September 12, 2013

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Nice landscaping around a black mailbox.

Landscaping Around Your MailboxThis page is about landscaping around your mailbox. Planting around your mailbox isn't a necessity, but when done well, it can visually change the overall look of your yard for the better.


Orange Tabby

Orange Tabby PhotosTabby is the name for distinctive fur pattern that is found across different breeds of cats. A tabby cat typically has striped fur with an "M" marking on their forehead. This page has orange tabby photos.


Cocker Spaniel

Cocker Spaniel Breed Information and PhotosAn active, sturdy dog who are mostly sought after for companionship, but still retain keen hunting instincts. This page contains cocker spaniel breed information and photos.


Chicken on a Stick

Making Chicken on a Stick for a Large Crowd?Preparing large quantities of food for a group event presents many challenges. The first is to know how much food to prepare, to avoid waste and hungry guests. This page asks about how much to buy when making chicken on a stick for a large crowd.



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EZ BowMaker Instructional VideoHere is a video I found about using the EZ BowMaker. If you have any tips on bow making, please add them to the feedback below.


Common Loon

A Guide to the Common LoonThe Common Loon, Gavia immer, makes its home primarily in North America, but can also be found in Greenland and Iceland, and occasionally in Europe and Asia


Two orange tabby colored cats sleeping together, with ear tips flipped back.

Quinn and Kellin (Domestic Shorthair)We foster kittens at our local Humane Society, and these are 2 of our favorite kittens.


bite plane in mouth

Maintaining a Bite PlaneOur son was recently fitted with a bite plane to correct his overbite. It is similar to a retainer and is removable. The first thing we noticed it that it gets stinky pretty quickly.


Stunning Sunset (Pacific NW)

Stunning Sunset (Pacific NW)Took this couple weeks ago. The colors through the trees was just stunning. Beautiful Pacific Northwest


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Cleaning A Smooth Top Stove SurfaceI've owned a smoothtop stove for some six years or so and I've made many attempts at cleaning up my "muck ups".


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Keep Washing Machines Free of Detergent Build-upTurn machine on, fill with warm water (full load level) and add a bit more than 1/2 gallon of the cheapest vinegar available. Let the machine finish its cycle.


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Money Money MoneyI send holiday money gifts to my nephews who live a couple states away. The first year was the best!  I sent $100 in ones.  I got a large box and a ton of old magazines or news paper.


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Make "New" Designer Towels and WashclothsWhen our bath towels get worn around the edges, usually the center portion is still nice and plush. I cut them in either 4 equal pieces for hand towels, or 6 pieces for wash cloths.


Tips for Steering A Canoe

Tips for Steering A CanoeCanoes have a natural tendency to drift to one side rather than move forward in a straight line. This can be incredibly frustrating to new paddlers who have never been given any basic instruction.


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Natural Hay Fever RemedyI suffer from hay fever. Sometimes not too bad, other times worse. The pharmaceutical tablets are quite expensive. Many years ago I read about a singer who was recommended this remedy and I tried it.


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Balloon BustYou will need a large box, balloons and money: $1 or $5 bills. Roll your bills up and put them into the balloon. Blow a little air in and knot it.


child with fresh carrots

Taking Kids to the Farmer's MarketThe farmer's market is a great place to find both produce and unique crafts. It is also a wonderful place to take children and let them try new veggies and fruit.


Mandevilla Cuttings

Mandevilla CuttingsThis is Mandevilla cuttings being rooted. They root very easily and will root even in a glass of water. I prefer to take 3 to 4 inch firm pieces from the tips of stems and place them in a good rooting medium.



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Name for My New Daycare?I was thinking about calling it Kid's Collage. Any thoughts?


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Keeping Cats Off the Counter?Does anyone know how to keep a cat (19 mo old) off the counter/ entertainment center? He is driving me batty. Thank you in advance.


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Sites Similar to ABC and LTD That Ship to Hawaii?I used to order from both ABC and LTD, however, now they won't send to Hawaii. This is so aggravating, we are their 50th state. We are in the United Stated, but they won't ship because we are not continental.


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Balls on Sweet Gum Tree Look Chewed Up?My sweet gum tree is producing very few whole balls this year, but is producing what looks like chewed up pieces. I have never seen this before.


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Removing Mildew Smell in Leather Purse?How can I get the mildew smell out of a leather purse?


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14th Birthday Party Ideas?I am turning 14 soon and I want to have a party at a restaurant or a party place. It will be awesome if anyone would know a place where we can dance and eat dinner. I don't have much savings so I might need to think about the price. 


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Antique Encyclopedia Britannica 3rd Edition 1791?I have inherited a very old set of Encyclopedia Britannica and was wondering if anyone knows whether it is rare or valuable. It's 15 volumes of Encyclopedia Britannica Moore's Dublin Edition (James Moore) - 1791-1798.


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Value of 1954 Universal Standard Encyclopedia Set?What is the value of a 1954 Universal Standard encyclopedia set?


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Getting Rid of Weeds and Overseeding Lawn?I live in Loudoun County, Virginia and my 1/2 acre lot is 20% covered with weeds. Should I kill and remove the weeds before I aerate and overseed my lawn? At what point should I fertilize the lawn?


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Microwave Not Heating Food?I have a GE microwave oven model No.JES1139DS1BB that won't heat up the food.


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Name for a Business Dealing with Families and Seniors?I need a name for a new business, I would be working with families and their parents, as well as, seniors directly and indirectly. I will be helping the sandwich generation who has no time to figure out where and how to get help.


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ASPCA Mobile Van Schedule for Staten Island?When will the ASPCA spay/neuter mobile van clinic be in Staten Island, NY?


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How Do I Find Someone to Tie a Quilt?I am looking to hire someone to tie a quilt. I have the material for a queen and a king.


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Relief for Lower Back Pain?My doctor said that my disks in my back are too small. I've had this pain for like a week and nothing is helping me. Please let me know what can I do.


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Name for Real Estate Team?My life long friend and I are just finishing real estate classes. We are going to be working as a team. We would like some help coming up with a team name, our names are Marysol Rojas and Marjorie Boscan.


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