February 24, 2014

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Dog With Her Puppies

Caring for a Dog and Her PuppiesThis is a page about caring for a dog and her puppies. When your dog has delivered puppies, you want to make sure she has a safe and warm place to nurture them.


Grocery Owners

How to Buy Wholesale for Resale?This is a page about how to buy wholesale for resale. When running a business you want to purchase your products at the best possible price.


Cross Matchstick Craft

Matchstick Craft IdeasThis is a page about matchstick craft ideas. Matchsticks have long been used to make a wide variety of crafts.


Man in his Vegetable and Flower garden

Finding Easy to Grow Flowers and VegetablesThis is a page about finding easy to grow flowers and vegetables. Whether a new or experienced gardener, it is great to have successful results. There are many plants that do not require much attention to be productive.


Denim Overalls

Overalls Are Damaging DryerThis is a page about overalls are damaging dryer. With all their snaps and buttons, these heavy garments can be hard on your clothes dryer.


8th Birthday Party

8th Birthday Party IdeasThis is a page about 8th birthday party ideas. There are many fun ways to celebrate this birthday, as most children at this age are very busy.



iPhone Tips and TricksThis is a page about iPhone tips and tricks. Although easy to use, to get the most out of your iPhone it helps to learn all about its many features.


Woman Using Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuum Cleaner Product ReviewsThis is a page about vacuum cleaner product reviews. There are a number of important considerations when purchasing a vacuum, and it helps to have other people's experienced opinions.


Florida Plumeria

Florida Gardening Tips and PhotosThis page contains Florida gardening tips and photos. There are many plants and trees that will flourish year round in this state.


Chicken Waterer

Making Your Own Chicken WatererThis is a page about making your own chicken waterer. You can save money or create the waterer that meets your special needs by making your own.


Man Greeting the Dawn

Building Self Confidence and Self EsteemThis page is about building self confidence and self esteem. Maintaining a feeling of self assurance isn't always easy, but it is important to being successful in all you do.


Woman in Her Vegetable Garden

Healthy Living AdviceThis page contains healthy living advice. There are many ways to improve your lifestyle by developing good habits. It is important to avoid unhealthy food and beverages, and to get regular exercise.



Keep Toothbrush In Cabinet

Keep Toothbrush In CabinetWe have all heard keeping a toothbrush in the vicinity of a flushing toilet is not good, as it can catch what sprays into the air, ick! So, all it takes is a wood bathroom cabinet and cup hooks, problem easily solved.


Take Monthly Photos of Baby

Take Monthly Photos of BabyThere are a lot of cute ways to document how fast your little one grows in the first year. For our son, we took a picture each month on our sofa, joined by a stuffed gorilla (for scale) and a printed piece of paper with his age.


Rearing Armadillo

Rearing Armadillo (Tennessee)A spell of warm weather after weeks of cold brought out the wildlife in our area. Following an afternoon of birding at a wildlife refuge, we were almost home when we found this fellow.


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Painted Brick Pattern on Concrete FloorA house I was in had a painted brick floor. First they painted the gray for the cement used to adhere the "bricks" together. Then used a large sponge and pinkish red paint as the brick form/pattern.


Get Bird Houses Ready Now - nuthatches on bird nesting box

Get Bird Houses Ready NowAlthough it may still seem like we're in the icy grip of winter, spring will be here soon. It's time to make sure the bird nesting boxes on your property are ready for their residents. And if you don't have bird houses, it is a great time to add them!


Cherry 7-Up Float

Cherry 7-Up FloatThis yummy float is a great alternative to a root beer float. Their fun pink color makes them a great treat for Valentine's day or for a little girl's birthday party. :)


Bella with a red and white scarf.

Bella (German Shepherd/Shih Tzu)We purchased her from an online ad.


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Aluminum Foil as Frugal Scouring PadsTo save on money but still get the job of crusty, burnt pots and pans clean, I recycle my aluminum foil. Why throw what has been used to cover something up with away?


Sparky looking up at the camera, standing next to a statue of a similar dog.

Sparky (Brussels Griffon)We got him in 2003 from a shelter sponsored at a Petsmart.


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Cleaning Dishes By HandI use dishwasher cubes to do my dishes by hand for hard stuck on food. I just fill the sink with hot/warm water and my soap and add a little dishwasher soap, as well. The food just falls off, even hard egg. It really saves time.


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Student Loan Forgiveness for DisabilityIf you have student loans and are receiving Social Security Disability the loans and all part of the loans no matter how large can and will be wiped clean. All that has to happen is your doctor filling out a couple of forms.



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Marriage and Supplemental Security Income (SSI)?My aunt called her SSI case worker and her boyfriend called his. They were told if they married, they would not receive their full benefits. So they got married by a ordained minister. My aunt wants to know if she's breaking the law?


Dog sitting on tile floor.

Jack Russell Mix Information?Pirate is now 4 months old and weighs around 16 lbs. Any idea what he could be mixed with?


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Ideas for 14th "emo" Golden Birthday?On March 14th I'm having my birthday and I have no idea what to do, help please. It will be at my house and I'm inviting 18 friends (15 girls and 3 boys).


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Getting Rid of Rattlesnakes in a Hole?What do you use to get rid of rattlesnakes down in a hole?


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Daycare Name Ideas?I need a name for my new organic eco-friendly daycare. I have names like EcoKids, EcoCare, Kid Earth, and Healthy Kids Learning Center. Do you have any others?


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Knitting a Child's Sweater?How can I knit a size 8 sweater for my granddaughter?


Brown and white puppy with dark muzzle.

What Breed is My Dog?I was told the mother was a brindle Pit and the father was a rednose Pit. I have seen the mom, but the lady tried to fool me with a Google pic of a rednose Pit for the father lol. But for some reason he looks like he has Staffordshire terrier in him?


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Dog Keeps Whining After Having Puppies?My 2 year old female has just had her first litter of puppies, on day 2 she has started whining and whining. I don't know why. Is it possible she has postpartum depression or is she just worried about her puppies because she's new at this and not sure exactly what is going on.


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Cleaning Grout in Shower?The grout on my shower floor has a few black lines that don't clean out. What to do?


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Parvo and Puppy Shots?If my 2 month old puppy has parvo, could I give him his 1st shots or do I wait til after parvo treatment?


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Value of Britannica Encyclopedias?I have 24 Books which is including the index book. They are cream with two red bands on the spine. The front has an emblem with 1768 and inside it says copyright 1963, Dedicated by permission to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth The