August 25, 2013

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Crocheted Toddler Girl's Hat

Making a Crocheted Toddler Girl's HatThis is a page about making a crocheted toddler girl's hat. There are so many cute crochet patterns for making little girl's hats.



Cherry Cola Salad RecipesThis page contains cherry cola salad recipes. Cream cheese and cherry cola round out the delicious flavors in this fruit and nut, Jello dessert.


Irish Setter

Irish Setter Breed Information and PhotosThis page contains Irish setter breed information and photos. These beautiful dogs are highly intelligent and independent in nature, and make loyal and affectionate companions.


Pink Doll Sweater

Crocheted Doll Sweater PatternsThis is a page about crocheted doll sweater patterns. Crochet doll clothing is fun and easy to make. There are patterns available for varying skills levels.


Ground Cinnamon

Sugar Free Cinnamon and Sugar Recipes?This page contains sugar free cinnamon and sugar recipes. Cinnamon sugar tastes delicious, but does not fit in with low calorie diets. You can mix your own sugar free cinnamon "sugar" to use as a substitute using your sweetener of choice.


Mixing bowl with chocolate chips.

Substitutes for Chocolate in RecipesThis page is about substitutes for chocolate in recipes. Many recipes call for chocolate bars, chunks or chips. If you are out of them, there are other ingredients that you can substitute.


Sunshine Dill Pickles

Making Sunshine Dill PicklesSunshine pickles are actually processed by placing the jars in the sun for a number of days. This is a page about making sunshine dill pickles.


Old Reel Mower

Finding a Manual for an Old Reel Mower?This is a page about finding a manual for an old reel mower. Back in the day many people used a manual push mower or reel mower. If you have purchased an older model you probably have no documentation on the mower.


Wedding Veil

Craft Uses for Wedding Veils?This is a page about craft ideas for wedding veils. Wedding veils are made from a variety of fabrics, including tulle, organza, and netting to name a few. Whether you are recycling your own veil or bought one at a thrift store or garage sale, there are crafts projects that can be made using the fabric.


Strawberry Pie

Freezing Strawberry Pie?This is a page about freezing strawberry pie. Many fruit pies can be made ahead and successfully frozen for future use.


Craft Foam Purses

Making Craft Foam PursesThis is a page about making craft foam purses. Craft foam can be used in many kid's craft projects and in making crafts as gifts for children.


Parrot sitting on a rope.

Understanding Your Bird's Body LanguageThis is a page about understanding your bird's body language. Most pets are able to communicate with their people in various ways.


Mulled Cider

Mulled Cider RecipesHot apple cider flavored with delicious spices is a great drink for cold winter evenings. This page contains mulled cider recipes.


strawberries and low fat yogurt

Low Fat Dessert RecipesThis page contains low fat dessert recipes. Desserts do not have to contain a lot of fat to be good.



Removing Vaseline StainsVaseline is a petroleum based ointment, consequently, you need to treat it as an oil based stain when trying to remove it from fabrics, carpet, furniture, or other items. This is a page about removing Vaseline stains.


Fleece Fabric

Making a Fleece Doll BlanketThis is a page about making a fleece doll blanket. Fleece is an easy fabric to use for making either sewn or no sew blankets for your child's dolls.


Facial Redness

Remedies for Facial Redness?This is a page about remedies for facial redness. Many people experience facial redness at some time in their lives. Depending on the cause there are a variety of remedies you can try.


Crochet Rug

Keeping a Crochet Project from Rolling Up?It is frustrating to be working on a crochet project and have the edges keep rolling up. This is a page about keeping a crochet project from rolling up.


English Setter

English Setter Breed Information and PhotosThis page contains English setter breed information and photos. A friendly breed that with plenty of exercise, makes a wonderfully devoted family pet.


Crocheted Baby Sweater

Making a Crocheted Baby SweaterThis is a page about making a crocheted baby sweater. Crochet baby items are fun to make for your own child or to give as gifts to the expectant mother.


Glass Bottle

Etching a Glass BottleThis is a page about etching a glass bottle. One method of decorating a plain glass bottle is by etching.


Closet full of prom dresses.

Planning a Prom Dress Re-Sale Event?This is a page about planning a prom dress re-sale event. In truth many girls don't wear their prom dresses a second time, rather they find a permanent home in the closet. Why not organize a prom dress re-sale activity at your school.


Crocheted Container

Making Crocheted ContainersThis is a page about making crocheted containers. Crochet is a very versatile craft; you can vary your yarn and even use jute to make baskets, boxes, bowls, and other containers.


ripe peaches

Getting Peaches to RipenThis is a page about getting peaches to ripen. Fresh fruit is usually not completely ripe when you buy it at the grocery or even at a local farmers' market.



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Western Carolina University Cross Stitch Pattern?I am looking for cross stitch pattern for Western Carolina University.


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Trellis and Ladder Yarn Necklace Patterns?Do any of the Thrifty Fun community members know where I can get free trellis and ladder crochet necklace patterns?


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Microwave Recipe for Basic Bread Stuffing?Do you have recipe for microwaveable casserole of basic bread stuffing?


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Dog Started Peeing in the House After Being Skunked?About 2 months ago, our 5 yr old potty trained dog was skunked in the middle of the night when we let her out to pee. Since that event she's been peeing on the rug and going in the house. She won't use the yard to alleviate herself anymore.


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John Deere la110 Lawn Tractor Keeps Shutting Down?My John Deere lawn tractor shuts off after mowing for about 20 minutes and will not fire back up and run until I let it sit for awhile.


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Finding Free Sewing Thread?I have no money, am handicapped, have seizures, and have not worked for a year.


A beige bathroom with a large mirror.

Bathroom Paint Color to Coordinate With Beige Tile?What colors do I use in a bathroom that has a light beige counter, off white toilet, and light beige tiles? The cabinets are a medium color wood. I was thinking of doing either beige walls with light blue accessories or light blue walls with gray accessories.


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Dye Transferred in the Wash?How do I get the blue dye out of the white ring of the neck and arms of a navy blue cheerleading shirt? I washed the top in with dark clothes and had a pair of jeans that faded onto the shirt.


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Middle School Halloween Dance Ideas?We are planning a Halloween dance. Not exactly sure what decorations to use.


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Parvo and Nursing Puppies?Are pups protected from parvo while nursing?


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10th Birthday Ideas?My daughter's having a 10th birthday soon and I was wondering what the best party activities might be. I would like to know what type of party to have, by type I mean sleepover, scavenger hunt, etc.


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Mixing Different Window Treatments in Same Room?Can I have wood blinds on 3 windows in the same room with white pleated sheers on a sliding glass patio door? The blinds are definitely wood so they are brown. If not, then the sheers will go because I love the functionally of the blinds.


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Parvo Virus in My Yard?I have the parvo virus in my yard. One pup survived and the other died. If my dog has pups what would the survival rate be for the pups?


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Owner's Manual for Old Reel Mower?I was given an old reel mower for which I would like to have an owners manual. The front plate says: Pennsylvania with a model number of R15 and a serial number of 40302. I would appreciate any information about this machine.


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Sunshine Pickles Didn't Seal?I have numerous jars of sunshine pickles that did not seal. Is it possible to slowly heat them and then seal them using the hot water method?


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Creamed Peas Recipes Using Canned Peas?Are there any recepies for creamed peas made with peas from a can?


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Brother BC-2500 Sewing Machine Manual?I need a copy of the manual for a Brother BC-2500 sewing machine, in English. Can I download this manual from somewhere?


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