July 15, 2013

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dog in clown suit

Making Clothing for Your Dog?This is a page about making clothing for your dog. Some pet owners like to dress up their dogs in coats, costumes, and other types of clothing. Rather than buy expensive or poorly made clothing try making your own.


Oyster Crackers in a Bowl

Seasoned Oyster Cracker RecipesThis page contains seasoned oyster cracker recipes. Oyster crackers can be seasoned to make a variety of tasty snacks.


woman wearing gloves cleaning a tub

Nail Polish Remover Stain in Bathtub?This is a page about nail polish remover stain in bathtub. Nail polish remover may leave a stain or damage the finish on your tub, creating a discoloration.


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Watergate Cookie RecipesThis page contains Watergate cookie recipes. These delicious cookies start with boxed cake mix and pistachio pudding.


A bowl of strawberry soup.

Chilled Berry Soup RecipesChilled fruit soups are a favorite summer treat. This page contains chilled berry soup recipes.


Cigarette Smoke

Removing Cigarette Smell on Clothes?This is a page about removing cigarette smell on clothes. Cigarette smoke is very pervasive, it can cling to your clothing if you either smoke yourself, work or live with a smoker.


Chihuahua Clothing Patterns?This is a page about Chihuahua clothing patterns. Making clothing for small dogs is a fun creative pastime. There are many sources for the patterns to make your pup a stylish wardrobe.


Large Doc Martin boots.

Making Shoes That Are Too Big FitThis is a page about making shoes that are too big fit. If you have a pair of shoes that are a bit too big you don't necessarily need to get rid of them. You may be able to improve their fit.


Chopped Zucchini

Sweet Zucchini Pie RecipesIn addition to the popular zucchini nut breads we are all familiar with, try making a sweet zucchini pie. This page contains sweet zucchini pie recipes.


Photo of an old, abandoned house.

Abandoned Building PhotosThis is a page about abandoned building photos. Abandoned buildings can be an excellent subject for photography.



Icemaker Overfills the Ice Bin?This is a page about icemaker overfills the ice bin. If your icemaker is overflowing the bin it may be something that you can easily fix yourself.



Recipes Using Frozen Coconut?This is a page about recipes using frozen coconut. If you have leftover coconut in the freezer, there are a great many recipes you can make with it.


Raymond Waites Wallpaper

Discontinued Raymond Waites Wallpaper?This is a page about discontinued Raymond Waites wallpaper. It is very frustrating trying to find rolls of discontinued wallpaper to either finish a project or make repairs to the paper in a room.


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Buying Weeping Willow Trees?This page is about buying weeping willow trees. There are many kinds of willows to choose from.


Old Door

Using Old Doors in the GardenThis is a page about using old doors in the garden. Old doors can be used to decorate and define spaces in your garden.


markers in holder

Pen and Pencil Holder IdeasThis is a page about pen and pencil holder ideas. Homemade pen or pencil holders are a good craft gift idea or a useful handmade addition to your home office.


Trigger Thumb

Home Remedies for Trigger Thumb?This is a page about home remedies for trigger thumb. Trigger thumb can be a very painful condition in which your thumb catches in a bent position and then snaps straight.


Treacle Sugar

Using Treacle Sugar?This is a page about using treacle sugar. Treacle is an uncrystalized sugar syrup made during the refining process.


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Making Blanket Stitched Corners?This is a page about making blanket stitched corners. Working a blanket stitch is a good way to attach two pieces of fabric. There are a couple of ways to make this stitch when turning the corner.


Dog With Itchy Ears

Remedies for a Dog With Itchy Ears?This is a page about remedies for a dog with itchy ears. Itchy ears can drive your dog crazy.


curbside trash can

Tricks to Tell When the Trash Has Been Picked UpThis page contains tricks to tell when the trash has been picked up. It can sometimes be hard to tell whether your garbage can is ready to be brought back to the house from the curb.


Maple Fudge

Maple Fudge RecipesThis page contains maple fudge recipes. Instead of chocolate try making fudge using maple syrup.


Skin Care Products

Selling Unused Hair and Skin Care Products?This is a page about selling unused hair and skin care products. If you find yourself with a stockpile of unused hair and skin care products, perhaps from online or TV shopping, you might be able to sell them.


A room with wall to wall carpet that is buckling.

Wall to Wall Carpet is Buckling?This is a page about wall to wall carpet is buckling. Over time carpeting can stretch and begin to buckle.


