February 3, 2014

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Baby in Sling Carrier

Making a Baby Sling Carrier?This is a page about making a baby sling carrier. Keeping your infant close to you while having your hands free can be very helpful for young mothers.


Sunday School

Sunday School Craft IdeasThis page contains Sunday school craft ideas. Having fun and providing a meaningful learning experience is the goal with these artistic projects.



View of child's bookcase and storage bins.

Organizing a Kid's Room InexpensivelyMy son has a ton of toys and games and his room can be a "big" mess. He also has a lot of toys that are very small. Big toy boxes can make it hard to find the smaller toys, and to keep sets together, but kids' organizers in stores can be over $50!


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Candy Bottle GiftI use the small water plastic bottles and fill with small candies. The candy had to fit easily in the mouth of the bottle. Then add a ribbon and/or bow to give as a small and inexpensive gift.


Beautiful Snow Storm (North Carolina)

Beautiful Snow Storm (North Carolina)I love snow, especially when it comes in a couple of inches and is gone in a few days. Here in central North Carolina, we get so excited when the weather man predicts snow.


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Using Glittery Nail PolishTo enhance the beautiful glittery nail polishes of today, just use a basecoat color a shade close to the glittery one. You wont believe the difference this makes. Instead of having to use 2 or 3 coats of the glittery one, you only have to use 1 coat.


First Birthday Smash Cake

First Birthday Smash CakeIt has become popular to give children their very own small cake on their first birthday to do as they will with it. This is a great way to let the baby destroy the cake without ruining the cake for everyone else.


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Tanning Lotion as Leather Shoe PolishI have a tan leather bag that got scuffed at the bottom and have been looking around for tan shoe polish, not finding anything. Everything I found was too dark - then I noticed that a self-tanning lotion I had left over from the summer was the right tan color.


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Avon's Skin So Soft for MosquitoesI have been using Avon's Skin So Soft for many years in the summer to repel mosquitoes when I golf or work in the garden.


puppy chow in heart box 2

"Puppy Love" Puppy ChowThis strawberries and cream flavored puppy chow is the perfect treat to give that special someone on Valentine's day!


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Discarding Left Over GreaseOf course, I never pour it down the drain, but if it ends up in the kitchen trash bag, I often have drips on the floor after carrying it to the dumpster. So I use whatever empty can, soup, vegetables, whatever I have on hand, then put it into the freezer.


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Reusable Refills for SwifferI purchase microfiber dish towels at the dollar store. Since they're not very good for drying dishes because they do not absorb water, I use them for my Swiffer to clean my kitchen and bathroom floor.


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Mirrored Door Kids ChecklistMy daughter has mirrored closet doors, we use them to keep a daily check list of things to be done. She loves putting the check by the item, or sometimes a mini artwork flower. At the end of the day, we wipe off the checks and she's ready for the next day.


Finding Old Weight Watchers Programs

Finding Old Weight Watchers ProgramsA number of posters are asking for information on the old Weight Watchers Exchange Program from the 80s. eBay has listings for the Weight Watchers Quick Start PLUS Program Cookbook. Same as mine from 1986, it lists all the information from the Exchange Program.


My Chicken Stock has Nine Lives

My Chicken Stock has Nine LivesI have been spending a lot of time in the kitchen lately, cooking traditional foods that our ancestors and grandparents cooked, in fats that our grandparents and ancestors cooked with.



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Day Care Business Name Ideas?My name is Trecie and I am trying to open up an early childhood center. I am looking for a name, something that is catchy. It will be a 24 hour center.


Floopy eared puppy.

What Breed is My Puppy?I was just given a puppy out of the blue. It was some random guy with three dogs and since the puppy didn't let me go, he said I can have it. :)


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Faux Suede Jacket Stiff After Cleaning?How do I restore a polyvinyl cloride suede jacket that came back from the cleaners stiff as board? I sent my wife's suede jacket to the cleaners and it was returned very stiff. How can I get her coat back to its original soft flexible feel?


