October 28, 2013

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Cherry Jello Salad

Cherry Jello Salad RecipesThis page contains cherry jello salad recipes. A favorite sweet salad that needs to be prepared a couple of hours before serving.


Pet Rabbit

Pet Rabbit PhotosThis page contains pet rabbit photos. These animals are so cute, soft and cuddly and are sometimes trained as a household pet.


Onion Burger

Onion Burger RecipesThis page contains onion burger recipes. These sandwiches have a similar consistency to sloppy joes with a very strong onion flavor.


Birdfeeder Bullies

Dealing With Birdfeeder BulliesThis page is about dealing with birdfeeder bullies. Keeping your bird feeder stocked with seeds for your favorite birds may invite intruders.


Avocado Plant

Growing an Avocado Plant from a CuttingThis page is about growing an avocado plant from a cutting. Many trees can be propagated from cuttings with the proper knowledge, timing and technique.


purple flowers

Understanding Plant ClassificationsThis page is about understanding plant classifications. A basic understanding of the language of horticulture can increase your appreciation for the plants that you grow.


Effusion Lamps

Making Oil for Effusion LampsEffusion lamps are a great way to add a pleasant fragrance to your home or office. Save money and make your own scented effusion oil by mixing isopropyl alcohol (91 or 99%) with oil scents.


Knitting Loom

Making Your Own Knitting LoomThis page is about making your own knitting loom. There are a number of things you can use to make your own custom loom.


A photo of shredded coconut, one of the ingredients in coconut bars.

Coconut Bar RecipesThis page contains coconut bar recipes. Delicious treats can be made with this tropical drupe fruit.


Hollyhocks flower

Annuals and Biennials ExplainedThis page is about annuals and biennials explained. Knowing the difference between annual and biennial plants will help you get the most out of your garden.


A tired dog sleeping.

Does My Dog Sleep Too Much?Sometimes dogs may show a change in behavior that you may need to ask your vet about. This page is about does my dog sleep too much?


Improving the Exterior of Your Home

Improving the Exterior of Your HomeThis page is about improving the exterior of your home. Adding shutters, a new paint job, container planters and landscaping are all ways to make your house look better.


Snow Peas

Growing Snow PeasThis page is about growing snow peas. These delicious pea pods grow in 60 - 70 days of warm weather, and with planned support are easy to grow in the garden.


Copperhead Snake

Copperhead Snake Information and Photos?These venomous pit vipers are found mostly in the Eastern US in deciduous woodlands and mixed forests. This page contains copperhead snake information and photos.


Kitchen with appliances.

Preventative Maintenance Tips for Home AppliancesThis page is about preventative maintenance tips for home appliances. Keeping your household appliances maintained will extend their life, and running efficiently.


Cover of the Penguins of Madagascar.

Madagascar Themed Birthday Party Ideas?This is a page about Madagascar themed birthday party ideas. Characters from the popular Madagascar movies are a great inspiration for a child's birthday party.


Antique Table

Finding the Value for Your Antique FurnitureThis is a page about finding the value for your antique furniture. Sometimes antique furniture can be worth more than you realize. Check the value of your old furniture before selling or donating these potentially valuable items.


Kids watching a movie at a birthday party.

Movie Themed Birthday Party Ideas?This page is about movie themed birthday party ideas. With so many films to choose from, it can be fun to have a birthday party with a favorite movie theme.


A bed in a bedroom.

Electric Blanket Error Codes?This is a page about electric blanket error codes. An electric blanket is an easy way to stay warm during the winter months. If your blanket is not working, checking the error code can help you troubleshoot the problem.


A nice kitchen with granite countertops and white cabinets.

Coordinating Granite Countertops With Kitchen...Make your kitchen look even better by coordinating your cabinets with the color of your granite countertops. This is a page about coordinating granite countertops with kitchen cabinets.


Dryer Vent Snowman

Making a Dryer Vent SnowmanThis page is about making a dryer vent snowman. With this flexible vent tubing you can create an adorable winter decoration.



Van Gogh Flowers

Painting Crafts for Nursing Home...Looking for craft ideas to engage retirement home residents. Here are a few suggestions to engage them in conversation whilst doing crafts.


Mockingbird and Osprey (Marco Island, FL)

Mockingbird and Osprey (Marco Island, FL)"Excuse me buddy, you're in my corner!" This mockingbird has no intentions of backing down from the Osprey, That is his sit, Mr Osprey has to leave.


