December 18, 2013

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Fermenting Vegetables in Jars

Fermenting VegetablesThis page is about fermenting vegetables. Sauerkraut and pickles are common vegetables preserved by fermentation. Foods preserved this way are known for producing health benefiting bacteria.


Girl Using Kids Sewing Machine

Homemade Craft or Sewing Kits for KidsThis page is about homemade craft or sewing kits for kids. A useful gift for a beginning seamstress, tailor or crafter is a kit with supplies to get them started.


Old Mailbox

Uses for an Old MailboxThis page contains uses for an old mailbox. These sturdy metal or plastic boxes can be repurposed in a variety of ways.


Manx Cat

Manx Breed Information and PhotosThis page contains Manx breed information and photos. These cats are striking in appearance because of their lack of tails, and are known to be good mousers.


Old Fashioned Doll

Old Fashioned Doll PatternsThis page contains old fashioned doll patterns. A fun craft is making fabric, rag or wooden dolls for a special young person or craft fairs.


Ice Storm

Ice Storm PhotosThis page contains ice storm photos. When it rains on top of snow you can experience dangerous outdoor conditions, but it can make for some very interesting photographs.


Washing Down Bedding

Cleaning Down BeddingThis page is about cleaning down bedding. A feather bed, comforter or sleeping bag needs special care when being laundered.


Mexican Sunflower

Mexican Sunflower (Tithonia)...This page is about Mexican sunflower (Tithonia) information and photos. These brilliant annual flowers keep their blooms for 10 days or more making them good for cut flower arrangements.


Credit Report

Using Free Credit ReportsThis page is about using free credit reports. There are ways to keep track of your credit score and reporting without having to pay for this service.


Family Eating Dinner Together

$10 Dinner IdeasThis page contains recipes and photos from our Ten Dollar ($10) Dinner section on ThriftyFun. All these recipes cost less than $10 to make a healthy dinner for a family of 4.


Duck a l'orange

Recipes Using DuckThis page contains recipes using duck. Whether wild or domestic this poultry can make a delicious main dish.



Scalloped Cabbage with Smoked Sausage

Scalloped Cabbage with Smoked SausageThis is a great recipe to make ahead and put in the refrigerator and bake later. It is also great heated up! I have made this for about 10 years and everyone who tries it wants more.


White Chili

White ChiliExcellent recipe and easy to do, was given to me by my sister in law a few years ago. My kids love it, which is always a plus. I make this and have garlic bread.



Lilies on the Water (San Juan Capistrano Mission)Taken at the Mission San Juan Capistrano in the summer of 2012, the water was peaceful and quite beautiful in sunny California.


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Carburetor Cleaner for Removing InkCAUTION: Carburetor Cleaner is HIGHLY FLAMMABLE. Don't use this method unless you are familiar with using this type of solvent. You spray on, it comes right off. NO scrubbing, NO mess.


Lady outside looking up at camera.

Lady aka Ladybug (Chihuahua)We rescued Lady from a transient woman. The people in the neighborhood called that woman Grandma. Grandma would walk past our house on a regular basis while walking Lady. I already had a male Chihuahua, named Buddy.


Insulating a Crawl Space

Insulating a Crawl SpaceI went to Home Depot to get insulators for the crawl space vents around my house. I was surprised at how expensive these small pieces of styrofoam were. So I decided to look around for a better option.


Cemetery Christmas Garland

Cemetery Christmas GarlandI created a nice cemetery garland for my in-laws' grave, using holly branches, various evergreen branches, some bare branches sprayed white, berries, and a pretty bow.


Keep Your Litter Box Fresh - container of baking soda on top of litter box

Keep Litter Box FreshInstead of buying expensive cat litter I use the cheapest clay litter but keep a jar of baking soda on the top of the litter box.




What Breed is My Puppy?I rescued her 2-3 weeks ago and don't know what kind of dog she is. She reminds me of a Yorkie because of the color, but also of a Schnauzer because of the way her hair is. Any ideas?


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Buds Falling Off Christmas CactusWhat causes buds to fall off a Christmas cactus without opening?


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Store Bought Icing MeltingI bought canned icing, but after a while the icing started melting. I usually buy the rich and creamy or whipped one. What can I add or do for this not to happen again?


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Donating TrophiesWe have at least 50 trophies; tennis, baseball, and soccer. Can anyone use them or recycle?


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Name for Real Estate Investment BusinessMy fiance wants to start his real estate investment business and we are looking for some nice, unique, and dashing name for our business. We 'll really appreciate it if the name starts with Z or A.


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Kitchen Wall Paint Color IdeasI have white ceramic tile floor and a white refrigerator. My stove and dishwasher are both black and the cabinets and countertops are black, with my back splash being fire engine red.


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Kitchen Wall Tile Color AdviceMy kitchen cabinets are a cream color. The walls are a very pale green. I have black granite on the counters. The kitchen looks kind of art deco to me. I'd like to put subway tiles under the cabinets.


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Value of Yolando Bello Porcelain DollI purchased the Jennifer doll for my granddaughter Jennifer in 1985 or 86 for her birthday. She is dressed in a red velvet coat with hat trimed in white fur and she has a white fur muff to put her hands in.


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20-amp Freezer Circuit TrippedTwo years in a row, a 20amp circuit has tripped when we on vacation and we lost everything. This is a dedicated circuit just for the freezer.


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Recycling or Reusing Wire and Plastic HangersDoes anyone have any ideas on what I can do with a ton of wire and plastic hangers. I was planning on donating them, but Goodwill doesn't take them


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Daycare Name IdeasI need a daycare name. It can have something with Daniela in it or something bilingual - Spanish. Any ideas?


Tan dog.

Pet Chihuahua InformationWhat kind of pet Chihuahua do I have?


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Acronym Style Name for a Senior Citizen GroupWe have a senior citizen association, but would like to identify ourselves with a new "branding".


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Making Creative Gift for Friend's 15th BirthdayMy best friend is turning 15 on February 29th. I want to make her a creative present. I'm trying to think of ideas, but my mind is blank.


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House Training a PuppyWhy does my puppy keep peeing so much? He is 8 weeks old and he poops so much too, even I he doesn't eat. How to get him to go to the bathroom outside ?


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Slogan for Kindergarten and Daycare BusinessI need a good slogan for my new kindergarten and child care business. It's name is "Honey Bear Kindergarten and Child Care".Thank you.


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Windshield Washers Not SprayingMy windshield fluid is not spraying, but if I disconnect the tank and lift it even with the wiper motor, it works. When I put it back in its original spot, it doesn't work.


White dog with tan ears.

What Breed is My Dog?I love my new little guy. After my previous "son" was hit by a car, I was given this one as a gift. He is full of energy and I love it! But I don't know what kind of dog he is.


Black and white dog.

Keeping a Dog Warm in Its PenDoes anyone have a good idea what to use in a dog pen to keep a dog warm, dry, and comfortable (something recyclable?)


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Remedy for Tangled HairMy husband and I are in our 60s. He loves my hair, and has requested that I grow it long for him. I didn't remember that it can get matted if it is not brushed out often.


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Sharing Living Expenses and ChoresMy boyfriend has lost his home and is livng in a run down rental of his own. I know he is having financial problems, but he doesn't discuss them with me.


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Value of Porcelain DollI am looking for information and worth of a porcelain doll with P.G. 1996. ABBY. 924 stamped on it. Any help would be greatly appreciated, I am helping my grandmother research this doll.


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Mice in My CarCan the smell from the mouse urine hurt you it in the vents of a car?


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