October 2, 2013

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Pasta with cream sauce.

Cream Sauce RecipesA simple, rich sauce that can be enhanced in many ways. This page contains cream sauce recipes.


Sweet Tea

Sweet Tea RecipesThis page contains sweet tea recipes. There are many delicious ways to make this southern favorite iced tea.


A woman looking in a bathroom mirror.

Saving Money on Facial Oil BlottersThis page is about saving money on facial oil blotters. There are less expensive paper products that will help you blot the extra oil on your face.


Freezer bag full of strawberries.

Saving Money on Freezer BagsThis page is about saving money on freezer bags. There are ways to save when purchasing plastic bags for freezing foods.


Chicken Pasta

Fiesta Chicken Pasta RecipesThis page contains fiesta chicken pasta recipes. Try a Mexican seasoned chicken and pasta dish, for an inexpensive and delicious meal.



upclose banana ghosts

Banana GhostsThese spooky bananas are super tasty and are a quick, healthy Halloween treat to make!


Closeup of one section with sticker.

Autumn BannerAdd a handmade touch of fall to your home decor. This banner is simple to put together. All you need is fall theme cardstock, twine, and your favorite fall stickers.


Pumpkin made from a stocking.

Nylon Stocking Pumpkin DecorationOld or new nude colored nylons make great pumpkin decor.


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Table Placemats from Drawer LinerScissors, ruler and Sharpie marker are all that might be needed to get 4 place mats out of a "Dollar Store" roll of shelf liner.


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Simplify Stripping Bed SheetsThe one thing I hate is stripping the bed sheets and re-making the bed. I have a tip that saves time and adds padding. I put every single fitted sheet I have on the mattress over one another.


Chihuahua Min Pin mix.

CoCo (Chihuahua/Miniature Pinscher Mix)CoCo is a 1 1/2 year old Min Pin and Chihuahua mix. In December of 2007, a co-worker's daughter's dog had a litter of pups to give away.


Cat exploring while on leash.

Teaching Your Cat to Walk on a LeashI think the first and most important step in teaching your cat to walk on a leash has to be to use a harness - never simply attach a lead to your cat's collar as cat collars are designed to be easy for the cat to twist out of should he/she be caught on something.



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Salsa Stain on T-shirtI have a pink t-shirt, with a decorated printed gray cat, on it. I got it, at the Cats and Dogs store, at Barefoot Landing, in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. The stain, is located near the tail, on the printed part, of the shirt. I've tried Dawn dish detergent and the Naptha soap bar...


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Recipe for Punch Made with Orange SherbetI am looking for a punch recipe that is made with orange sherbet and I don't know what else they put in it. It was very good and they had it at a baby shower I went to with a friend. Now I can't find out who made it. It might of had vanilla ice cream and maybe Sprite or Seven Up also.


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Repairing Upholstery on Couch CushionMy cushion on my sectional is some kind of yarn fabric. My dog clawed at it and it looks like sting cheese. Is there any way I can fix it? I just got the sectional as a gift from my friend.


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Faux Leather Jacket Has Bad OdorI got a "leather" jacket online which turns out to be a PVC jacket. When I received it, it had a horrible smell that smells like dead fish/sour smell. Any idea how to remove it?


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Marketing a New Cleaning BusinessWhat is the best way of marketing a new cleaning business?


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14 Year Old Party SuggestionsI'm turning 14 in 2 weeks and I need some suggestions for my party. I'm open to anything, just not too girly and not outside (the weather's always changing). I am pretty shy, but not around my friends. Some people would say I'm "emo", I like video games, and don't like the outdoors too much.


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Real Estate Company NamePlease suggest to me a name for my real estate company which starts with R.


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Positive and Attractive Tag Line for Child Care CenterI am starting a child care center called "Little Champs Daycare Center". Can you suggest possible tag lines? Thanks.


Adult Calico cat and two kittens in laundry room.

