July 28, 2013

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Pinetop, Arizona

Pinetop, Arizona Frugal Travel GuideThis page has tips, photos, and guides for traveling to Pinetop, Arizona. Pinetop Arizona is a great vacation spot located in the White Mountains. There are several historical museums, Native American ruins, and art galleries.


french bulldog puppy

Treating Fleas on a PuppyThis is a page about treating fleas on a puppy. The method used to treat fleas on your puppy will be determined by factors such as his age.


A man performing roof repairs.

Getting Financial Assistance for Roof...When your roof is starting to fail it is important to get it fixed as soon as possible. This page is about getting financial assistance for roof repairs.



Fruitcake RecipesA tasty medley of dried fruits, nuts, spices, and sometimes brandy are the basis for the often maligned, but delicious winter treat. This page contains fruitcake recipes.


A happy nurse giving two thumbs up.

Nurse Themed Party Ideas?This is a page about nurse themed party ideas. College and professional program graduates often like to celebrate with a party. Planning the party with a theme reflecting their major or program is common.



Using Campho-Phenique?This is a page about using Campho-Phenique. Campo-Phenique is a topical medication often used to help dry up and relieve the pain associated with cold sores.


Paint can, tray, brushes and supplies.

Painting Laminate Flooring?This is a page about painting laminate flooring. Over time laminate flooring can become dull, chipped, and scratched. Rather than having to replace all of your flooring at great expense, painting may be a cheaper compromise solution.



Freezing CalzonesThis is a page about freezing calzones. Calzones are a perfect choice for preparing ahead and freezing, uncooked, for later meals and snacks.


Paper Jack-O-Lantern

Making a Paper Jack-O'-LanternThis is a page about making a paper jack-o'-lantern. Cute or scary paper Jack-O'-Lanterns are easy to make and are a fun and versatile fall decoration.


open washing machine

Spin Cycle Not Working on WasherIt is truly frustrating to have the spin cycle on your washer quit working, leaving you with a sopping load of laundry. This is a page about spin cycle not working on washer.


Chihuahua Puppy

Treating a Puppy With WormsThis page is about treating a puppy with worms. Consult with your veterinarian about your puppy's health concerns.


Long Haired Chihuahua

Long Haired Chihuahua PhotosThis page contains long haired Chihuahua photos. The popular Chihuahua comes in two coat varieties, the smooth and the long hair.



Finding the Value of Seymour Mann Dolls?This is a page about finding the value of Seymour Mann dolls. The value of collectible items such as dolls can fluctuate over time.


Cracked iPhone Back

Repairing a Cracked iPhone BackThis is a page about repairing a cracked iPhone back. Cell phones take a lot of abuse, including the occasional dropping. Eventually, if not on the first dive for the floor, the back of the case can crack. Repairs can be made in lieu of purchasing a new phone.


chalk pastels

Making Chalk DrawingsThis is a page about making chalk drawings. Chalk is a popular medium for the sketch artist, whether you work on paper or the sidewalk.


A healthy meal of wok fried vegetables being prepared.

Finding Old Weight Watchers MenusThis is a page about finding old Weight Watcher's menus. The Weight Watcher's diet program has been around for decades and undergone a number of changes. Finding information on a specific program you used in the past is possible if a bit of a challenge.


Spinach Calzone

Spinach Calzone RecipesCalzones are an easy to make folded and baked Italian style sandwich. They can be stuffed with any of your favorite meats, vegetables, and cheese. This page contains spinach calzone recipes.


Applying putty to a damaged portion of a painted wall.

Fixing Damaged Paint on Walls?This is a page about fixing damaged paint on walls. Painted walls can be damaged due to everyday wear and tear, as well as, minor accidents. Repairing the damage to the paint can be done rather easily, although not always seamlessly.


riding mower

Mower Blades Won't Engage?This is a page about mower blades won't engage. Finding that your lawn mower's blades won't engage, can leave you in a quandary.


Microfiber Couch

Microfiber Furniture AdviceThis is a page about microfiber furniture advice. Choosing the best upholstery for your furniture will depend on considerations such as your family's makeup and the amount of usage the piece will have.


Corn cooked in the microwave.

Cooking Corn on the Cob in a MicrowaveThis is a page about cooking corn on the cob in a microwave. Corn on the cob can be prepared in a variety of ways.


White Bean and Pasta Soup

White Bean Soup RecipesHearty white bean soup makes a delicious main course on a chilly evening. This page contains white bean soup recipes.


Breakfast burnt and stuck to the bottom of a pan.

Cleaning Stuck Food Off CookwareThis is a page about cleaning stuck food off cookware. There are many ways you can remove food that is stuck on your cookware.


Long Haired Dachshunds

Grooming Long Haired Dachshunds?This is a page about grooming long haired dachshunds. Longhaired pets need regular grooming to keep their coat mat free and healthy looking.


Fixing a scratch on laminate flooring.

Repairing Laminate FlooringThis is a page about repairing laminate flooring. Like any flooring, laminate floors are subject to varying types of damage.


