July 23, 2013

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Blueberry Fruit Bars

Fruit Bar RecipesThis page contains fruit bar recipes. Choose your favorite fruit and whip up a batch of moist delicious fruit bars.


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Raspberry BarsThis page is a page about raspberry bars. Raspberry bars make a delicious treat for dessert or your lunchbox.


girl with highlights

Highlighting Your HairThis is a page about highlighting your hair. Adding highlights to your hair is a process that you can do at home by following a few simple steps.


Body Care Products

Slogan Ideas for a Body Care Products Business?This is a page about slogan ideas for a body care products business. A catchy slogan helps attract attention to your business and keeps it in the mind of your customers.


Pork Chops and Rice

Pork Chops and Rice RecipesRice is a perfect accompaniment to pork chops. This page contains pork chops and rice recipes.


Cleaning a Water Heater

Cleaning a Water Heater?This is a page about cleaning a water heater. Cleaning the sediment out of your water heater can improve its efficiency.


Shopping cart at a grocery store.

Buying Soap Flakes?This is a page about buying soap flakes. Although not particularly popular anymore, you can still find places to buy soap flakes.


driving safely

Driving Safety TipsThis page contains driving safety tips. Being a rested and patient driver is very smart.


Cowboy Craft

Cowboy Craft Ideas?This page contains cowboy craft ideas. A western theme is fun for many kinds of craft projects.


Algae in a pool

Cleaning Algae From a PoolThis is a page about cleaning algae from a pool. Keeping your pool crystal clear requires that you remove existing algae and prevent its regrowth.


No-Knead Yeast Bread

No-Knead Yeast Bread RecipesMaking yeast bread with a recipe that does not require a second rise can save you time. This page contains no-knead yeast bread recipes.


Cake Mix Brownies

Cake Mix Brownie RecipesThis page contains cake mix brownie recipes. Chocolate cake mix can be the start of rich, delicious brownies.


35th Birthday Party

35th Birthday Party Ideas?This is a page about 35th birthday party ideas. Your 35th birthday is coming up, you are maturing, but not over the hill yet.


close up of pepperoni pizzaa

Bubble Pizza RecipesChunks of biscuit dough mixed with sauce and other ingredients are the basic ingredients for making this fun pizza. This page contains bubble pizza recipes.


Caramel Squares

Caramel Squares RecipesThe flavor of caramel is so delicious. It tastes great either as a candy or cookie. This page contains caramel squares recipes.


Boxer Pitbull Mix

Boxer and Pit Bull Mix PhotosThis page contains Boxer Pit Bull mix photos. A Boxer Pit Bull mix is currently a popular dog to own.


Potato Peeler

Other Uses for Potato PeelersThis page contains other uses for potato peeler. A vegetable peeler can be helpful for other things in the kitchen.


Small Appliances

Cleaning Small AppliancesThis is a page about cleaning small appliances. Keeping your small appliances clean is a great way to improve their efficiency and perhaps even extend their life.


Lego Table

Making a Lego TableThis page is about making a lego table. A project that will allow for hours of lego building and a great way to display the creations.


marinated pork

Marinated Pork RecipesThis page contains marinated pork recipes. Choose a marinade that you like and build your pork dish around it.


Girl standing with her soldier boyfriend.

Gift Ideas for a Boyfriend in the Military?This page is about gift ideas for a boyfriend in the military. When your loved one spends most of their time far away you want to give something meaningful and useful.



Cheeseburger RecipesYou can make your own variations on the common cheeseburger with the additions of ingredients or condiments. This page contains cheeseburger recipes.



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Use Hairspray as a Fixative for Chalk DrawingsI go around my drawings after finishing using colored chalk to match the colors in my drawing. To keep this beautiful effect from coming off spray it with hair spray.


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Nail Polish Remover for Ink in DryerI tried everything and the only thing that worked was nail polish remover. I put the remover on a white rag and rubbed on the ink. I then ran the dryer for 10 minutes with old towels in the dryer. Good as new.


Microwave Corn on the Cob

Microwave Corn on the CobYou will never boil corn on the cob again. This is easy, and the tastiest, sweetest corn ever. You are not boiling all the flavor out of corn.


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Be Careful With DIY Beauty TreatmentsSo I just threw in three ingredients in an attempt to clear an oily nose; some lime juice, toothpaste and some scrub. As soon as I put it on it started to burn!


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Know Your Store's Policy on MistakesFirst check your store's policy, some stores like Pick & Save give you double your money back. They might ask you if you left the store, so walk out the door and come back in.


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Banana Applesauce Oatmeal CookiesThese cookies have no added sugar in them. Yet they are sweet tasting and probably the best all-around cookie recipe I have found.



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Teen Making Money Ideas?I'm 13 and I really want to make money. I am really good with animals, I have a pet snake, a cat, and 2 dogs. My sis and I really want to make good money. We considered dog walking and if you think this is good, how much would be a good reasonable price to ask for? Also give other ideas. Thanx.


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Dixon 542 ZTR Mower Won't Start?First I ran out of gas, then when I got more I couldn't get the engine to fire up. I felt I'd run the battery down so I sprayed a blast of starting spray in through the carburetor. Now the engine won't turn, when it tries the overload button kicks out.