Patching a Plaster Wall

Patching a Plaster WallThis is a page about patching a plaster wall. Many older homes have plaster walls and ceilings rather than drywall. Plaster walls can be patched and repaired either by a professional or the homeowner.


Gifted Money

Paying Taxes on Gifted Money?This is a page about paying taxes on gifted money. The tax burden on gifted money is determined by Federal tax law.


Walker Grips

Adding Padding to Walker GripsThis is a page about adding padding to walker grips. Putting some padding on the grips of a walker can help to make using it more comfortable.



Dog under blankets.

Hope (Pomeranian)I got Hope after I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis to keep me from depression.


Finished headband.

Flower Head BandFancy up your or your child's head band, so easy and you can make them to match that special outfit or season!



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Social Security Benefits for Adopted Grandchild?My daughter has been receiving Social Security benefits from her father's death. She has since had a child of her own, which I now have guardianship of. If I end up adopting my grandchild, will she be able to receive her grandfather's Social Security as well?


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Ground Squirrels Eating Beans and Cucumbers?Does anyone know how to keep ground squirrels from eating my bush beans and cucumber plants? They eat the blossom on the bean plants before the beans have formed and they are eating the leaves on my cucumber vines.


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Selling The New Book of Knowledge?Where can I sell old used books? I have a set, from A-Z of The New Book of Knowledge, by Grolier.


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Cleaning a White Watch Band?I have a white watch that is hard to clean. I tried looking for white shoe polish, but can't seem to find it.The watch is $30.00 to replace (Michael Kors).


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Name Ideas for a Graphic Design Business?I am wanting to start my own freelance graphic design business. I am trying to think of a creative christian name. Any help would be wonderful. Thanks and God bless.


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Meaning of a Stanza in Poem?Explanation of this stanza : life is like a garden. each day a budding flower, unfolding at the dawning to close at sunset hour.


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Applying for Survivor's Benefits?When I was 2 years old my father passed away from cancer and my mother didn't take care of me. In fact she was and still is a drug addict. Is it possible to apply for benefits after 14 years because I had no way of applying myself at the age of 2.


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Sweet 16 Birthday Theme Ideas?I turn 16 in December, but am not having my party till January. I want not a huge, but not a small party I have a lot of family and not a huge number of friends, but I have no idea what the theme should be.


Closeup of black kitten.

Resident Cat Bullying Our New Kitten?We just got an 11 week old kitten a couple days ago and our 2 year old cat does not like her at all. Not only does our older cat hiss at our kitten, but she hisses at me and I don't know what to do. I'm afraid if they don't get along we will have to rehome our kitten. What's the best way for the cats to bond?


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Planting Bittersweet Seeds?Do bittersweet seeds contain both male and female genders, or are some seeds strictly male, and some seeds strictly female?


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Suitable Kitchen Paint Colour?I'm in need of help choosing a colour or couple of colours for my kitchen to freshen it up.I have black marble work tops and splash backs with sort of beech cabinets, dark grey tiling to floor. I've gone for red appliances which work really well, just not too keen on the magnolia paint. Help please!


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Gift Ideas for Boyfriend's 19th Birthday?My boyfriend of almost 6 months is turning 19 next month. I have no idea what to get him. He likes the New York Yankees, and loves his car. He always pays for dates even if I offer to pay.


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Riding Mower Won't Start?Kohler engine on my 15hp John Deere riding mower won't start. I have replaced the battery and have a new solenoid in it, but now all it does when I turn the key is make a slight whining noise. Any ideas on what it may be? Possible starter? Also, I have checked all connections. Thanks!


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Childcare Business Name?I need a child care name with "Tina" in it or "Mema". Any suggestions?


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Pull Tabs Recycling in South Africa?Is the pull tab recycling project still active?


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Other Girls Being Mean?Everyone's being mean to me. I've asked why. I've said sorry, even though I haven't done anything. I don't know what to do?Please help.


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Using Craigs List?How do you get your ad on craigslist there is no form to fill out?


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16th Birthday Ideas?I'm turning 16 soon and my parents don't exactly have a lot of money to spend for my birthday because my little brother's birthday is a week after mine. What should I do that is inexpensive and yet something fun I can actually get to enjoy and remember?


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Itchy Ears After Using Medication for Swimmer's Ear?I was diagnosed with swimmers ear on Friday, and ever since I started taking the antibiotics my ears have been itching like crazy, to the extent where it's kept me up all night. Could I be allergic to the medicine?


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Setting Fabric Dye?The colour of my new tie dye dress bleeds on my skin, how do I fix it?


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