July 17, 2013

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Antique China Cups and Saucers

Uses for Antique ChinaThis is a page about uses for antique china. Antique china from broken sets, yard sales, and thrift stores can be repurposed in many fun and functional ways. Whether you use it in craft projects or under your potted plants, antique china is a lovely decorative item.


Rock Collection

Displaying a Rock CollectionThis is a page about displaying a rock collection. Many of us, adults and children alike, love to collect rocks, for some it is a very serious pursuit.


Cat in Knocked Over  Trashcan

Keeping Pets Out of TrashThis is a page about keeping pets out of trash. Pets, dogs and cats, in particular are often attracted to the smells coming from the indoor garbage cans. Cleaning up after their adventure is not much fun.


Crystal Light Canister

Use for Crystal Light CanistersThis is a page about use for Crystal Light canisters. Many food packages are perfect for reusing in crafts or for other types of storage.


Woman Cooling Her Home With Additional Insulation

Cooling Your HomeThis is a page about cooling your home. There are several options available for cooling your home. Each has its benefits and shortcomings and of course its differing expenses.



Making EnchiladasThe process of making enchiladas can be learned very quickly. Then you are ready to prepare these delicious rolled, stuffed tortillas. This is a page about making enchiladas.


Battery Powered Candles

Buying Battery Powered Candles?This is a page about buying battery powered candles. Battery powered candles have some advantages over traditional wax candles, including being safer to use in certain locations.


Johnson City, TN

Johnson City, TN Frugal Travel GuideThis page has tips, photos and guides for traveling to Johnson City, Tennessee. Johnson City is located in east Tennessee. Visitors will enjoy visiting the natural history museum, the Rocky Mount Living History Museum, or viewing the Miocene fossils at Gray Fossil site. Music lovers can drop into the Down Home for quality music listening.


Improvised Incense Burner

Homemade Incense BurnersThis is a page about homemade incense burners. Making your own unique incense burner is really quite easy. Make one for yourself and perhaps extras for gifts.


Breaded Chicken

Breaded Chicken RecipesBreaded chicken is a delicious, easy to make dish, that can be changed up with the variation of spices used in the breading. This page contains breaded chicken recipes.


Fanning Colorful Paper

Saving Money on PaperThis is a page about saving money on paper. If you look around your house or office you can see the many ways paper is used on a daily basis. This high volume usage can be costly. With some creativity you can devise ways to save money on paper.


Boy in Hammock

Hammock Tips and TricksThis is a page about hammock tips and tricks. Hammocks bring to mind lazy, relaxing afternoons in your backyard or garden. Now that you have decided to get one, or are ready to set one up, there are some tips that might come in handy.


Ant Repellent

Ant Repellent Product ReviewsThis is a page about ant repellent product reviews. There are many ant repellent products on the market. Trying to find the best one for your needs can be frustrating, time consuming, and expensive.


A man and woman in their RV.

Renovating a MotorhomeThis is a page about renovating a motorhome. Sometimes renovating your motorhome is more realistic and economical than buying a new one.


Boys Sitting on Counter in Kitchen

Kitchen Safety TipsThe home kitchen is one of the most used rooms in your home. It is also a potentially dangerous place. This is a page about kitchen safety tips.


Wallpaper rolls on a table.

Discontinued Ronald Redding Wallpaper?This is a page about discontinued Ronald Redding wallpaper. Ronald Redding is a celebrated designer in the wallpaper industry. Decorating a room with a lovely pattern by Redding can enhance the beauty of your home; running out of paper before the job is finished won't.


Circling Calendar Date in Red

Using A CalendarThis is a page about using a calendar. Despite the many electronic calendar options available, many people still use paper calendars to organize and plan their activities and appointments.


Fleece Hat, Gloves and Scarf

Crafts Using FleeceThis is a page about crafts using fleece. Fleece is a popular fabric for use in craft projects of all sorts.


Maraschino Cherries

Removing a Maraschino Cherry Stain?This is a page about removing a maraschino cherry stain. Maraschino cherries have food coloring added during processing. You will need to keep this in mind when attempting to remove these stains.


Cedar Chest

Removing Mothball Odor From a Cedar Chest?This is a page about removing a mothball odor from a cedar chest. The odor of moth balls can so permeate a cedar chest as to make it unusable until you can remove the smell.


Fire Extinguisher

Making a Fire Extinguisher CoverThis is a page about making a fire extinguisher cover. Fire extinguishers are a must near the kitchen and other places throughout your home. However, if you don't enjoy looking at the bright red canister, make a decorative cover for it that still allows quick access in an emergency.


Sagging Couch

Fixing a Sagging CouchThis is a page about fixing a sagging couch. Over time and with continued usage your couch may begin to sag.


Lamington Cakes

Lamington RecipesThis page contains lamington recipes. These chocolaty frosted cake bites are popular in Australia and New Zealand.



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Taco SaladA salad of lettuce, tomato and onion topped with seasoned cooked hamburger and dressing.


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Pineapple Orange Chilled Refrigerator CakeThis is a yummy yellow cake made with mandarin orange. The frosting is made out of vanilla pudding, and canned pineapple mixed with thawed whipped topping.



Chewee (Dog)

Chewee (Dog)Mattie and Chewee are best frends. They love just hanging out together.


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Cut Down Crystal Light Canisters For Smaller ContainersYou can cut the canister down to whatever size you need and the lid will still fit. My brother showed me this the other day. He gave me an assortment of drill bits and put them in a little plastic holder.


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Removing Face Paint with OilPut some oil on a cotton ball and rub on the face paint. Use another cotton ball to wipe up the excess paint. Finish by washing your face with soap and water.


Remodeling your Older Motorhome

Remodeling Your Older MotorhomeWe have an older motorhome, and were thinking of upgrading. The bedroom is NOT a good layout for arthritic older folks with bad backs. The cost and effort of selling ours or trading for a new new one, then MOVING IN was just too much for me to do.


Slow-Carb Scrambled EggsThis quick and delicious slow-carb breakfast will get your day started off on the right foot and provide hours of steady energy.


Tips For The Perfect Nails

Tips For The Perfect NailsI had really badly bitten nails, they were horrible! If you want really strong long gorgeous nails, here's my secret. First, stop all nail bitting, nail polish removers and dark colored nail polish.


Inspect Roof Vents for Cracks

Inspect Roof Vents for CracksEvery year, you need to inspect your roof and pipe vent boots to make sure you don't have cracks in the boots that seal out moisture. This needs to be repaired immediately to prevent damage and costly repairs.


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Reuse Changing Table for a Garden PartyWhile having an outside birthday party, my daughter had a brainstorm. She saw her old changing table and brought outside to use as a bar.


Spotted Eagle Owl (South Africa)During the recent school holidays, we visited the SA National Birds of Prey Centre. The centre focuses on the rehabilitation of different types of birds of prey. They use falconry methods to train the birds, and to prepare them to re-enter nature.



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Freezing Kohlrabi?Can you freeze kohlrabi bulbs?


Table with damaged finish.

Nail Polish Remover Left Mark on Table?How can I remove a nail polish remover mark from my table?


Creative and Cute Daycare Name?I plan on starting an in-home child care center and I would love any input on a creative but cute name! I am slowly starting the process of becoming licensed. I would mainly prefer something with infants and toddlers.


Removing Odors from House?Can you please tell me how to get an odor out of my house? My daughter's dog died late last night. Needless to say it was in my house overnight.


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Making Yo Yo Bedspread?When making this quilt did you sew the yo yo's to a back piece?


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Looking to Sell 30+ Acres of Trees?I am trying to locate a lumber mill or pallet company here in the midwest that would be interested in over 30+ acres of trees. There are a lot of oak, maple, cottonwood, sycamore, and some other trees; we have no idea.


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Removing Perm to Return to Natural Straight Hair?In the past 2 years I got a curly perm on my hair and now it's kind of wavy, but I want it back to my natural healthy straight hair. Is it possible that it will go back to my natural straight hair? What can I do to make it back to my natural hair?


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Mature Pines In Southern Michigan?I have about 50-60 mature pines that I need to remove. They are all over 50 ft tall. Can you recommend anyone that would want to buy these?


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Getting Sawdust Out of Car Upholstery?I have a car that was sitting outside a cabinet shop and the window was partly down. The car is filled with sawdust. How can I clean the sawdust out of carpet, seats, and vents?


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Propagating Hydrangeas from Cuttings?My neighbor gave me a bloom to propagate a hydrangea, but I've heard they don't bloom if you propagate from an already bloomed cutting. Does this mean that even if roots appear, the plant will just consist of leaves forever? Or does it mean it'll be two years before it actually blooms?


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Red Rash on Foot?I have a red rash on my foot. At first I thought it was athlete's foot. After three weeks of treatment with Lotrimin there is no improvement. In fact it seems to be spreading. It burns, but does not itch.


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Sweet 16 Plans?My 16th birthday is in May and I need help on ideas. I'm generally not a girly person, but I want dresses and sparkly things and a tiara for myself. Also, I have a lot of guy friends so I need help on how to have a girly party, but have it still be fun for guys.


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Whirlpool Duet Washer Flashing Codes?My washer stops in mid-cycle and flashes E1 and F7. What is wrong and how can I fix it?


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Curtain Advice?I need to pick the color of my curtains. I have light brown walls (tan) and black leather couches and the furniture is brown cherry color. What color of curtains will best fit my living room?


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16th Birthday Party Ideas?I am having a 16th in early September and I am not sure what to do. I have some ideas: dance party, scavenger hunt, things like that, but I am still unsure. And I can't spend too much. Any ideas?


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Cutting a Bottle Down to Make a Glass?I want to know any way to cut a spirit bottle down to make a glass.


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Quartz Countertop Colour?My cabinets are beige. I'm looking for colours for my countertops and floor. Grey floor comes to mind, and mulling over black, dotted brown, or maroon top. I can't seem to see this combination in pictures on the internet.Thank you.


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Needle Not Working Properly on Bernina Machine?Why does my needle goes up and down very slowly? I have a Bernina Artista 180. Today I tried to sew and the needle would barely go up and down when I pushed the foot peddle. In fact, it would only go up and down once with each push on the foot pedal. I can I fix this?


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Organizations That Accept Fabric Donations?I need an organization where I can donate fabric (women's garments), in NYC (Queens).


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Arranging Furniture in a Sunroom?I need help decorating a room surrounded by windows and doors. I am wondering how to place a couch, wide screen TV and hutch in an 8X15 foot sunroom. My house is small and making this room more usable would be very helpful. Do you have any suggestions?


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Bark on Mimosa Tree Splitting?Is there anything we can do for our tree? Its bark is splitting. Will this kill the tree? Thank you.


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Preventing Clothing Dye from Running?How do you keep the colour in the shirt when you wash it? Is there something you can spray on it to hold it in the fabric?


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Ideas for My 17th Bday?I'm a girl and going to be 17 and I have no idea what to do for my bday. I'm having 10 of my friends sleepover, but I want us to go out and do something fun before hand. Any ideas? I'm up for anything, but nothing too pricey. I'll pay money for something fun, but nothing ridiculously overpriced.


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