battling blackberries in our yard.


Making Fabric Yo Yos

Making Fabric Yo YosThis is a short tutorial for making fabric yo yos.


Sausage Breakfast Burrito

Sausage Breakfast BurritoThis video shows you a super easy and delicious breakfast that you can throw together in no time.


Salted Peanut Butter BallsThese peanut butter balls are the perfect mixture of sweet and salty.


Graham Cracker CrustGraham cracker crusts are delicious, super easy to make, and perfect for cheesecakes and cream cakes.


Strawberry Rhubarb Pie

Strawberry Rhubarb PieOur son bought some rhubarb at the farmer's market and wanted to put it to use.


Cranberry Cherry BarsThese streusel bars have the perfect balance of sweet and tart.


Banana Cream Pie in a JarBanana cream pie is an American classic.




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Dog Keeps Escaping and Going to Visit Neighbors?About six years ago I adopted a wonderful Corgi mix. At the time she was about 3. Our first couple of years were lovely until a robbery occurred at my home. In the process she was badly injured and has suffered from serious anxiety since.


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Buying Adult Diapers in Bulk?Where can I buy adult women's diapers in bulk for a discount price and good quality? I am on a low income budget and am trying to help out my parents. When I buy a 16 pack at CVS it only lasts mom 7 days. At $12.00 per week is $48.00 per month.


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Arm Tensing and Twitching at Night While Sleeping?For the past week every night when I go to bed I am woken up by my left arm tensing up. Then it goes on to a strong twitch. This goes on for several hours leaving me sleepless.


Value of 1955 Universal Standard Encyclopedias?I have a full set of the 1955 edition Universal Standard encyclopedias. What's the value of these encyclopedias?


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Value of 1891 People's Encyclopedia?I have a set of The People's Encyclopedia from 1891, a 4 volume set. The books are intact though the side bindings have come loose. Any ideas on their worth?


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Cleaning Rate for a Friend?How much do I charge for the 1st cleaning of a very dirty, very cluttered 1 bedroom apartment? This is for a good male friend of mine. He has asked me to help him. He wants to straighten his place up.


Black cat.

Introducing New Kitten to Resident Cat?I have a 3 year old male cat and I want to know the best way to introduce a new kitten. I had another male cat who died of old age a month ago.


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Cleaning Old Aluminum Siding?How you can clean aluminum siding that is over 50 years old? It's in good condition, but dirty.


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Removing Moth Ball Smell from Dresser?How can we get the moth ball smell from a dresser? We have used baking soda, charcoal and any other suggestion. But nothing has worked. Any other ideas?


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Using Sawdust and Newspaper Pellets in a BBQ?Are pellets made from sawdust (cherry, oak, walnut) and newspaper safe for use in a BBQ grill?


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Pads for an Antique Rocking Chair?I have an antique rocker I would like to use on a hardwood floor. How can I keep it from scratching the floor other than buying an area rug for it?


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SSDI and Child Support?I pay child support for my daughter and her father gets SSDI for her. Will that change the support payment? Can he receive both? He is on disability not her.


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Black T-shirt with Bleach-like Stain?I have a 2 year old top loader washing machine and lately I have noted that I get what appear to be bleach spots on clothing without using bleach. I use Omo powder and I pour it in the fill nozzle. Can you help please?


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Recipe for Homemade Insecticide?How do you make homemade insecticide? My grandson is trying to earn a gardening badge for Boy Scouts and is having a problem with roly poly bugs eating the tomatoes. He does not want to use a commercial product, but prefers to use something less harmful to the environment.


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Giant Sunflower Head Drooping?This is my first time growing sunflowers. The one that is the farthest along is so big, it is drooping almost all the way to the ground. Am I supposed to stake it? Am I supposed to continue to water it? Thanks.


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Sharing Expenses With Live-in Girlfriend?My GF of 2 and a half yrs is moving in with me. It was a mutual decision based on us wanting to be together. We are 50 yrs old. She previously had an apartment for which she paid roughly a $1000 a month in rent plus all the utilities that go with an apt (gas, electric, cable, water).


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