Small black and white dog.

What Breed is Oreo Cookie?My husband and I were driving on the highway last night and she almost got hit by 4 cars. We stopped and picked her up. You could tell she was a stray. She looks to be part Pit, but we have no idea what else.


Black and tan puppy with fleas.

Treating Flea Sores on Dog?My six week old puppy has flea sores on her neck. She has long hair and I have been bathing her with Dawn soap. What should I do to help her with the sores?


Curtain Colour Advice

Curtain Colour Advice?My living room wall colour is light green and dark green. 3 walls have light green and 1 wall has dark green. Please can anybody give me a suggestion for curtains colour.


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Value of New Educator Encyclopaedia?I need a value of a New Educator Encyclopaedia 1947 edition. It is in very good condition.


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Opening a Bent and Dent Store?I would like info on how to start a bent and dent store and around how much it cost to get one started in Alabama.


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Value of Grolier's World Book of Knowledge?I have a full set (A to Z) of Grolier's World Book of Knowledge, which are in excellent condition and are over 30 years old. I am looking to sell, but I am unsure of their worth.


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Denture Causes Tongue and Palate to Burn?I have a partial denture and as the day goes on my tongue and upper palate get a burning sensation and my tongue gets very sore. I've had tests to see if I'm allergic to the acrylic, but these proved to be negative.


Diana doll wearing a white dress.

Value of Princess Diana Limited Edition?I have a Princess Diana doll wearing a white dress and jacket with beading and her tiara is included. It's a Rose Collection doll. I have done everything to look up and do research and I cannot find anything.


What Breed is My Dog?She is an abandoned dog we found, she is very shy and scared of everything. She is very sweet and starting to warm up, terrified of men though. I am very curious as to what she is mixed with.


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Removing Glue from Plastic?How do you remove glue from a plastic container? I have tried soaking the plastic with liquid soap wrapped around a washcloth. It did not work.


Joey with feet up on cinder block wall.

Rescued Adult Dog Pees in Crate When Left Alone?We adopted Joey about 5 months ago after our other Boston Terrier passed away. (We had disposed of all of the previous dog's belongings, and there were zero accidents in the house from the previous dog).


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Getting Hired as a Longshoreman?I am on the list to get hired. How do I find out my place on the list?


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Dog Scratching Ear?My dog scratches her ear very hard. When I look in her ear she has some black particles inside. She also has some red dots in her ear. I would like to try the home remedies, but can you tell me how much of each product I should use in her ear?


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Getting Help With Utility Bills?I live in Gary, Indiana. I am currently on Social Security disability. I have a 20 year old son who works part-time for a department store. With our income combined, we are told that we make too much for Lake County Assistance.


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Sweet 16 Party Ideas?I am also having a sweet 16 in December and my theme is like black lights and glow in the dark stuff. I am trying to figure out some things to do. It is going to be a mixture of people. It's going to be boys and girls from ages to 14-17.


What Breed is my Puppy?

What Breed is my Puppy?I have a puppy and want to know what type of breed it might be? It has blue eyes and really big paws.


Beagle puppy.

Dog With Itchy Ears?I have a Beagle puppy that is constantly scratching his ear. It seems to bother him a lot. What could be causing it?


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Planting Rose Bushes?How do I go about planting 2 red/white rose bushes in my front yard? I do not know where to begin with this task! Would you help me make this happen?


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Chinese Holy Shrubs Not Growing?I have had these in the garden going on 2 years. Why aren't these plants growing rapidly? I have yet to notice any growth! I have been feeding them Miracle Gro liquid plant food, but still not much growth in height or width.


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Keeping Birds Out of Pergola?How do I discourage wild birds coming into pergola and pooping on furniture?


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Removing a Kerosene Type Odor from New Clothing?I purchased 3 pair of tights that are polyester/spandex and they have a horrible kerosene type order to them. I'm sure it's from the material. I've washed them 2X now and the odor is still there.


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