September 29, 2013

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Hot Spiced Tea

Hot Spiced Tea RecipesSpiced hot tea is a wonderful beverage to serve on chilly fall and winter nights. This page contains hot spiced tea recipes.


Jack-O-Lantern Orange

Making Jack-O'-Lantern OrangesThis is a page about making Jack-O-Lantern oranges. If you are looking for a cute, healthy Halloween treat, try making Jack-O-Lantern oranges.



Crafts Using Tri-Beads?This is a page about crafts using tri-beads. Plastic tri-beads are used for making a variety of craft projects.


Cleaning Blinds

Cleaning Nicotine Stains on Blinds?This is a page about cleaning nicotine stains on blinds. Nicotine stains from smoking can develop on many surfaces in a home or office.


Two couples, who are neighbors, talking.

Getting to Know Your NeighborsThis is a page about getting to know your neighbors. With our busy schedules many of us do not get to know our neighbors very well. In the process we are probably missing a great opportunity for community, friendship, and support in times of need.


patchwork teddy bear

Making a Keepsake Teddy BearThis is a page about making a keepsake Teddy bear. Using a loved one's clothing to make a keepsake teddy bear is a lovely thing to do to keep their memory with you always.


Important phone number written on a refrigerator.

Preparing for a BabysitterThis is a page about preparing for a baby sitter. There are some things you can do to prepare for your babysitter that will make her or his job easier and make you feel more comfortable leaving your children in their care.


3 sticks of butter.

Saving Money on ButterThis is a page about saving money on butter. Many shoppers are always on the lookout for ways to save on their food costs.


The back pocket of blue jeans.

Softening Stiff Denim?This is a page about softening stiff denim. Denim clothing can often be quite stiff and uncomfortable to wear.



Three English Bulldogs.

Dozer, Itty Bitty & Bailly (English Bulldog)We have had pets for our entire life. English Bulldog's became my passion 8 years ago.



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Reintegrating a Previously Lost Pet?We have 2, female spayed 1.5 year old cats, they are sisters from the same litter. We also have 2 female Yorki multi poos spayed, one is 2 and one is 3. They are also sisters, same parents, different litter.


Light brown puppy.

Natural Remedy for Roundworms?My mom was given a puppy from our neighbor because it was either find someone or send it to the pound and my mom wouldn't let that happen.


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Name for a New Real Estate Development?I am a real estate business man. My new project is about to launch and I want to know a name for it. It's a 25 acre colony. I would like a name starting from sai, example sai city, sai estate, etc. Please help me by suggesting good sounding and unique names.


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Manual for a Nelco 4-A Sewing Machine?The bobbin holder fell out and I can't repair it. Is there a free PDF manual for the Nelco 4-A?


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Removing Cigarette Smoke from Ivory Pipe?How do I remove cigarette smoke from an ivory pipe?


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Child Support and Social Security?My daughter is 2 years old. She just started drawing Social Security off her dad because he's getting disability now. I was wondering if I could get him for child support to?


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Places for a Family Reunion in East Texas?I'm planning a family reunion for my family and I'm having a difficult time finding a location. I am looking for a building where we can be on the inside or outside with lots of space for kids to run and play. Any suggestions?


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USPS Delivered Parcel to Wrong Address?Why doesn't USPS deliver parcel to the right address? It was sent to me by seller with tracking, but the Post Office sent my parcel to another city with a completely different address.


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Keeping a Senior Outside Dog Warm in Winter?How can I keep my neighbor's dog warm this winter? They keep her outside year round and never pay attention to her. I go out several times a day and play and pet her and just sit with her.


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Sewing Machine Wheel Stuck Up?I have a Nova sewing machine, an old one. When I was using it suddenly the wheel which controls the motor suddenly got stuck up. What can I do?


View of the living room needing curtains.

Living Room Curtain Color Advice?I need help in picking out a color for curtains in living room. The walls are cedar, couch green, matching chair to couch, black coffee table, end tables are dark brown, and the entertainment center is medium brown. Please help.


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Buying a Sling for a Fractured Arm?Where do I find a sling/cast for fractures?


Fun Jobs for 14 Year Olds?I'm fourteen and I love horses. I want to save up and buy a horse of my own, including registration in an equestrian center, tack, feed, and all that! How can I earn money in a fun and safe way? Thanks!


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Removing Gloss Paint from Curtains?How do I remove gloss paint from silky fabric curtains?


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Using a Old Hose as a Garden Planter?How do I use an old hose as a planter?


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Repairing Nail Polish Remover Stain on Table?So I spilt a small amount of nail varnish remover on a light oak dining table. The patch went really pale. I read up on here about mixing mayo with ash so I did that, left it overnight and now it';s gone really dark and into the grains and is looking worse than before! Any ideas how I can fix this?


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Getting Rid of Tiny Ants?I seen people saying apple cider vinegar works to get rid of the tiny ants. I was wondering if it really worked and have also seen people saying peppermint oil, would peppermint extract work?


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17th Birthday Party Ideas?I am turning 17 in December and I want to throw a birthday bash! I was thinking of renting a banquet hall, but I want a theme which will help me get ideas. I am a girl. I have various and diverse interests. I am not a girly girl at all.


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Value of Papa Tung Collection Doll?I have a Papa Tung, Around the World Collection, doll, Greer J09074. Anybody know this one ?


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Free or Inexpensive Living Room Furniture?I am receiving SSDI and am in need of free or inexpensive living room furniture. If anyone knows where I can get a couch, that would be great. God bless.


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Casual 14th Birthday Ideas?I'm turning 14 in a few weeks and I wanted to do something with some friends, but more than just wondering around town. I thought about going to Birmingham shopping, anything, other ideas? Help!


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