July 13, 2013

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A man in restless sleep.

Arm Twitching at Night While Sleeping?This is a page about arm twitching at night while sleeping. Trying to get a good night's sleep can be very difficult if you are experiencing arm twitching.


Sandy feet on a towel at the beach.

Cleaning Sand Off SkinThis is a page about cleaning sand off skin. A fun day at the beach generally ends with you trying to clean the sand off your skin.


Oak dining room furniture.

Buying Oak Furniture?This is a page about buying oak furniture. Oak is a beautiful, durable wood that is popular for making furniture.



Spinach Mashed Potatoes RecipesAdding spinach and other ingredients to mashed potatoes makes a delicious variation on traditional mashed potatoes. This page contains spinach mashed potatoes recipes.


Homemade Insecticide

Homemade Insecticide RecipesThis is a page about homemade insecticide recipes. Many gardeners prefer to make their own insecticide rather than buying products from the nursery or garden store.


Children watching a show at a park.

Keeping Children Safe in CrowdsThis is a page about keeping children safe in crowds. Crowded places can be very disconcerting for parents.


Wrist Watch

Cleaning a Wrist WatchThis is a page about cleaning a wrist watch. Your wrist watch can get quite dirty from daily wear.


Beeswax candle making materials.

Uses for Beeswax?This is a page about uses for beeswax. Beeswax is not just for making candles, there are many uses it can be put to around the house.


Dog on Concrete

Dog Pooping and Peeing on Concrete?This is a page about dog pooping and peeing on concrete. Often dogs that have been raised in kennels with concrete floors are reluctant to use the grass rather than your patio or driveway for their duties.


Tile Backsplash

Updating a Tile Backsplash?This is a page about updating a tile backsplash. If your tile backsplash is dated there are some easy home improvement tips for updating them and giving your kitchen or bath a newer look without removing the tile.


Cutting stew vegetables.

Harvest Stew RecipesA delicious way to use up garden produce is to prepare a hearty harvest stew. This page contains harvest stew recipes.


pug looking sad.

Dog With Soft StoolThis is a page about dog with soft stool. If your dog's stool is soft, finding the cause will help find a remedy or define the need for medical treatment.


Kid's Clothes

Putting Names on Kids Clothes?This is a page about putting names on kids clothes. Putting your children's name on their clothing helps when sorting laundry or for identifying lost clothing at school.


Two male Persian cats.

Neutered Male Cat Mounting Other Male Cats?This is a page about neutered male cat mounting other male cats. Cat owners may be concerned when they see their fixed male cat trying to mount another male cat.


Burnt Cookie Sheet

Cleaning Burnt Cookie Sheets?This is a page about cleaning burnt cookie sheets. Cookie sheets can end up with burnt grease and batter stuck to the sheet after you have finished baking that batch of yummy cookies.


Laminate Dresser

Cleaning Laminate Furniture?This is a page about cleaning laminate furniture. Cleaning laminate furniture is easy to do, by using the proper cleaners and methods, to prevent damage.


Craft Glue

Removing Craft Glue From Furniture?This is a page about removing craft glue from furniture. Spills can happen even to the most careful crafter.


Wood Deck

Removing Candle Wax from a Wood Deck?This is a page about removing candle wax from a wood deck. Outdoor candles can sometimes drip wax on your wood deck.


Forcing Bulbs

Forcing BulbsThis is a page about forcing bulbs. Many gardeners enjoy forcing bulbs indoors, allowing them to enjoy beautiful flowers long before they would bloom in the spring.


Timid Dog

Dealing With an Overly Timid Dog?This is a page about dealing with an overly timid dog. With patience and interaction a shy timid dog can gain the self confidence to become a loving interactive family member.


Tongue Pierced

Getting Your Tongue Pierced?This is a page about getting your tongue pierced. There are some things to consider and be aware of before getting your tongue pierced.


Paint Chips

Crafts Using Paint ChipsThis is a page about crafts using paint chips. Once you have made the decision on which color to use for your painting project, don't throw away the sample chips. There are crafting possibilities for these colorful chips.


Stamp Collection

Selling a Stamp Collection?This is a page about selling a stamp collection. Whether you are selling your personal collection or one that you have inherited, the first steps are to determine its value and the best way to find serious prospective buyers.


Adult Diapers

Buying Adult Diapers in Bulk?This is a page about buying adult diapers in bulk. Buying adult diapers can be quite expensive. Finding a source for buying them in bulk would not only be more convenient but could probably save you money as well.


Drawer Organizer

Desk Drawer Organizer IdeasThis is a page about desk drawer organizer ideas. Keeping your desk drawer organized can be a challenge.


Furniture Design Business

Name Ideas for Furniture Design Business?A distinctive, eyecatching, memorable name can help get your new business moving. This is a page about name ideas for furniture design business.


German Shepherd Mix

German Shepherd Mix Breed Information and...Many larger mixed breed dogs may be part German Shepherd. This page contains photos of German Shepherd mixed breed dogs.


Paint Brush Santa

Making a Paint Brush SantaThis is a page about making a paint brush Santa. A paint brush can be decorated to make a cute Santa to hang on the tree or use in other ways to decorate for the holidays.


Poor Man's Cake

Poor Man's Cake RecipesThis page contains poor man's cake recipes. Recipes of this type have been popular since the Great Depression and can be served as a simpler, less expensive alternative to the traditional fruitcake during the holidays too.


growing tomatoes

Worms Eating Tomatoes?This is a page about worms eating tomatoes. Tomato plants are attractive to many different types of worms.


Pop-up Camper

Removing Mothball Smell from Popup Camper?This is a page about removing mothball smell from a popup camper. Many owners will use mothballs to repel mice when the camper is closed and unused for a period of time. While this may work it will leave a strong odor lingering in the popup camper when you are ready to use it.


Lamb Burger

Lamb Burger RecipesThis page contains lamb burger recipes. Occasionally you can find ground lamb at the market. Making burgers is one possible way to prepare it.


Hot Dog Buns

Hot Dog Bun Sandwiches RecipesThis page contains hot dog bun sandwiches recipes. Hot dog buns are great for making other types of sandwiches, including foil baked sandwiches.


Cooking With Arthritis

Cooking With Arthritis?This is a page about cooking with arthritis. Arthritis can make many everyday jobs more difficult and painful. A few helpful tips or strategies may help.



Recognizing Real Sheepskin vs Faux Sheepskin?This is a page about recognizing real sheepskin vs faux sheepskin. Real sheepskin is often used in making winter coats, jackets, and boots. To ensure that your new purchase is the genuine article, you will want to be able to easily recognize the difference between real and faux sheepskin.



Cat in birdbath.

Independent Little Orphan Annie (Domestic Shorthair)Annie showed up on our doorstep, pregnant, on Labor Day in 2001.



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14th Birthday Party Ideas?I'm turning 14 soon and I am stuck for party ideas. I'd only be inviting girls and I'd like to invite a lot of my friends. I don't think a disco would be good seeing as there are no boys. Any ideas?


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Real Estate Business Name Ideas?I want to start my own real estate brokerage with a name starting with the letter A to be early in phone book and web addresses.


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Getting Rid of Fleas?Can I give my dog garlic pills?


Red leather bound annual.

Value of the Americana Annuals?I have the Americana annuals from 1937 to 1947, including the 25th anniversary edition. Does anyone know value? Thank you.


Brownish spots on upholstery.

Black Mold All Over a White Sectional?We had a white sectional cleaned by Sears about 2yrs ago. It's in a room that we don't really use so we didn't notice what was happening until a few weeks ago. I think the couch was very wet after they cleaned it, but they never told us what to do.


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Clematis Not Flowering?I have had this clematis bush for over 3 years and it always flowers lovely pinkish flowers. This year none have appeared even though I looked after it as before. The only difference was I put teabags over the soil for my rose bush which is situated next to clematis. Did I do wrong?


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Buy Now Pay Later Medical Supply Store?I am looking for store or place for medical supplies such as Nicoderm CQ patches and other medical supplies. It needs to be a buy know pay later type store for someone with bad credit and debit.


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Avocado Leaves Turning Dark Brown and Fall Off?Why would a 7 month old avocado plant's leaves turn dark brown and fall off? Then new leaves come on and do the same. It's in a 5 gal. bucket with good drainage. What am I doing wrong?


Value of Encyclopedia Americana 1937?I have a complete set, 30 volumes, of the Encyclopedia Americana, from 1937, Universal Knowledge. By Americana Corporation 1937, W.B. McConkey Company, printed in U.S.A.


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Getting Rid of Mice?Aside from putting peppermint oil on a cotton ball, what can we add to the peppermint to make it a new product? We badly need you're answer. It's a big help for us in our S.I.P.


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Sewing Machine Has No Power When Plugged In?I have an old New Home embroidery machine (one of the first ones) and it has no power. When I plug it in no light or any power at all. Does this machine have a fuse?


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Removing Dye Transfer?My daughter's peach color bathing suit has blue on it. Her beach towel bled on it. How do I get it out?


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Catchy Daycare Names?My last name is Spicer and I'm wanting to try and have it in the new name for my preschool. I was thinking maybe "Sugar and Spice". Whatcha think?


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Removing Broken Acrylic Nail?My acrylic nail has snapped and so has my nail halfway down! It is very painful and I don't know how to get it off as soaking it in nail varnish remover is obviously very painful too! Can anyone give me advice at all?


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Older Cat Less Friendly Since Getting a Kitten?Hey thank you and maybe you can help. I have a female kitten that was found on Thanksgiving of 2012 (she was 7weeks according to the local vet) at the same time already having a 2 year female in the house. The 2 year old was terrible at first hissing all the time at me and the kitten.


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Shopping for Octagon Soap?Where can I buy Octagon soap near Savannah, Georgia?


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16th Birthday Party ideas?I am having my 16th birthday at a park with different sport activities, if anyone wants to play. But I need more ideas on what to do at my party. Any ideas?


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Simplicity Broadmoor Mower Running Rough?It is five years old and has been great mower. I started mowing, stopped for ten minutes and restarted. It puffed out black smoke and didn't want to run right. It miss fired and didn't want to rev up when the throttle was adjusted.


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