January 27, 2014

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Woman Suffering from Insomnia

Remedies for InsomniaThis is a page about remedies for insomnia. Lying awake, unable to get to or go back to sleep is frustrating, as well as, potentially detrimental to your health over time.


Teens Biking with Mom

Family Activities for Parents With Teens?This is a page about family activities for parents with teens. Finding fun activities that you can enjoy with your teens can sometimes be daunting.


Soup Stain on Shirt

Removing Food Stains From Clothing?This is a page about removing food stains from clothing. Certain food stains can prove very difficult to remove from clothing.


Holiday Turkey Ready for Freezing

Storing Holiday FoodThere are a number of ways you can save money and time when preparing and storing food for a holiday feast. This page is about storing holiday food.


Girls at Ice Cream Social Party

Ice Cream Social IdeasThis page contains ice cream social ideas. Young and old people will have fun and enjoy parties with ice cream as the focal point.


18th Birhtday Candle

Birthday Gift Ideas for an 18 Year Old MaleA young adult man has developed his interests and can benefit from a lot of different kinds of gifts. This page contains birthday gift ideas for an 18 year old guy.


Woman and Her Adult Daughter

Being a Parent to Adult Children?By the time your child has become an adult, they can become your friend. You want to be able to show your love, and be an ear for their important life decisions. This page is about being a parent to adult children.


Cocoa Latte Drink

Recipes for a Cocoa Latte Machine?This page is about recipes for a cocoa latte machine. Being able to froth your milk with a machine can make delicious, creamy hot chocolate.


Dogs in Yard with Grass

Growing Grass in a Yard with DogsGetting your lawn started and maintaining it, can be a challenge with dogs sharing the space. This page is about growing grass in a yard with dogs.


Joshua Tree National Park

Joshua Tree National Park Photos and...This page is about Joshua Tree national park photo and information. The southeastern California Mojave desert is home to this national park. It is named for the distinctive tree like yucca palm.


Battery Tester

Using a Battery TesterThis page is about using a battery tester. Checking to see if your batteries are still good can be accomplished with a tester.


Living Will

Information on Living Wills and Advanced DirectivesThis page contains information on living wills and advanced directives. It is impossible to predict when you may be unable to make decisions for yourself. You may want to get in writing how you plan to be taken care of.



Making a Simple Weather VaneThis page is about making a simple weather vane. It's nice to know which way the wind is blowing before you go outside.


Making Diabetic Powdered Sugar (Sugar Free)

Making Diabetic Powdered Sugar (Sugar Free)This is a page about making diabetic powdered sugar (sugar free). A diabetic diet does not preclude the use of a tasty substitute for traditional powdered sugar in your recipes.


Making Soymilk

Making SoymilkA high protein beverage that can be made at home by soaking dry soy beans, grinding them with water, and straining the liquid for milk. This page is about making soymilk.


Dog In His Own Bed

Dog Pooping In His Own Bed?This is a page about a dog pooping in his own bed. Occasionally a well trained pet will begin to have potty accidents in unusual places.


Organized Colorful Clothing

Organizing Clothing for the Color BlindThis page is about organizing clothing for someone who is color blind. When someone can not tell the difference between some colors and shades, they may need some help to be confident that their clothes are matched.



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Homemade Acne TreatmentI used to have really bad acne. I tried several different home remedies and finally found one that's rather cheap and very effective.


Finished plate of frittata and sausage

Green Potato FrittataThis is a relatively simple egg dish that can be modified for anyone's taste. Bacon would have been a wonderful addition.



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Campho-Phenique and Lysine for Cold SoresI have successfully been using a simple and small application of Campho-Phenique gel mixed with a few granules from an L-Lysine capsule when I have the first indication of a cold sore.


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Donate Your Plastic BagsTake the excess clean, whole grocery bags to your local food pantry or farmstand. Please do not take ones that are wet, smelly, or dirty.


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Facts about SunscreenI just was in to the dermatologist office to have some cancerous skin spots removed from my mom's tip of her ear. The dermatologist gave us this information and I am sharing it here for the benefit of everyone.


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Buttering Cake PansI save all the wrappers from sticks of butter and keep them in a zipper bag in my freezer. When you need to butter a cake pan or casserole dish, just take one out.


Dog wrapped in a blanket sitting on the couch.

Daisy May (Boston Terrier)I got Daisy when she was only a couple minutes old. She was the runt of the litter and no one wanted her.


Cold Winter (Mount Vernon, MO)

Cold Winter (Mount Vernon, MO)Having only lived in Missouri for less than 2 years, this is one of my first "real" winters! The snow is very pretty and so peaceful looking. I have a large window over my deck to view the trees in the photo.


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Page Protectors as Frugal Dry Erase BoardI use page protectors. Just put white paper or card stock inside the protector and you have a portable, cheap and double sided dry erase board.


