November 11, 2013

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Lawyer JokesThis page contains lawyer jokes. A profession that is the object of many witticisms.


Cooking eggs in hot water.

Reusing Cooking WaterThis is a page about reusing cooking water. It can be such a waste to dump a big pot of water down the drain that was just heated up on the stove, why not reuse it for something else?


black lab

Home Remedies for PetsThis page is about home remedies for pets. Pets often suffer a number of common ailments that can be easily treated. Knowing what home remedy might help your pet can save you time and money as well as provide a quick helpful solution for alleviating any pain or discomfort your pet may be facing.


woman web browsing

Finding the Best Coupon WebsitesThis page is about finding the best coupon websites. Reliable coupon websites can be a good way to find deals and save money.


Knifty Knitter

Keeping a Project from Curling on a Knifty KnitterThis page is about keeping a project from curling on a Knifty Knitter. Knifty Knitters are a fun and easy loom knitter that can be used to make all kinds of kitted projects, sadly, the edges often seem to curl.


Wildfire Black Gum Tree

Growing a Wildfire Black Gum Tree?This page is about growing a wildfire black gum tree. Also known as nyssa sylvatica, black tupelo, tupelo, or sour gum tree, these trees provide excellent displays of brilliant, neon red fall color. They also have a wonderful shape and are easy to grow.


A cat looking up and meowing.

Communicating With Your Cat?This is a page about communicating with your cat. Cats use a mixture of body language and vocalization to communicate. Learning to interpret what your cat's language and responding appropriately can be an important part of training and can make for a deeper friendship with your feline pal.


A wall poster rolled up in a cardboard tube.

Uses for Wall PostersThis page is about uses for wall posters. Wall posters have a number of thoughtful and crafty uses in addition to putting them up on your wall.


Electrical Outlet

Adding a New Electrical Outlet?This page is about adding a new electrical outlet. Often times, rooms just don't seem to have enough outlets or they just aren't in the most convenient location.


Slippers for a Baby Doll

Making Slippers for a Baby DollThis is a page about making slippers for a baby doll. Making warm and cozy slippers for a baby doll can be a simple and cute project.


Electric Fan

Repairing an Electric Fan?This page is about repairing an electric fan. If your fan is not working properly, you may be able to fix it.


A bowl of fresh vegetable soup.

Making Vegetable BrothA good vegetable broth adds a lot of flavor and nutrients to any soup. Save money by making homemade vegetable broth. This is a page about making vegetable broth.


Spinach Leaves

Cooking With SpinachThis page is about cooking with spinach. Spinach is a highly nutritious vegetable rich in antioxidants and great source of essential vitamins and minerals. It can be prepared a variety of delicious ways.


Chili butter and bread.

Chili Butter RecipesSpiced up butter can be delicious and used in many interesting ways. This page contains chili butter recipes.


A plate of lamb chops and carrots.

Lamb RecipesLamb is a versatile meat with a rich history that can be used in dishes ranging from the simple to the complex. A properly cooked piece of lamb is an unforgettable tasty treat. This page contains recipes using lamb.


green frog

Preventing Frogs from Laying Eggs in a Pool?This page is about preventing frogs from laying eggs in a pool. Unwelcome guests may find your pool a good place to reproduce.


Knifty Knitter Spool Loom

Knifty Knitter Spool Loom ReviewsThis page contains Knifty Knitter spool loam reviews. Inexpensive, quick tubular scarfs can be fashioned with this tool.


Two women knitting.

Tips for Beginning CraftersThis is a page about tips for beginning crafters. Whether you are knitting, making jewelry or just creating fun decorations; crafting is a fun hobby for anyone. Get past the basics quickly with these helpful ideas for new crafters.



Closeup of finished card.

Season's Greetings Card SetDecorate a kraft card and envelope with lovely holiday embellishments. Create a tag to make it more fun.


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Baking Potatoes in the MicrowaveBrown paper lunch size bags are great for baking potatoes in the microwave.


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Contact "Pawn Stars" TV Show About CollectiblesI read most of the questioners about a way to sell "collector dolls". I am a collector also, and it hit me that maybe I should suggest the TV show,


Moses and His Big Boy Bike

Moses and His Big Boy BikeGreat day to ride a new bike!


Roasted Garlic and Cauliflower Soup

Roasted Garlic and Cauliflower SoupThis simple creamy soup was suggested by my friend as a healthy option for dinner. I added the roasted garlic and I think it turned out wonderful.


Easiest Gingerbread Man Reindeer Cookies

Easiest Gingerbread Man Reindeer CookiesGet more bang out of your gingerbread buck by simply turning the men upside down and decorating as a reindeer! Use other common holiday candies as decoration.


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Refreshing Spearmint WaterSeveral years ago, I was at a spa. Upon arrival, I was served an ice-cold glass of water. The water tasted different and I asked the attendant what was in it.


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Craft Camp as Summer JobI'm 13, with sisters of 11 and 9. We live in a community with lots of little kids. In the summer, we hand out fliers and set up crafts.


Christmastime CardUse a combination of scrapbook papers and embossing techniques to create a stylish card for Christmas.


How Honeybees Make Honey

How Honeybees Make HoneyWithout these remarkable insects, as many as two-thirds of the plant species in the world and roughly a third of the average U.S. diet would simply disappear.


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Secret Candy StashI picked up sale candy after Halloween and hid it in empty food containers. A coffee can, an onion soup box; containers my kids wouldn't ever bother with.


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Store Glasses In Foam Can HoldersI have a hard time keeping up with my reading glasses around the house. Now, I buy Dollar store reading glasses and soft foam soda can holders.



