October 30, 2013

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Vegetarian Gumbo

Vegetarian Gumbo RecipesThis page contains vegetarian gumbo recipes. A popular, spicy Cajun stew that can be made without meat or seafood.


Californian Rabbit

Californian Rabbit PhotosThis page contains Californian rabbit photos. The Californian rabbit breed was developed in the 1920s. It is recognizable by its rather large ears and predominately white fur with black ears, nose, tail, and feet.


charging electronics

Extending the Life of Cellphone and Computer...This is a page about extending the life of cellphone and computer batteries. Many of us rely on our phones and computers to be mobile at all times. However, that requires your device to be charged and stay charged as long as you need to use it.


Paint Can Cookie Jar

Making a Paint Can Cookie JarThis is a page about making a paint can cookie jar. A new paint can makes a great, inexpensive cookie jar for gift giving.


making bread

Turtle Bread RecipesThis page contains turtle bread recipes. Bread baked in the shape of a turtle is easy to prepare and fun to serve at a gathering or for any family meal.


glue bottle

Gluing Paper to Plastic?This is a page about gluing paper to plastic. Whether it's for a craft project or you just need to cover something up, sometimes you need to attach paper to a piece of plastic. Some glues will work better than others to get the task completed.


Knitting yarn and needles.

Knitting Breast Prosthetics?This page is about knitting breast prosthetics. After breast cancer treatment, to restore symmetry you made need a little thrifty help.


Rhodesian Ridgeback Mix

Rhodesian Ridgeback Mix PhotosThis page contains Rhodesian ridgeback mix photos. Mixed breed dogs often make the best family pets.



Uses for SandpaperThis is a page about uses for sandpaper. Sandpaper comes in a variety of types for all sorts of uses. Whether you are sanding down a piece of wood or polishing some metal, choosing the right kind will help you get the job done right.


Coffee Table

Choosing the Right Coffee Table?This page is about choosing the right coffee table. Depending on the size of the living room and couch, determine the best shape and size for your coffee table.


A sugar glider on a wood branch.

Making a Sugar Glider Bag?This is a page about making a sugar glider bag. Keep your little pet safe and warm in a cozy travel pouch.



Uses for Q-TipsThis page contains uses for Q-tips. Cotton swabs can be useful for many personal and household situations.


Macaroni Salad

Macaroni Salad TipsThis page contains macaroni salad tips. A delicious cold dish for all times of year that can be made ahead of your meal.



Organizing Keurig K-cupsKeurig coffee makers are a fast and easy way to have a delicious cup of coffee in the morning. Keep your different flavors of K-cups organized so you can find the one you want, when you need it. This is a page about organizing Keurig K-cups.


Iceland Poppies

Growing Iceland Poppies (Papaver Nudicaule)This page is about growing Iceland poppies. These beautiful true perennials are usually grown as annuals or biennials.


Witch Boot Centerpiece

Making a Witch Boot CenterpieceThis is a page about making a witch boot centerpiece. A quick project that can be created in an afternoon and on the table by dinnertime.


Making Graveyard Brownies

Making Graveyard BrowniesThis page is about making graveyard brownies. A pan of these chocolate bars can be decorated for a Halloween treat.


Growing Chionodoxa

Growing ChionodoxaWhen planted beneath deciduous trees, these early blooming flowers can complete their cycle before trees have a chance to leaf out. This page is about growing chionodoxa.


Chocolate and Peanut Clusters

Peanut Cluster RecipesPeanut clusters are an easy to make candy treat. This page contains peanut cluster recipes.


Shiba Inu Mix

Shiba Inu Mix Photos and InformationThis page contains shiba inu mix photos and information. Mixed breed dogs can make wonderful family pets.


Banana French Toast

Banana French Toast RecipesThe sweet, delicious flavor of banana is a tasty addition to your homemade French toast. This page contains banana French toast recipes.



finished bow

Wire-Edged Ribbon BowYou don't need a bow maker to create these big, loopy bows. They can be made in many sizes and are great for gifts or wreaths.


Basket to store silveware on counter.

Uses for Dishwasher Silverware BasketsI've had to replace a few dishwashers in my day and have determined that those silverware baskets are great for many things. Here are two uses for them.


Nightmare Before Christmas Cake Toppers - jack and zero

Nightmare Before Christmas Cake ToppersI made some fondant cake toppers for a Nightmare Before Christmas themed baby shower. I decided that to save time I would make the toppers and put them onto a store bought cake.


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Cleaning Your RefrigeratorWhen I clean my refrigerator, after removing all food and checking every thing, I take out all the shelves and bins. I then put them all in my "clean" bathtub.


cheese ball in jar

Cheese Ball Pumpkin JarA quick way to dress up your snack table at a Halloween party is to make a cheese ball pumpkin jar.


Journalist and Secretary

Journalist Costume for PhotographerThis Halloween, my photographer husband and I attended two costume parties. He wanted to be able to take pictures at both events so we needed to find a costume that allowed him to incorporate his camera.


roasted seeds upclose

Soy Sauce Pumpkin SeedsIf you love to roast the seeds from your pumpkins, try this tasty recipe!


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Use Tweezers When Making Doll ClothesI have a set of tweezers in my sewing stash. When I make doll clothes I turn the sleeves with my trusty tweezers.



