December 5, 2013

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laminate wood flooring

White Marks on Laminate FlooringIf your laminate flooring has pale or white marks, they can be unsightly and difficult to remove. Use these tips to get your laminate floor looking good again. This is a page about white marks on laminate flooring.


Black Walnut Tree

Planting Under Black Walnut TreesThis page is about planting under black walnut trees. Black walnut trees can prove to be a difficult landscaping challenge for gardeners because they are alleopathic. This can have a beneficial or harmful chemical effects on other plants.


Photo of a beautiful moth.

Moth PhotosThis page contains moth photos. Although many moths are white or gray, there are also beautiful, colorful varieties of this insect.


tennis shoes

Making Your Shoes Last LongerThis is a page about making your shoes last longer. Buying new shoes can be expensive. So, it is important to make the ones you already own last as long as possible.


A tick on someone's skin.

Information About Lyme Disease?This is a page with information about lyme disease. Lyme disease is a serious illness that, if left untreated, will worsen over time and be more difficult to eradicate from the body.


A man and a woman enjoying being tourists.

Travel Tips and TricksThis is a page about travel tips and tricks. Whether you are backpacking from hostel to hostel or staying in an all-inclusive resort, traveling is always fun and rewarding. Use these money saving tips to get the most out of your next trip.


Closeup of a tire.

Rotating Your TiresThis page is about rotating your tires. Moving your tires from front to back can extend the life of your tire tread, which saves you money.


A beautiful yard.

Solutions for a Sour Smelling Yard?This is a page about solutions for a sour smelling yard. There could be a variety of sources for an unpleasant odor in your yard. Eliminating the sour smell will make your yard a much more inviting place to spend time with your family.


A photo of wet carpet.

Removing Water from a Flooded Carpet?This page is about removing water from a flooded carpet. Excess water from an plumbing problem or disaster can flood your home. Getting all of the moisture out of the rug can be a challenge.


4 Dalmatian mix puppies

Dalmatian Mix PhotosThis page contains dalmatian mix photos. Mixed breed dogs exhibit physical and behavioral characteristics of their breeds and many of their own.


Mixed Breed Dog

Mixed Breed Dog PhotosThis page contains mixed breed dog photos. Mixed breed dogs are unique and beautiful in their own special way. They exhibit physical and behavioral characteristics of their breeds and many of their own.


A young woman holding a passport.

Traveling Alone?This page is about traveling alone. Learning how best to maintain your safety and security when traveling on your own, can help put your mind at rest.


A border collie sheltie mixed breed dog.

Collie Mix PhotosThis page contains collie mix photos. Mixed breed dogs make great pets, and are unique and beautiful in their own special way.



Children's Shower Chart

Children's Shower ChartI have three children who share a common bathroom. They used to argue over who showered first. We had an old dry erase calendar that wasn't being utilized so made a chart giving each child a number oldest to youngest.


Turn Old Sock Into Hair Volumizing Bun

Turn Old Sock Into Hair Volumizing BunI really adore big, voluminous vintage style hair buns. I have a lot of hair, but not THAT much hair, so I use clean old tube socks with the ends cut off to bump up my hair bun.


Vase of artificial flowers and baby socks.

Baby Sock BouquetBrighten any expectant mom's day with a useful bouquet. Add baby socks to green pipe cleaners and tie with gift ribbon. Mix in artificial flowers for a celebratory and useful bouquet! My mother did this for my baby shower - it was such a quirky and neat way to give the needed gift of baby socks!


Mini Doughnut Snowmen

Mini Doughnut SnowmenThese cute little snowmen are super quick to make and would be a great treat for a party.


Tennis Ball for Pulling Into the Garage

Ping Pong Ball for Pulling Into the GarageTake a ping ping ball and pierce a hole in it on each side. Thread a string through it and tie in your garage against the car windshield to the exact place where you need to pull in the garage for a perfect fit.



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Finding a Source for Ostomy Bags?I had Medicaid and now I have Medicare. Every month I run out of bags. Insurance companies will only let you order what they figure you should use so I have 400 extra barriers and who knows how many other overloaded supplies, but I still run out of bags. They will not let me buy my own.


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Resident Cat Afraid of New Kitten?I found a feral male kitten and he is about 5 weeks old. I brought him home and gave him a bath as he was riddled with fleas and ticks. Then I tried introducing him to my 3 year old desexed female cat. Well, that didn't go as I planned!


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Keeping Cats Off the Furniture?I am looking for an indoor cat repellent. How can I keep my cat off the chairs and keep him from scratching them?


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Repairing a Pneumatic Chair?My computer chair won't stay up. It goes down with the lever, but not back up when I sit in it. When I turn it on its side and put it up, I sit down and it goes down. Help.


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Cooking Ham Hocks and Dry Beans in a Pressure Cooker?I have 2 ham hocks and 2 bags of large lima beans. I just bought a pressure cooker. Could someone tell me how to cook them. There is no recipe for it in the book. My cooker is a 6 qt. one.Thank you in advance.