Introducing Kittens to Resident CatI have a old cat, Sparkle, who is approximately 13/14 years old. She was a rescue cat. She has been the only cat with my husband and me for ten years. She is a semi-affectionate thing, but not a lap cat. 6 weeks ago we decided to adopt two sibling rescue kittens...


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Cat Spraying Near Open WindowMy friend next door has cats and one of them sprays on my lounge room window, as soon as I open it to let some fresh air in. I am getting very annoyed with this cat.


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Caring for a Pug Suffering from Parvo VirusMy dog has been suffering from the parvo virus since Monday. The doctors had given him injections. One full one week has gone by. Earlier he was drinking milk, but now he is eating, but not ready to drink milk and water. He is still vomiting. He has lost all his weight. Will he recovered?


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Making PVC Yard BirdsHow do you make birds using PVC pipe?


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Weeping Willow Lost Leaves After TransplantI bought a bundle of willow branches online and placed them as instructed. They started budding/growing leaves, more and more each day. A few months later I went out back and planted them. A week later I went out and there were leaves/branches sprouting everywhere.


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Stripping Paint from Walls in Mobile HomeI have a mobile home that was build with the flowered wall panels on the walls, but the flowered walls have been painted over. So the question is how to remove the paint and go back to the flowered walls?


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Diatomaceous Earth for Flea ControlWhere in Worcestershire can I buy diatomaceous earth?


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Small Black Stains on T-shirtI have a plain white t-shirt. I noticed the last time that I washed it, it came out of the washing machine, with 3 small black spots on it. These spots, weren't on my other clothes.


Front load washer.

Maytag Washer Rattles During Final SpinWhat could cause my Maytag 2000 washer to rattle in final spin cycle with 3 minutes left? It sounds like a handful of gravel in the tub, but only in the final spin.


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Non-Custodial Parent Receiving Children's Social Security PaymentsMy ex became disabled and began receiving payments as did the children. I am the custodial parent and they stay with him every other weekend and one day per week.


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Removing Butter Stain on Ugg BootsI dropped a buttery potato on my chestnut Ugg boots. In my panic, I cleaned them using the proper Ugg cleaner (which I once used successfully to get a chocolate stain out) and it hasn't budged.


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Cub Cadet Engine Won't Turn OverMy Cub Cadet, single cylinder B&S will turn over when the plug is pulled, but dead heads when plug is installed. Any ideas?


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South African Factory Cleaning QuotesHow much would it cost to clean factories in South Africa?


Closeup of spider.

Natural Spider RepellentI manage an apartment complex in a rainy area and there are a lot of spiders (especially pumpkin spiders). I'm having to knock down webs daily. I am trying to find a repellent that will not harm children, adults, cats, or plants that can still be effective when wet and can be used to cover large areas.


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2 1/2 Year Old Starting Peeing and Pooing InsideI have a 2 and a half year old male Staffy. He was house trained from a pup and was doing fine, but I'd say for the last 6-8 months on and of he has been weeing in the kitchen on the floor and up the walls. I've tried spraying things, tried him on calmeeze tablets which seemed to work for a while.


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Graham and Brown Wallpaper BorderI would like to buy some more Graham and Brown super fresco luxury textured vinyl # 91242 border. Does anyone know where I can find it?


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Removing the Discoloration on Pants From HangingWhat can I do to prevent and remove those stains that appear on your pants after being on the hangers for a while? It's like a straight line across the top pant leg that's been exposed on the hanger?


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Selling EncyclopediasI have in my possession the 1926 Book of Knowledge set of encyclopedias by Grolier with the original case. I am willing to sell them to an interested buyer for an appropriate cost. How do I find a buyer?


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Organizing a Side-by-Side FreezerI need ideas for organizing the narrow freezer space in a side-by-side fridge. Is there anywhere that I can get wire baskets or whatever to fit on my freezer shelves, to possibly create drawers or? My freezer shelves are 9 x 17. I have one pull-out shelf that sits 15 inches under a stationary shelf.


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Shower Curtain Color AdviceI have blue walls with a yellow, blue, and white striped valance. What color shower curtain should I buy?


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