September 24, 2013

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removing a nail

Removing a Nail That Has Lost Its HeadThis page is about removing a nail that has lost its head. When pulling nails with a hammer claw, occasionally the head breaks off.


Woman using an Eyelash Curler

Using an Eyelash CurlerThis page is about using an eyelash curler. This tool can enhance your eyes naturally.



Using Plastic in the Microwave?This page is about using plastic in a microwave. When using plastic containers or wrap in the microwave you want to make sure that the plastic is safe for that use.


Eucalyptus Oil

Uses for Eucalyptus OilThis page contains uses for eucalyptus oil. Aside from medical uses, this distinctive oil has many household uses as well.


A babysitter reading to two girls.

Charging for Overnight Childcare?This page is about charging for overnight childcare. Determining what to charge when you are with the kids overnight isn't always easy.



Baby Proofing a ToiletThis page is about baby proofing a toilet. Keeping a toddler from exploring the toilet maintains sewer system and keeps the child safe.


An owner holder her cat.

Tips for Training Your CatThis page contains tips for training your cat. Cat behavior problems in your home can be a challenge to rectify.


Bean Bags

Making Bean BagsThis page is about making bean bags. A easy simple sewing craft is accomplished with a little fabric and dried beans.


A large Ford pickup truck.

Cleaning a Truck Bed Liner?This page is about cleaning a truck bed liner. Keeping the bed of your truck clean makes it easier to carry anything.



Fixing Burnt Chili?This page is about fixing burnt chili. When some foods are burned there are ways to salvage it.


Homemade Baby Shower Invitations

Homemade Baby Shower Invitation IdeasThis page contains homemade baby shower invitations ideas. Making cute invitations can add a special touch to your event.


Fried Green Tomatoes

Fried Green Tomato RecipesA delicious way to use up the end of the season tomatoes from the garden. This page contains fried green tomato recipes.


A cat wearing a straw hat.

Photos of Cats Wearing HatsThis page contains photos of cats wearing hats. Taking pictures of your pet is always a challenge and fun.



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Bake Eggshells for CompostI put eggshells in a tray at the bottom of the oven. They get baked and brittle every time you use the oven. Just keep adding to the tray until it is full.


doughnuts in krispy kreme box 1

Krispy Kreme Monster DoughnutsThese monster doughnuts make a great treat to bring to a school Halloween party. Grab as many dozen doughnuts as you need, some plastic vampire teeth, and some chocolate chips.


A moonflower bloom next to white siding.

Moonflower Vine BloomSome time back, I submitted my views on how it was usually not necessary to soak or nick Moonflower Vine seed prior to planting. I added that I had a seed to germinate in six days without either.


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Ammonia to Kill FleasI use ammonia to get rid of fleas. I close the window and then pour it on the carpet and anywhere your dogs lay. Take your dogs and cats out of the house for at least 4 hours.


Fall Leaves Birthday Card

Fall Leaves Birthday CardUse a pattern of a leaf and fall colors to create a card that would be ideal for a friend celebrating her birthday during the Fall season.


Cutting Tires with a Circular Saw

Cutting Tires with a Circular SawI was able to successfully cut through some old tires using a 7.25 inch circular saw, albeit one fitted with a relatively high-end blade.


broom sticks standing on plate

String Cheese Witch BroomsIf you are looking for a more nutritious Halloween treat, give these string cheese witch brooms a try!


Don't Use Plastic Bags

Don't Use Plastic BagsI'm posting this information as a plea for our environment. Please check this link and you will see how our using plastic shopping bags is hurting our world, our wildlife, and poisoning our environment.


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Deodorant for ChafingUse deodorant to keep from chafing. It works better than lotions because it takes longer to absorb.



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Surprise 15th Birthday Party Ideas?I'm planning on throwing a surprise party for my friend who is turning 15, and I have 2 months time to plan, but I'm desperate for some ideas. I've got a budget, so nothing too expensive.


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Garage Door Remotes Stopped Working?I have a Craftsman remote control garage door opener. The are 4 remotes (one for each car + the keypad remote fastened to the outside of garage frame). All four stopped working on the same day.


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Best Material for Making a Curtain Rod?I has an extra wide sliding glass door for which I'm wanting to make a curtain rod to hang sheers or light weight grommet type curtains. I don't want a traverse rod. The width of the window is 144 inches plus 8 inches (4 on each side).


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Cause of Poop Smell in My House?For a few days now, as soon as I walk in the front door it smells like poop really badly. It's mainly from the front door into the kitchen. When the house is cool, it doesn't smell as bad. Any suggestions on what it could be?


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Social Security Survivor Benefits?My dad passed away when I was 11. I'm now 21. I received SS checks, but my mom always put them in her bank account. I think she only should have gotten a portion of it, not all. I would never try to take my mother to court, but I've always wondered if this was ever fair?


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Refilling Plug-ins With Essential Oils?I'm experimenting right now, I have old plug-ins and hate the smell of those oil burners. I love essential oils and have a diffuser, but I'm wanting essential oil plug ins.


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Celery Stored in Bags Still Gets Limp?I have two celery bags that I can store the stalks in, however after awhile they still go limp? What can I do about this?


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6th Grade Dance Theme Ideas?I am hosting our 6th grade dance and I need some ideas for the theme of the dance.