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Bleach Spots on Shirt?I was cleaning my tub out and I was using bleach. I spayed it and it got on my green shirt and now I have yellow bleach stains on my shirt. How do I get them out? Please help me solve this.


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Removing Water Marks on Pine Dresser?I split a glass of water on a pine dresser and would like some advice as to how to remove it.


Small brown puppy wearing blue and orange coat.

What Breed is Our New Puppy?What do you think? As a rescue puppy, we aren't quite sure what he has in him! We would love to hear your ideas.


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Curtain and Rug Color Advice?My wall is painted both light pink and dusty rose, I have brown sofas. What colour curtains and rug should I buy?


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Social Security Death Benefits for Children?My wife passed away a little over a month ago; she was disabled. I applied for death benefits for my children right away. How long from the application does it take to start receiving money for them?


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Puppy Not Using Pee Pads?I recently moved my 6 month old pup's wee wee pad to a different area in the house and now she isn't going on it anymore.


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Older Cat Growls and Hisses at New Kitten?My older female cat (approximately 1 year) has never been friendly to other house cats. We've had her since she was a kitten and she has been the only cat at the house apart from the strays my mom takes in.


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Shopping for Holloway House Floor Shine?I am looking for stores that carry Holloway House floor shine. Does anyone know where I can find this product?


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Removing Cooking Odors from Clothing?I am new to the harsh winters of Canada and am starting to get used to the idea of heavy outerwear like woolen jackets with inner linings, etc. I am also Indian, so our cooking stinks sky-high, unfortunately.


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Introducing a New Kitten to Resident Cat?I'm thinking of getting a new kitten, but I have heard that most cats and kittens don't get along. How do I stop them from fighting?


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Cheap Low Calorie Recipes?Can someone suggest some easy, tasteful, low calorie recipes?


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Name for Window Cleaning Business?Me and my husband are starting up our own window cleaning company, and we are having trouble coming up with a really good name for this company. Any ideas?


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Potty Training My Yorkie?After having my 8 month old female Yorkie outside for a potty break for over an hour, she will come inside the house and poop on the floor. I normally don't see her doing it until after the fact.


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Planting Fall Flowers?I am wanting to plant, in my front yard, some eye catching, easy to grow fall flowers. Any recommendations?


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Daycare Business Name Ideas?My name is Sandy and I would like to include my name on the center. I was thinking Sandy's Sanctuary? What do you think? Any suggestions?


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Refurbishing a Cedar Swing?Our cedar swing looks old. What is the best way to make it look new again?


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Reducing Odor from Baby Birds in Window Nest?Two baby pigeons were born 15 days back in our toilet window. The mother pigeon frequently comes to feed the babies, and we do not disturb them. But they are smelling very badly. What do we do?


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Getting Driver's Insurance in Canada?I am new to Canada and am preparing for the drivers license tests. In the interim, I would like to drive using my home country license, as I am allowed to drive in Ontario, Canada for 60 days on my home country license.


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Removing Paint from Polyester Jacket?I picked up a white, oil based, paint stain on my navy blue rain proof polyester Gore-Tex jacket. It has been on the jacket for a couple of days, so it is nicely dried to material.


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Keeping Mice and Rats Out of Storage Unit?I have a self storage unit in a different state where I am living presently and need to keep out rats and mice. My sister saw droppings in the unit when she went today. I have this storage unit long term, and have everything I own inside it. I do not want my possessions destroyed.


Closeup of kitten.

Treating a Kitten for Round Worms?I just found round worms on my kitten's butt. How do I get rid of them? I don't have the money to take her to the vet. It has to be able to be given to a 13 week old kitten.


Dog Pooping on the Carpet

Paper Trained Dog Pooping on the Carpet?My teacup Poodle is 11 years old and she's decided to start pooping in the hallway of our house for about a month. We've had no change in environment or foods.


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Girl's 13th Birthday Party Ideas?I am having a party for my daughter and she wants to have boys there. What should I do? She loves sports. Her birthday is the 28 of November.


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Curtain Color Advice?I have cottage blue walls, a black table, and I bought a lime green rug. What should I do for curtains?


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Kitchen Wall Paint Color Advice?I painted my kitchen cabinets a tan color and my husband thinks that it looks peach. I need to paint the walls still, what color should I paint the walls to make the cabinets look more brown?


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Abusive Boyfriend?My boyfriend and I have been together seventeen years and have two children together. My daughter is fifteen and my son is thirteen with PDD; which is a form of autism.


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Value of Winpower Remote Control Lawn Mower?I have a Winpower #rc120 mower, manufactured in Newton, Iowa. There is no date of manufacture, it is as old as 1930? I was told that only 3 are still around. I need some information and possible value.


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Ideas for a Boy's 16th Birthday Party?My parents are gonna throw me a party when I turn 16. It's gonna be exactly on my birthday. I want a party with family and friends. I need ideas for the party. Please help!


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Removing Stains on Microfiber Furniture?I have washed my microfiber cushion covers in the washing machine, but there are still round stains on the covers. How do I get the stains out of my cushion covers?


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11th Birthday Party Ideas for Daughter?My daughter's birthday party is in less than two weeks! She loves baking, but she also loves the disco idea and would like an outside bleacher where all her friends and she can sit and talk.


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Window Treatment for Sliding Glass Door?I have blue walls and leather furniture, with a wood entertainment center in my family room. We have sliding glass doors and want to know what color and type of window treatment to use?


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Larger Basket for Washing Silverware in Dishwasher?Are there any baskets that could be used to wash a whole load of silverware in our dishwasher for a large church gathering other than just the small basket provided with the dishwasher?


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