October 7, 2013

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sunflower and blue sky

Sunflower PhotosThis page includes sunflower information and photos. These beautiful flowers of all sizes are loved by many.


Two pumpkin and one skull light.

Making Halloween LampsThis page is about making Halloween lamps. Create spooky themed lamps that you can use year after year.


A disco ball for a disco themed homecoming dance.

Homecoming Theme Ideas?This page is about homecoming theme ideas. Choosing an appropriate theme for your school's celebration can be fun.


plants shading porch

Creating Shade on a PorchThis page is about creating shade on a porch. Having good air circulation and a shady outdoor space can be delightful.


wood toolbox

Pioneer SolutionismThis page is about pioneer solutionism. You can save money by using something you already own for a new purpose.


black board with pink markers

Making a Tic Tac Toe BoardThis page is about making a tic tac toe board. A fun craft project can be making a game.


sweet potatoes

Slow Cooker Sweet Potato Recipes?This page is about slow cooker sweet potato recipes. a vegetable that is delicious cooked a number of different ways.


A washing machine spinning.

Washing Machine Rattles During Spin Cycle?This page is about washing machine rattles during spin cycle. When the washer is removing the excess water it can be noisy.



finished monster mouth

Scary Apple Monster MouthsOur daughter made these scary apple monster mouths for school and she wanted to make them again at home. They are fun to make and even more fun to eat!


Gluten Free Mountain Dew Biscuits

Gluten Free Mountain Dew BiscuitsWhen I started having to eat gluten free, one of the things I missed most was homemade biscuits. Not any more since I came up with this recipe.



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Use Old Stuffing For Removing Nail PolishThe best easiest way to remove nail polish is to use the stuffing of old dog toys. Dip once only with nail polish removal.


Finished wreath.

Paper Poinsettias WreathCreate a fun and festive holiday decor. Cover a wreath with glittery gold and white paper poinsettias.


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A Word of Caution about Delaying PregnancyI want to caution those here who are "deciding to wait" to have children. Fertility is "not" a guarantee.


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Organize Closet By Clothing TypeWhen I organize my closet, I put all my slacks in one area on hangers, my blouses in one area on hangers, my sweaters all in one area on hangers, my purses in one area on hangers.


Choosing a Real Estate Agent to Sell Your House

Choosing a Real Estate Agent to Sell Your HouseBefore you decide who you are going to partner with, you need to research the market and interview candidates like your bottom line depends on it because it does.



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Ronald Redding Wallpaper?I desperately need Ronald Redding's tan and taupe wall paper, #RN6991.


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Infant Daycare Business Name?I would like a daycare name with "baby" in it.


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Making a Hot/Cold Neck Band?I see the pattern for the neck band made from a sock. I was wondering if you have any other styles or shapes that I could try. The bands are the ones that you heat of make cold and are filled with rice.


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Catching and Cooking Crayfish?I have learned that our river is loaded with crayfish, or mudbugs as some call them. It looks pretty easy to build a couple of traps. How do you cook them? Do they taste like shrimp? I would like to be ready for next summer.


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Daycare Slogan Ideas?I am opening a daycare called Puddle Jumpers. What is the best slogan to do with puddles and kids?


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Thread Breaking on Lil Sew and Sew Machine?I'm a novice sewer so purchased a Lil Sew & Sew machine and the moment it arrived I noticed that the needle clamp screw/thread hole was sitting strangely! Pretty much every time I've used the machine since then, the thread breaks!


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Getting Rid of Spiders?How do I get rid of spiders? Usually we have had them in the basement only, but we have been finding them all through the house. My daughter is scared of them and I would like to know how to prevent them from traveling everywhere.


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Finding Recycling Center for Cans?I want to recycle cans; where can I go? I line in King Williams Town, Eastern Cape, South Africa.


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Removing Yellow Dye That Transferred in the Wash?I mistakenly got my green sarong in with my machine washable 100% cotton sweaters and now have yellow dye all over them. How can I get it out?


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Removing a Hard Water Ring in Toilet?My neighbor has always had soft water, whilst I did not. She and I used a pumice stone to remove a build-up of hard scale inside the toilet bowl, even though she had a water softener installed in her house. The pumice stone left black streaks in the porcelain.


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Bobbin Thread Bunching Under Fabric?The bobbin thread is catching and bunching up under the fabric. I can sew a few stitches (3-4) then my thread catches. When I pull the fabric up (quite forcibly) there is a ball of tangled thread underneath. What am I doing wrong?


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Cleaning Drip Pans?How do I clean the drip pans when they don't come out?


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Giving a Dog Garlic?Can I give my dog garlic power?


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College Cross Stitch Patterns?Are there cross stitch patterns available for University of Michigan and Michigan State?


Three differnet color lids.

Beneful Dog Food Lid Craft Project Ideas?Every time I toss one of the colorful, translucent Beneful dog food lids into the recycle bin I think "what could I make out of that?" Now that Christmas is coming, I'm thinking "stained glass" ornaments of some sort. The colors are pretty, the plastic is durable and flexible, hmmm. Ideas?


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Permanent Marker on White Wood?I drew a heart on my hand with red permanent marker. Then when I sat down on my chair I (not knowingly) put my hand down on the white chair. I went to go to the bathroom and came back to see it on the chair, I'm so panicky. The chairs are new and my parents will kill me! Please help.


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Selling Can Pull Tabs?I am in King Williams Town, Eastern Cape, South Africa and I wanna sell a 2 litre container full of can pull tabs, where can I sell them and how much are they worth?


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Need a New Slogan/Tagline?I am looking for a good slogan/tagline for my child care - Rabbit Track Day Care. Please help me. Thanks.


Florida snake.

What Kind of Snake is This?We found this snake in our back yard yesterday. Our neighbor thinks it is a moccasin. It is red and black striped with a whitish belly. The head does have black lines from the eyes to lips and the head is a diamond shape. We live in Tampa Florida and there is a conservation area out back.


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Pruning a Rubber Tree Plant?When can I cut back a rubber tree plant?


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Making a Cup and Saucer Bird Feeder?I have tried several glues to stick a cup to its saucer. All of them are supposedly suitable for sticking ceramic, but none seem to work. Any suggestions?


Stains on floors.

Black Stains on Hardwood Floors?I pulled up the carpet in my living room today and I had black spots on the floor that smelt like pee. I need a solution to kill the smell take the black spots away.


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Getting Free Kraft Cooking Magazines?How can I receive free Kraft cooking magazines by mail?


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NEC Dterm80 Phone Feature Key Flashing?Our company uses NEC phone, Dterm80, and the "Feature" key of the couple phones is always blinking. Why would this happen? How can I stop them from blinking?


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Understanding Credit Scores?When checking my credit scores, I find that one monitor has one score the other another both, Experian. Which do I believe?


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Freezing Bananas?When deep-freezing bananas, the starch therein, or at least some part of it, turns to sugar. Will this be dextrose or fructose?Thank you.


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USC Trojans Cross Stitch Pattern?I am looking for a USC Trojans cross stitch pattern.


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