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Choosing Kitchen Cupboard Color?I am trying to coordinate the kitchen cupboards to go with pine walls and ceiling. Should I get white cupboards or pear cherry?


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Crate Training a 2 Year Old Dog?I just adopted a two year Pit Bull who is very loving and affectionate. We bought a crate for him and left for twenty minutes the first day, he screamed the whole time...


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Kitchen Paint Color Advice?I have a tan, sand colors in my back splash in the kitchen with a roughness. There is multi colored granite and maple cabinets. I went bold with a Spanish orange tone; I hate it. What is your suggestion on my kitchen walls? Also my floor is dark tan ceramic. Help!


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Damaged Hair After Perm?I did a really stupid thing about 3 months ago and bleached my fringe and put crazy colour on and a week later I had a perm. I knew it would dry my hair out a little bit, but I then did the stupid thing of putting a Nice and Easy dark box colour on and burned my scalp at the front...


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Cucumbers Not Setting Fruit?I plant cucumbers in containers and have had bumper crops, but lately I just get lots of flowers, but no cucumbers or a few tiny ones. Why?


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Front Load Maytag Displaying "Suds" Code?My front load washer keeps saying "suds". I am not using a lot of soap and it does it all the time. Now I am calling my washer sudsy lol. Can someone help me please?


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Pit Bull Peeing in House When Left Alone?I have a 1 year old Pit Bull and everytime I leave for even an hour he pees and poops and sometimes destroys the house, but when I am home he is housetrained and well behaved. Anyone know what to do?


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Slogan for Cleaning Business?I am starting a business cleaning for mostly foreclosed homes that realtors/banks need cleaned before listing. It's called Clean Scene. Got anything catchy?


Discoloration on white tub.

Cleaner Discolored Cast Iron Tub?How do you restore the color on a white tub? I had a new tub installed last summer and recently ruined the color when I sprayed an off brand cleaner on it. Now it has discoloration from the cleaner. I tried bleach and CLR, but nothing has worked so far.


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Cucumbers Not Setting Fruit?I plant cucumbers in containers and have had bumper crops, but lately I just get lots of flowers, but no cucumbers or a few tiny ones. Why?


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Nail Polish Remover Damaged Finish on Wood Table?I spilled half a bottle of nail polish remover onto the dining table. I tried to get it off by wiping with paper towels. Some stuck onto the surface. Then I tried scrubbing it off which made marks and scratches on the surface of the table. Any easy way to fix this?


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Name for Home Childcare?I'm moving to a small town and I'm wanting to name my home childcare. My name is Matilda. my current childcare name is Matty's daycare, but I'd like something new, fun, and catchy. It doesn't have to contain my name. Thank you.



ASPCA Truck Schedule for Brooklyn?I want to put my Goldy up to date. She really needs to be seen. Can someone please tell me when the truck is coming to Brooklyn? I need the time schedule.


Older Brother sewing machine.

Sewing Machine Needle Doesn't Work Properly?My machine was sewing fine (missing some threads, but I think that is another story!), then it makes a noise and jams a little and the needle stops going up and down.


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Cucumber Plant Leaves Covered With White Spots?My cucumber plants are still producing, but now a lot of leaves are covered with white spots. What's that and what should I spray the plants with?


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Keeping Stray Cats Away from Vehicles?We have stray cats hanging around our apartment complex because we have cat loving residents who feed them. These cats have destroyed the paint on our van. We now have a Suburban and the problem is not any better!


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Buying Magpie Food?If anyone knows where I can buy some magpie bird food in Utah please tell me.


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Pole Beans Not Flowering?Every year I plant pole beans in a container. The first year I had a beautiful crop, but since then I have good healthy vines that keep growing, but do not produce flowers and therefore no beans. Why?


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Dawn Dishwashing Soap For Fleas?I know I can use it to give my dog a bath, but would it be effective at all as a spray as well?


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Deck Wood Grayed After Cleaning?After cleaning my deck with a commercial cleaner, which worked well, some of the wood has grayed. Do I have to rewash or just rinse better?


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Replacement Scrapers for a George Foreman Grill?Where can I get new plastic scrapers for a George Foreman grill?


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Selling Can Tabs?How much will I get with a 2 litre container filled with can tabs? Where can I exchange them for money in Johannesburg, South Africa?


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Resident Cat Not Getting Along With New Kitten?A few days ago I found a kitten maybe 3 months old in our weeds. We decided to keep her, but now my 8yr old female wants nothing to do with her. She is always hissing and acting like she wants to kill her. I keep the kitten in our bedroom. How can I get the older cat to accept her?


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11th Birthday Party?My daughter is getting confused and she doesn't know what to do because her friends don't all know each other. She is scared that if she invites 2 of her friends that no one really knows that her 2 friends will only want to hangout with her, but she really wants to hangout with everyone.


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Ideas for 14th Birthday?What to do for my 14 bday?


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Printing Web Pages?How can I print part of a web page without having to cut and paste to a Word document?


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