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Growing Chrysanthemums?My mum looks dead and it's October. It is a potted mum, I got it early October. I don't understand what to do with it. I have never had one before. It looks dead, no leaves, no flowers, just dry brown sticks.


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Name Ideas for Daycare Business?I'm looking for a good name for the daycare business I'm starting. I feel God has been putting this business on my mind for a long time. So I want my name Nia in it as well as a spiritual name. I'm a Christian and true believer in God. Can someone help me? I want it original and catchy.


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17th Birthday Party Ideas?I will be 17 on July 16. I want to be turn up with my friends. What should I do because it is always 100 degrees outside for my birthday?


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Name Ideas for In-home Preschool?I am opening an in home preschool starting from the age of 3-5. I would like a unique name for it. Something that is catchy, professional for my website, business cards, logo, and would look nice on a t-shirts.


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GERD Cookbooks and Recipes?Are there any cookbooks for GERD that work?


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Feeding a Month Old Kitten?How do I feed a month old kitten which was separated from her mother 2 days ago? She is even reluctant to drink milk.


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2000 GMC Sierra Heater Not Working Properly?The heater in my 2000 GMC Sierra on occasion will get warm, but doesn't stay that way for long. Will flushing my system work or could there be another problem?


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Lab Not Eating Regular Dog Food?My 3 yr old Lab was pulling away from her regular dog food the last few weeks and now will not eat it at all. I took her to the vet, who did comprehensive lab work and everything is okay.


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Sweet 16 Birthday Ideas?My birthday is in January and I am having a lot of friends over, but I have a low budget. I am not super duper girly and none of my friends are either. I like music and tennis. I also need food stuff ideas if anybody can give me some.


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Slogan Ideas for a Play School?I am opening a play school named Tots N Toys. Can anyone suggest some slogan ideas, please?


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Growing a Peach Tree from a Pit?I'm a first time peach planter and I just wanted to know, but how far down do I need to plant the seed?


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Running Spybot on My Computer?After I installed Spybot Search and Destroy I was not able to log into my bank account and a couple other sites. The software was very confusing to me. I could probably figure out how to use it in time, but I had to uninstall it in order to get into my bank account.


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Lemon Tree Seedlings Have No Branches?Why do my seedlings grow tall with large leaves, but none have branches? Should I cut them back and inch or 2?


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Problems with Yahoo Mail?I am having problems with Yahoo, it is running very, very slowly. Sometimes I get an error message, "Firefox can't find server @ my.yahoo.com". Sometimes I can't read mail and when I do I sometimes cannot delete it without exiting out of Firefox and going back to Yahoo.


Roll of textured wallpaper.

Graham and Brown Paintable Super Fresco...I have several boxes of Graham and Brown luxury textured vinyl, Super Fresco pattern #726, batch d. If anyone needs any let me know.


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Removing Turps Smell from Freezer?A jar with turps fell off a shelf and seems to have seeped into the freezer. We are struggling despite several cleanngs to eradicate the smell and it seems to be seeping into new food. Any suggestions please?


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Temporary Dentures Don't Fit Well?I had 6 extractions yesterday and temporary dentures put in straight away. The dentures fit one side pretty well, but don't fit probably the other side. Is this because the gums are so open after the extractions?


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German Shepherd Very Thin?My 1 year old female German Shepherd is gulping her food, but is thin. She ate a mouse weeks ago; is this the problem? She has been wormed.


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15th Birthday Party Ideas?What are some fun and creative things you can do at a 15th birthday party with boys and girls that they would actually really enjoy doing?


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Steaming Vegetables Without a Steamer?I've been seeing a lot of information about steaming food and having specific kitchen equipment to do so. I was hoping to start steaming certain veggies to keep more of the nutrients and was curious.


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Choosing a Gift for My Wife?My wife is now staying France; I'm in Dubai. I want to send a surprise to my wife.


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Cat Quit Nursing Her Kittens?My cat has 3 kittens, they are only 25 days old. The last few days she refuses to let them feed. Please can you help as I am at my wits end?


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Self Help Books for Anxiety Sufferers?Are there any good self help books for anxiety?


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Value of 1960 Merit Students Encyclopedias?I have a set of 20, Merit Students Encyclopedias from 1960. What could the possible value of them be?


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Parts for a Lean-Mean Contact Roasting Machine?I am looking for the metal insert and drip tray for a Lean Mean Contact Roasting Machine. Does anyone know where I can get one?


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Buying Balloons in Bulk?I need buy 2,000 giant balloons in one color. Where can I find them?


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Stitch Length Setting Not Working?I have a Lilly 545 Viking sewing machine. For some reason it with not allow me to make the stitch length longer, however I can make it smaller. Also, it's computerized, could it be a sensor?


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Using Herbal Oils to Whiten the Skin?Which oils are best to use on skin to whiten the skin?


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Name Ideas for Interior Designer Firm?Please suggest the name for my new interior designer firm. The name must be a symbol for creativity, innovativeness, as well as stylish and modern.


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Curtain Color Advice for Brown and Gold Living Room?I have a leather, chocolate brown colored sofa and chair. My walls are a medium light gold color. What color should I use for drapes? Do you think I should go with a patterned drapes or a solid color?


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Removing Mold Stains on Stroller?How do I remove mold on the fabric of the stroller?


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