October 16, 2013

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knitted sweater

Making a Sweater With a Round Knifty Knitter?A Knifty Knitter is an easy way to knit different items. This is a page about making a sweater with a round Knifty Knitter.


A couple trying out a new mattress in a furniture store.

Buying a MattressThis page is about buying a mattress. Locating the most comfortable mattress at the best price will help you have a good night's sleep.


Knifty Knitter

Making a Hat With a Knifty Knitter?This page is about making a hat with a Knifty Knitter. This is a fast, simple way to knit a hat.


A stainless steel pan with burnt oil.

Cleaning Burnt Oil From Stainless Steel PansA stubborn substance that can adhere to your pan is cooking oil. This page is about cleaning burnt oil from stainless steel pans.


Garage Door Opener

Reusing a Garage Door OpenerLook here for creative ways of reusing a garage door opener instead of throwing it the trash.This is a page about reusing a garage door opener.


Roly-Poly Dessert

Roly-Poly Dessert Recipes?Roly-Poly is a traditional British dessert using pudding or jam. This page contains Roly-Poly dessert recipes.


Photo of vanilla wafer cookies which can be used to make pie crust.

Cookie Pie Crust RecipesThis page contains cookie pie crust recipes. Time can be saved using crushed cookies for crust of your pie.


A little girl in a Dorothy costume from Wizard of Oz.

Wizard of Oz Birthday Party Ideas?This page is about Wizard of Oz birthday party ideas. Once you have chosen a theme for a birthday party the decorating fun can begin.


Tall Blonde

Tall Blonde Drink RecipesThis page contains tall blonde drink recipes. There are a variety of recipes for this mixed drink.


Doberman Shepherd

Doberman Shepherd Mix PhotosThese large dogs can be wonderful companions. This page contains Doberman Shepherd mix photos.


A swan made from a cut apple.

Making an Apple SwanThis is a creative way to decorate for holidays using an apple. This is a page about making an apple swan.


Hacky Sack

Making Hacky Sack?This page is about making a hacky sack. These crocheted footbags make a fun foot controlled game for young people.


Hot Tub

Winterizing a Hot Tub or Spa?This page is about winterizing a hot tub or spa. When the weather turns cold you want to make sure your tub and the plumbing will not freeze.


Berber Carpet

Repairing Snags in Berber Carpet?This page is about repairing snags in Berger carpet. When your carpet gets a snagged you want to keep it from getting bigger.


A baby blanket with satin trim.

Sewing Satin Trim on a BlanketTrimming a blanket with satin gives it a finished look. Here is a page about sewing satin trim on a blanket.


Knifty Knitter Loom

Making a Blanket With a Knifty KnitterA Knifty Knitter is an easy tool to make a knitted blanket. They come in many shapes for different projects. This is a page about making a blanket with a Knifty Knitter.


A nice looking antique chair.

Selling Antique FurnitureWhen you are selling vintage pieces of furniture you will want to get the best price for it. This page is about selling antique furniture.


Someone giving themselves a foot massage.

Giving Yourself a Foot MassageThis page is about giving yourself a foot massage. When your feet hurt, they may be soothed with massage.


Brass Box Feet

Shopping for Brass Box Feet?This page is about shopping for brass box feet. Finding the small craft hardware that you want for your project can be a challenge.


Juice Pouch

Selling Juice Pouches for Crafts?This is a page about selling juice pouches for crafts. It can be difficult to collect enough juice pouches to use in projects.



Yo Yo Fabric PumpkinsI like working with yo yos so decided to make some yo yo pumpkins.


Halloween Treat Bag

Halloween Kraft Treat BagEmbellish a plain brown paper bag and fill it with Halloween treats.



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Making Cut Flowers Last LongerTo make cut flowers last for weeks instead of days, use 7-Up or Sprite instead of water. Cut the ends every other day or so and freshen the liquid. Roses last for weeks!


ASPCA List of Toxic and Non-toxic Plants - tortie cat and plant

ASPCA List of Toxic and Non-toxic PlantsWhen choosing house and garden plants, many pet owners want to first check to see if they might be toxic to their pets. The ASPCA has a great page on their website that lists both toxic and non-toxic plants and lets you sort by dogs, cats, and horses.


upclose of tacos

Crockpot TacosThese tacos are easy to prep in the morning and have ready for dinner.


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Hiding PasswordsKeep your passwords on the back of a picture in a frame that is somewhere you can easily access. That way, you will always have your passwords available, but someone else won't know they are there!


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Remembering PasswordsUse a phrase or an abbreviation of a phrase that you can remember and a series of numbers for your password. For example "i am crazy about dogs" can be "iacad" then add numbers and a special character at the end.



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Protecting Chickens from Cats?I have chickens and put up chicken wire, but cats still come around. How can I keep them away?


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Keeping No See Ums from Biting?I recently retired and I'm spending the winters in Florida. I have a bad allergic reaction to the (no see ums bites). I get bitten all over my legs, it's unbearable. I heard that B12 helps to prevent bites. Does anyone have any input?


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Buying a Flipper Kit?Where can I buy a flipper kit for an adult?


More detailed view.

Making a Teapot Lamp?I just discovered this awesome tea pot lamp while watching ABC's "Once Upon A Time" - on Netfix. I recorded the two best screen captures I've seen thus far (season 2 Ep 9; 8:29. And Season 2 Ep 8)


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Baking Cakes in Canning Jars?I have baked cakes in wide mouth jars, but have forgotten oven temperature. Does anyone know how?


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Sewing Machine Stitches Looping Under Fabric?My Janome Excell 4014 is looping stitches on the underside of my sewing project. Can anyone please tell me how to fix looping and what I think is a jumping sound on my sewing machine? I have lost my manual so I can't trouble shoot.


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Value of American Bluegrass Reel Mower?I have multiple reel mowers and haven't a clue what they're worth. One says American Bluegrass lawn mower and it's a five blade model.


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Getting Rid of Nesting Squirrels in Shed?How do I get rid of squirrels nesting in a shed?


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White Residue on Stovetop?There is a white residue on the elements in the stove top of my gas range. Is this something that can be cleaned or does the stove need to be replaced?


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Repairing Windex Stain on Wood Table?How do I repair damage caused by Windex (white cloudy stain) on a fine dining room wood table top?


Short haired white dog with brown ears.

What Breed is My Dog?What mix is my dog?


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Sharing Mortgage Expenses with a Partner?Should I contribute to my partner's mortgage if his house is going to his four kids when he dies? We are getting married and he wants a pre-nup that says his kids get the house, yet I am contributing and could be for years. Or should I just be paying my half?


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Removing Mascara on Fleece Blanket?I found that our sons had smeared mascara on our fleece blanket this morning. What would be the best way of removing it? Would tea tree oil work?


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Treating a Kitten's Eye Infection?A kitten found me. She must have known she needed help because she has not been handled by any humans. She just meowed her little heart out until I found her, scared and shivering, next to a chain link fence in my neighborhood. She looks completely blind in her left eye, it has the milky white look.


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