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One Chicken for Three MealsWe are a family of three. I like to buy a nice whole chicken and then use as follows:


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Adjust Task Chairs To Correct HeightMany people don't realize how important it is to keep your neck in a straight and natural position. I have my task chair at my computer desk in the highest position.


tootsie roll tree

Graveyard BrowniesIf you are looking for a spooky treat for your Halloween party, these brownies are perfect!


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Tear Dryer Sheets for More UsesI like to use dryer sheets, but they're a bit pricey for my tastes. So for some reason, one time I tried to tear one in half. It was quite easy to tear. Now I tear mine in thirds.


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Front Load Washing Machine "Doorstop"Those of us with front load washing machines know how important it is to keep the inside of the machine dry between uses to avoid unpleasant smells. Leaving the door open is one way to do that, but many machines don't let you just leave it ajar to dry out



View of the blanket prongs.

Replacement Controller for an Electric Blanket?I found an electric blanket in my mom's garage. It has no tags and it is missing the controllers. How do I find out the brand and model # so I can find a replacement controller?


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Name for My Daycare?My name is Sheyla. I am about to open my home daycare. I would like ideas for my business name, something catchy with play and learning in it.


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Kitchen and Living Room on Same Breaker?My husband and I are renting a townhome that was built in the 1980s. The electrical though-out the entire home has issues, some outlets don't work at all, others have burn marks.


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14th Birthday Party Ideas?My party is in January and I'm inviting 5 girls and I can't really go anywhere. So what should I do? We're not that girly; maybe some game ideas. Please help me.


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Removing White Stains from a Wood Table?I've been using an iron to remove them like some people are suggesting. I was wowed by this solution. This solution works temporarily. The white stains keep coming back!


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Dealing With an Abusive Spouse?My husband has a habit when he has gotten upset or fought with me, he leaves home and goes gambling. He hurts me too many times and now he has start beating me.


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Free Laptop for Students?I'm a university student from Sri Lanka. I need a laptop for my studies. Does anyone know where I might find help getting one?


Dachshund with diaper.

Doggy Diapers Don't Stay On?My dog is a miniature Dachshund, so a little Wiener dog. She is overweight and has a pot belly. She is 12 years old, so she has trouble holding her bladder all the time.


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Exchanging Old Postage Stamps for Current One?In cleaning out my father-in-law's house, we found about 300 $1 stamps, so old that there is no bar code and the USPS will not exchange them.


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Caring for a Puppy With Parvo?I have a 5 month old Boxer mix. He was very athletic until about a week ago. We discovered he had parvo and he is just lying there.


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Value of 1954 World Family Encyclopedia?I have a full set in excellent condition. It is a first edition. What is the value? I am looking to sell.


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Training a Dog Not to Growl and Snap?I have an Australian Shepherd who just moved into my house at college with me and 3 roommates. He is sweet and friendly 95% of the time, but I have recently noticed he has some weird quirks.


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Ohio State Buckeyes Cross Stitch Pattern?I would like an Ohio State Buckeyes cross stitch pattern. Does anyone know where I can get one?


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Sixteenth Party Ideas?I'll be 16 in a couple weeks and I'm really excited. I love having the attention! I'm not really sure what to do. I live in New Mexico now in a really small town and have a lot of friends here and in Arizona.


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Ice Maker Stopped Working?Ice bin was full so I emptied it and now the ice maker isn't making any ice. Suggestions?


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Remedies for a Dog with Allergies?I have a year old Pit Bull. She has been chewing on her tail until she has no hair. She shakes her head because her ears run. She gets a bath once or twice a month.


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Daycare Slogans?My daycare is called Kid's-N-Kay's Kare, Early Learning Centre, Inc. And I'm trying to find a catchy slogan for it. Can you please help me out?


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Caring for a Dog with Parvo?I moved into a new house. I had a healthy dog and a puppy. A few days ago my puppy got sick, vomited, and had bloody stools over night. I took her to the vet, because it hit her so fast.


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Removing Mold on Shoes?I discovered that my high heel shoes have mold on them. I have not ideas how it got there, because they are in their original boxes and I have them in my closet.


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Cats Keep Peeing On My Bed?My 2 male cats are 4 years old and have been done, but since I had to move into my BF's mum's they have started peeing on the bed again.


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Ensuring Care for Elderly Parent Without Power of Attorney?My mother is in her last stage of Alzheimer's and my father and I are her care givers. He does not have POA over her for she was not able to sign documents at the time he was aware of POA.


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Planning a Surprise 17th Birthday Party?I'm planning a surprise party for my sister. It's in December and it will be cold so there are not a lot of activities they can do.


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Name Ideas for a Daycare?I am looking for a name for my home daycare. I would like it to have something to do with creativity, free spirit, and learning.


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