October 8, 2013

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Gluten Free Biscuit RecipesThis page contains gluten free biscuit recipes. Many people are choosing to avoid grains that contain gluten in their diet.


Wood Crate

Uses for Wood CratesThis page is about uses for wood crates. Wooden boxes can be reused for a variety of organizational and storage needs.


A door opening inward.

Changing Which Way a Door OpensSometimes space can be gained or the home traffic flow can be streamlined by modifying a door. This page is about changing which way a door opens.


Fish Stew

Slow Cooker Fish Stew Recipes?This page contains slow cooker fish stew recipes. A delicious hearty seafood dish can be cooked slowly in your crockpot.


A row of old books.

Getting Rid of Your Old BooksThis page is about getting rid of your old books. Having a library of books can be very nice, but often times you may not read them again.


Brown Bread

Slow Cooker Boston Brown Bread RecipesThis page contains slow cooker Boston brown bread recipes. Using your crockpot as a double boiler this bread can be cooked in it.


Rug on a kitchen floor.

Removing Rug Backing Stuck to a FloorThis page is about removing rug backing stuck to a floor. Moisture and heat can cause a rubber backed rug to stick to a floor.


Slow Cooker

Slow Cooker Hashbrown RecipesThis page contains slow cooker hashbrown recipes. A simple dish for the crockpot to make that uses convenient prepackaged foods.


Wooden Necklace

Making Wooden JewelryThis page is about making wooden jewelry. There is such a wide variety of woods that can be used for beautiful personal adornment.



Coco Singh (American Cocker Spaniel)Makes me play fetch :-D


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Device for Draining Canned TunaThere is a little device, sort of like the garlic press, made especially for draining canned tuna. It fits right over the opening, push handle down and fully drained to your liking.


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Pudding as Edible Finger PaintIf you've got a toddler like mine who likes to put everything in his mouth, just mix some food coloring in vanilla pudding, and let your toddler play!


The Northern Cardinal

The Northern CardinalWith its unmistakable brilliant red color, the Northern Cardinal is one of the most popular and well-known song birds in North America.


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Dawn Suffocates InsectsDuring a summer camp hosted by a college, one of the science professors shared a cool lesson with us. They showed us how to create a safe wasp killer.


Ghost motif on lid.

Recycle Can Lids Into Fun Holiday DecorSave lids from cans of food. I used a can opener that leaves clean edges all around. I printed holiday pictures and used packing tape (clear) over the picture to laminate on the front side.


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Instant Receiving Blanket BibMy daughter-in-law needed a bib for spaghetti night and we couldn't find anything. She had an idea to use an old receiving blanket. She cut a slit in it for her head and made a poncho-like bib.


Calla Lily (Blueheaded Pionus)Closeup of parrot.


Light Jars

Light JarsWe get the large plastic jars of Cheese Balls. When they are empty, we put the jars to use. These white lights were recycled from last year's Christmas lights.


White clouds in blue sky.

Afternoon SkyI took this picture on a really bright and sunny day, when the clouds looked so white and fluffy you just wanted to reach out and touch them.


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Cleaning Raised Toilet SeatsOne member of our family now needs to use a raised toilet seat. The one we have comes off easily, so I put it in the bathtub to clean it. I let the shower run hot water on it for a few minutes while I clean other parts of the bathroom.


Finished Halloween Q-Tip Skeleton

Halloween Q-Tip SkeletonThis is a super easy Halloween craft that would be fun to do with kids. Have fun making skeletons in different positions.



Doll box.

Value of Philippe Cannon Porcelain Dolls?I have two porcelain dolls by Philippe Cannon; they are ballerinas still in they original boxes. They are about thirty year old. Any guess if they are worth anything? I would be grateful if you could let me know. Thanks.


Dog with flower in his hair.

Dog Peeing in His Bed?My 3 year old Lhassa Apso has just started to pee where he is sleeping or sitting and he doesn't move. He has never done this before and always has access to go out or comes to get me. His food has not changed, he is drinking a lot. He just stays in it after; he carries on sleeping. Any ideas?


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Collard Greens Leaves Yellow Near Soil?I'm a first time gardener. I planted collards and cabbage this fall. They are really doing great! My question is at the bottom of some plants near the soil, the leaves tend to turn yellow. I was wondering whether they are getting too much water or not. I water every evening when the sun goes down.


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Selling Beer and Soda Can Pull Tabs?Where do I exchange pull tabs for cash in Johannesburg?


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80's Weight Watchers Pumpkin Muffins?I am looking for a muffin recipe that had pumpkin purée, raisins, and more. You got 6 muffins for a serving. They were very good and I would love to fix them.


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Information About German Shepherd Siberian Husky Mix?I Have a three month old German Shepherd/Siberian Husky. He is a male. I got him off a friend who couldn't keep him because he was moving. I'd like to learn more about his breed. I've learned he is very playful and energetic. But that's just about all I know.


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Paint Color Advice for Business Bathroom?Our ladies bathroom at work has pale pink ceramic tiles on the walls about 4 feet high with light and dark pink tiles on the floor. We have gray stalls and greenish blue cabinets.


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Value of 1940 Set of Standard Encyclopedias?How much is a set of this nature worth? They are in excellent condition. They are a burgundy hard covered pictorial set, produced by the Chicago encyclopedia corporation.


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Shopping for Peppermint Oil?What stores sell peppermint oil?


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Making Onesie Dresses?I'm wanting to make onesie dresses. How can I attach the cotton material to the onesie and still keep the stretch. Should I use elastic thread in my bobbin and still pull the onesie that stretches while sewing the cotton fabric to it?


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Two Outlets Have No Power?I have no power to one kitchen power outlet and one living room outlet. The circuit breaker appears good.


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Parvo Communicability?If my dog doesn't have parvo any more, but the virus is in my house if I pet another dog would it get parvo?


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15th Birthday Plans?I'm turning 15 in a few months and my mom likes to plan ahead. I have no idea what to do? Last year I went to the movies and the year before that I went ice skating so I don't want to do that again. I'm inviting boys and girls so nothing a guy wouldn't want to do.


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Removing Cat Hair from Bedding?I have a long hair cat that thinks my bed is hers. Every time I wash and dry the comforter her hair is left like pills that one may see on a favorite sweater. What do I do outside of getting rid of the cat?


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Homecoming Float Ideas: Demons vs. Greyhounds?Our freshman class needs to come up with a homecoming float idea for the Greyhounds. Our school is the Green Demons, and we are playing the Greyhounds. Any ideas?


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