Wood Veneer Drawer

Refinishing Wood Veneer Furniture?This is a page about refinishing wood veneer furniture. Refinishing wood veneer furniture can be done, keeping in mind the care needed to prevent damage to the thin wood veneer.


Privacy Screen

Making a Privacy ScreenThis is a page about making a privacy screen. A privacy screen can be a decorative room divider or something that you use outside to create a more private setting.


Riding Mower

Riding Mower Running Rough?This is a page about riding mower running rough. The engine in your mower should run smoothly, if it is running rough, it is time for some maintenance.


Carolina Jessamine or Gelsemium sempervirens

Growing Carolina Jessamine?This page is about growing Carolina Jessamine. This sun loving, southern evergreen vine produces an abundance of yellow trumpet flowers.


Red Rock Canyon, Nevada

Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area Photos and InformationThis page has tips, photos, and guides for traveling to Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area. Red Rock Canyon National Conservation area is located a short distance outside Las Vegas, NV. Visitors can enjoy hiking, picnicing, and viewing of plant and animal life among other activities in this scenic area.


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Tips for Leaving Pets in the CarThis page contains tips for leaving pets in the car. If you must leave your pet in the car for a short time, be certain that they stay cool and comfortable.


Old Cellphones

Uses for Old Cellphones?This is a page about uses for old cellphones. Old cell phones can either be creatively repuposed, reused, or donated.


Party Masks

Making a Party Mask?This is a page about making a party mask. A Halloween or masquerade party is a great occasion to wear a fun party mask.


Goat Head Fruit

Getting Rid Of Goat Heads (Tribulus terrestris)This is a page about getting rid of goat heads (Tribulus terrestris). The seed heads of the Tribulus terrestris are the primary reason most homeowners want to get rid of this spreading weed. When dry they are painful if stepped on and can puncture a bike tire.


Long Haired Dachshund

Long Haired Dachshund PhotosThe soft, beautiful coat of these former badger hunters is reminiscent of that of an Irish setter. This page contains long haired Dachshund photos.


Laminate Flooring

Cleaning Tree Sap From Laminate Flooring?This is a page about cleaning tree sap from laminate flooring. Tree sap can easily be tracked into your home and then get stuck to your floors.


breaker box

Pool Keeps Tripping Circuit Breaker?This is a page about pool keeps tripping circuit breaker. Troubleshooting the reason why a circuit breaker keeps tripping, while necessary for safety reasons, can be time consuming and frustrating.


Tie Dye T-shirt

Making Tie Dye ClothesThis page is about making tie dye clothes. Create your own patterns with this fabric tying and dyeing project using the colors you want.


Carrot Souffle

Carrot Souffle RecipesThis page contains carrot souffle recipes. You can make a delicious sweet or savory souffle using fresh carrots.



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Bread Bags for Storing Artificial FlowersI use artificial flowers for every holiday and used to just throw them in a large storage container. Then I started washing out my bread bags because they are the perfect length and started saving those little plastic tabs for holding the bag closed.



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Manual for Welbilt Bread Machine 4100T?Who can I call or write to get an instruction manual?


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New Interior Design Company Name?Please advise me with some suggestions for a new interior decorating company name.


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Natural Remedy for Fleas and Mosquitoes?Does any of these tips found in this post Mother Nature's Best Fertilizers and Bug Repellents work for fleas and mosquitoes?


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Smoke Detector Beeping?My smoke alarm will not stop beeping and I don't know what to do about it. I changed the battery, but it still beeps.


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Value of a Paradise Galleries Porcelain Doll?I just received a Paradise Galleries, Treasury Collection premier edition porcelain doll, it is about 24 inches tall has a purple Victorian style dress, brown hair, and is still in the original packaging. I am wondering what is worth?


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Getting Rid of Weeds Before Planting Veggies?I have a new allotment that is heavily weeded over with docs. What is the best method to remove them which will also allow me to plant vegetables as soon as possible?


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12th Birthday Party Ideas?My little sister is turning 12 on September 14th, but can't decide what to do. She doesn't want to throw a big disco, as she had one last year and will be a teen next year and will throw one.


Potted plant with large dark green leaves and very defined white veins.

What is This Plant?Can anyone identify this plant?


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Real Estate Firm Name Ideas?I need an ideal name for my real estate firm.Please suggest!


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Long Needle Caught In Bobbin Area?I'm a very new sewer and I was experimenting with my brand new sewing machine. Well my long needle got caught in the bobbin area and I cannot get it out. I've tried turning the bobbin wheel, turning the machine upside down, nothing works. Help!


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Value of 1936 Compton's Pictured Encyclopedias?I have a mint condition, 15 volume set of the 1936 edition of Compton's Pictured Encyclopedias. Any idea as to the value, if any, of this set of encyclopedias?


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Removing Stain from Wet Suitcase from Dress?The dress was on the back of a truck and it rained and soak through the suitcase and my new dress got stained.


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