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Squirrels and Chipmunks Chewing Car Wiring?I am having a problem, and this has been twice within 6 months. The squirrels are making a nest on top of my gas tank and chewing my fuel line wiring. Is there anything I can do to prevent this?I have never had this problem in the more than 19 years I have lived in my location.


Dog rolling in the grass.

House Training a One Year Old Dog?We are having trouble house training a 12 month old St. Bernard. When I first got her, at 5 weeks, my wife told me she was not "weaned" by her mother. She rolled in her own urine and feces, and it took me 8 months to finally get her to stop.


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Cleaning Silestone (Quartz) Countertop?What is the best product to clean Silestone countertops? I understand anything with bleach is not good, however, can Mr. Clean liquid cleaner be used or Cinch spray cleaner?


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1999 Dodge Ram Heater/AC Problem?My 1999 Dodge Ram swaps from cold to hot and back randomly. What could be the problem?


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Value of Towle Porcelain Doll?I have a Towle porcelain doll, Christening Baby, made in Taiwan. The item is #2115R EDP # 538632. I would like to know what it is worth. Please help.


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Reusing Food Jars for Canning?It seems many commercially canned foods use jars that are deliberately just a bit different from traditional canning jars, and the rings and lids will not fit.


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Removing a Stubborn Grease Stain on Dress?I got a grease spot on a fave dress, treated it with my stain remover and washed it. And washed it. The spot is lighter, but still there. How do I remove it? Please help.


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Daycare Slogan Ideas?I need a slogan for a daycare called Destiny Driven Childcare.


What Breed is My Dog?This is my 3-month-old puppy "Spike" whose mom is a Spoodle and whose dad is a Poodle (miniature is what the owner said), but I am not convinced about the male's breed because I didn't get the chance to see him. So what do you guys think this dog's breed is? Is it pure bred? Is he going to look nice in the future? And Thx ^^


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Home Daycare Name Ideas?I am looking the name for my daycare.


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Puppy Pooping in the House?We just adopted a house trained, eight month old Collie/Rot mix. She has been here four days. She has pooped in the house in the middle of the night twice! What can we do, short of crating her over night, which we really don't want to do?


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Using a Homemade Mosquito Trap?How do the mosquitoes die? Can it just drink it and fly away?


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Curtain and Rug Color Advice?I have recently decorated my living room. It has a feature wall which has a cream background with black velvety, big bold flowers with grey leaves on it's coving paper. The rest of my walls are cream.


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Using Corningware Lifetime Warranty?How do get my broken Corningware replaced with the lifetime replacement warranty?


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Lower Dentures Don't Fit Well and Are Painful?First let me point out that I have been wearing full dentures for 43 years without any real problems. The dentures that I have been wearing for the past 22 years (yes, the same dentures). I just had a new set of full dentures made at a VA clinic.


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House Trained Puppy Started Peeing Inside?Our 7 1/2 month old male Aussie Shepherd has been potty trained without any accidents for the last 3 months! The past couple of nights, he's made no indication that he's had to pee, but just come into the living room and peed on the carpet in front of the couch where I sit.


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Refrigerator Dispenser Drips?What can be the solution? My refrigerator continues to drip water from the dispenser even though the water has been disconnected for some time.


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Perming Your Hair at Home?Can I perm my hair twice in one week?


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Looking for Imperial Wallpaper border?I am looking for Imperial border #mb5181b. I only need 1 roll of Marjolen Bastin design, rural mail boxes with birds.


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Cat Stopped Using Litter Box?My 4 year old neutered male cat, Romeo, who always used the litter box started urinating on the guest bed in the same room as the litter boxes. He started doing it when my husband and I went on vacation October 2013.


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Home Daycare Business Name Ideas?I need a name for my daycare with my last name Darling.


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Daycare Name Ideas?I need some ideas for a daycare name that has the theme of Dr. Seuss since we are doing that theme down there with characters from a bunch of his books. Thank you in advance.


Black and white puppy.

What Breed is My Dog?She's almost 3 months old this December. I bought her over an internet site and they told me that she is a pure bred Chihuahua. But it bothers me because Chihuahuas usually have a short snout. I love her, but I really need to know if she's a pure Chihuahua. Thank you.


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Poem for the Baking Soda Snowman?Does anyone have the poem for the snow man filled with baking soda you use in the fridge?


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Puppy Pooping in His Cage?My five month old Pit Bull is pooping in his cage. I take him outside when I get home from work and after dinner. He runs off finds a good spot and uses the bathroom. When we go back inside he goes back in his cage and as soon as I leave the room he poops again.


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Storing Potatoes in Freezing Weather?We have 250 pounds of potatoes stored in a old outside cement garage, with no door. It dropped into the teens and has stayed in the upper 30s during the day. These are for our Xmas food boxes.


Doll dressed in green period clothing.

Value of Porcelain Doll?I have a porcelain doll named Kimberley. It's from Timeless Treasures and it is in the original package. How much would it be worth?


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