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Removing an Antibacterial Wipe Stain on Wood Table?How do I remove the stain caused by an antibacterial wipe from a wood table top?


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Name for Home Daycare Facility?I need an idea of what I can name my facility. My name is Shelia. Any suggestions?


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Thread Coming Loose at Guide?After sewing a few stitches on my Kenmore machine the thread will curl around the thread guide and come loose at the top of my machine at the point of the thread guide.


Bowl of M & M containers.

Gluing Paper to Plastic?I want to make favors for a baptism by removing labels from M&M mini containers and decorating with scrapbook paper, stickers, and ribbon. I used glue dots and it lasted all of 2 hrs before unrolling. Another thought is was taping the edge, but I'm not sure I like the look.


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Day Care Name?I'm looking to open a day care and am wanting to have jumping bean or jelly bean in the name. Any ideas?


Person dressed as a knight wearing a white tunic with a red cross on the chest.

Keeping Red Emblem from Bleeding Onto White Tunic?My brother bought a white cotton tunic with a red cotton cross stitched on it. Is there any way to wash it without the red bleeding on the white?


Fall flower and ribbon wreath.

Name Ideas for a Craft and Home Decor Business?I really need help. I am trying to come up with a name for my craft/home decor business. Among a few other things I make deco mesh wreaths. I would like to include Southern or Palmetto in the name some how.


White tray with a variety of tomatoes.

Using Blighted Green Tomatoes?I tried cutting off the blighted areas of the tomatoes, then frying them. They were too hard for me to eat, but my hens liked them.


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Selling Pop Tabs on eBay?I need someone to tell me how to go step by step onto eBay and be successful on selling these can tops. I have no clue and I wanted it to be easy, fast, and successful.


Lilac bush in a pot.

Overwintering Lilac Bush Growing in a Container?I have a lilac bush in a pot. I live in southern Illinois. Can I leave it out over the winter in the pot or should I bring it in? I rent so I don't want to put it directly into the ground. I need to re-pot it into a larger pot.


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Selling Hickory Trees?We have 3 hickory nut trees. Is there value in their wood? Enough that someone would pay us to take them down?


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Discontinued Raymond Waites Wallpaper?The number is 5800345. I am crossing my fingers!


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Discontinued Carey Lind Wallpaper Border?I am looking for a 10 1/2 inch grape border that is green and was from the Carey Lind Hepplewhite book. #CL94983


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Invitation Wording to Define Attire for a Reception?My work is hosting a cocktail reception at 7:30 pm in the evening to thank sponsors and volunteers of a major event we have annually. This is the first time we've had this "thank you" as a reception....


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Interior Design Business Name Ideas?I offer interior and event design services. I like to upcycle and recycle as part of what I do. I like colourful, eclectic designs, and I like to design for kids, as well as, adults. My umbrella name is Designed By Olivia and I have called the events side Mad Hat Events.


Glass fronted cabinet with shelves.

What is This Piece of Furniture?Does anyone know what this piece of furniture was used for and the era it came from?


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Removing Moss on Asphalt Roof?Can I use Dawn dish soap and water to get rid of moss on an asphalt roof?


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LG Fridge Not Cooling?I have a LG French door, model LFX31925SB. Some weeks ago I noticed the ice machine was hardly making any ice. Turns out, that my fridge was getting slightly warmer. Today, everything was warm in freezer and fridge.


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Fixing Hair Dye Mistake?I bought a different brand of hair dye and apparently they put the wrong color in the wrong box because the color came out a completely different shade. I wanted a soft golden brown and what I got was blackish purple!


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Removing Lip Gloss Stains on Polyester Vest?I put my white vest into a drier and didn't notice that there was a lip gloss in the pocket. Guess what, now I have it all over since the gloss broke from the heat leaving sort of grease looking stains all over.


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Home Furnishings Showroom Name Suggestions?I'm opening a home furnishing showroom. My name is Tushar Betala. Please suggest to me names carrying out the initials from my name starting with 'b' or else 't' and ending with vice-versa.


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Getting a Senior Citizen Help With Roof Repairs?My mom lives in Chicago, Illinois. Her roof is leaking and needs to be fixed. She is 86 and wants to stay in her home. She has insurance, but we can't come up with the 1000.00 deductible.


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Dress Dye Bled on Itself?I have a light blue dress with red cherries on it and the red ran when it was hanging to dry.What do I do? I didn't realize it was "dry clean only" and I hand-washed it in cold water. How do I get the bleed to go away without making it bleed more?


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Athletic Shoes Still Smell After Washing?I went to Arkansas and I got my Jordan's all wet. I threw them in the washer, but it seems that the odor of the inside is just worse now. It's part of the shoe, if that makes any sense. If anyone has a way to get rid of the odor please help me.


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Varathane Finish Not Drying?I applied Varathane to a stained dresser. It has been over 72 hours and the Varathane has not dried. What do I do?


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Price Per Square Foot for House Cleaning?What are the cleaning companies charging per square foot for cleaning?


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Caring for Puppy With Possible Parvo?I found two Boxer mix puppies a few weeks ago on the side of the road. They are brothers and were very skinny, so I don't think they've had their shots. Before I could take them to get them, one of the boys vomited twice last night and had runny stool.


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