Heart Hand Warmers Tutorial

Heart Hand Warmers TutorialSew up some heart shaped hand warmers for those chilly nights. Use felted wool sweaters and rice. Easy to make and great for small gifts or Valentines.


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Soap Makes Needles Glide Through FabricYou can stick your needles and pins in a bar of soap to make them slide into your material easier. I use the little bars that you get at the motel. You can keep them in the wrapper and it doesn't sliver off.


Lemon Scent to Deter Cats

Lemon Scent to Deter CatsMy big cat Cornelius sleeps on my bed with me. Something happened in the last three months that made him bite my foot. Now, we are not talking a little "love nibble" but a full on strike like a viper, fast and hard and painful.


Camping at Joshua Tree

Camping at Joshua TreeMy son and his now fiance camped at beautiful Joshua Tree, where he proposed that day. To make the day perfect, they were given this lovely sunset!



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Threading a Machine That Only Sews Hems?What is an easy way to thread a heming machine?


Rocco sitting.

What Breed is My Dog?This is Rocco, he is 4 years old. We've only had him for about a year now and we have no idea what breed he is. He is very playful, loves people and kids, he doesn't get along very well with other dogs.



What Could My Dog Be Mixed With?He is approximately 4 years old, we were "watching him for a couple weeks" and 2.5 years later.... So we don't know anything about his history, but we are blessed to have a doggy like him!


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Sewer Odor Smell Coming From Heater?Whenever my downstairs heater comes on after is been off for awhile, the bad odor smell will be coming through vents and when the heater stops, the odor goes away.


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Removing Anti-reflective Coating on Glasses?I purchased a prescription pair of eye glasses about 8 months back. It is a branded glass with an anti reflective coating. Now the left side lens is not clear, as the coating has developed some scratches.


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Identifying Black and White Biting Bugs?I have a plant that's has white and black bugs. The flowers are red; I think nickname is called rowdy. My questions is why do these come in the house and bite?


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Names for a Babysitting Business?What's a good babysitting business name with my name Rachelle?


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Daycare Slogan Ideas?What is a good slogan for ABC Academy?


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Daycare Name Ideas?I need a name for a daycare business that includes Dejah or Missy in it.


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Receiving SSDI Benefits?I have two boys who receive disability funds through me. One is turning 18 and will no longer receive benefits. Does his brother's benefit change? Does it increase or stay the same?


Puppy lying on rug.

What Breed is My Puppy?I was wondering if anyone might know what breed of dog this is. My sister bought this puppy a couple of months ago and she forgot the breed of this puppy.


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Interior Decor Company Name Ideas?I need help picking a company name for my interior decor company. My daughter's name is Essence. I am looking for a captivating as well as professional business name.


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Childminding Business Name Ideas?I am a childminder and looking for a business name for it. Any suggestions?


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2nd Birthday Party Ideas?I have a 1 year old sister who is turning 2. She loves the Wiggles and Barney and I thought about a Wiggles or Barney party, but I want to do something more because it's her golden birthday.


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Cleaning Nicotine Off Walls?I am looking for home remedies to get nicotine off of painted walls and paneling in the easiest way.


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New Dentures Painful?A week ago I got all my top teeth pulled. I have pain when I put my dentures in and when taking them out. I have sores or blusters on my top gums that really hurt. I can't stand the pain.


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Mower Won't Start Easily?Ok (sorry for my English) I have got a Huskavarna 2148. The engine won't turn easily and when I take the spark plugs off it turns easily.


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Repairing Faux Leather Upholstery?I have a very dark brown recliner which has this very odd upholstery that I will call pleather. It looks like very soft leather, but is actually cloth with this thin layer of leather like look to it.


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Selling Pop Tabs in Cape Town?I live in Cape Town and I'd like to know where exactly can I take my metal pop tabs for sale?


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15th Birthday Party Ideas?My 15th birthday is in 2 weeks and I don't know what to do. I don't really want to do something big with lots of people. I just want to do something with my best friend, not something to expensive.


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Survivor Benefits for My Daughter?My daughter's biological father, my ex husband, was killed in Afghanistan, but before he died he gave up his rights and my husband adopted her. Is she entitled to benefits due to her biological father dying?


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Curtain Color Advice?I have a cream and brown sofa. My cushions are dark and light brown. Also, I bought a TV/book stand from Ikea which is dark brown. My walls are light cream. Which colour curtains would be the best?


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Using Straight Talk With an iPhone?I would like to get away from ATT. I tried purchasing a Straight Talk card for $45. It does not work in my iPhone 4. I tried to order one from Straight Talk, but was told they sell them in 10 states and Oklahoma was not one of them.


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Kitchen Paint Color Advice?What would be a good wall paint colour for a gloss white kitchen with dark brown work surfaces? My kitchen is a fairly good size and square in shape and gets good light.


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Janome Sewing Machine Bobbin Keeps Tangling?My Janome sewing machine keeps getting globs of thread in the bobbin area and then makes lots of noise. Can you tell me what is causing this?


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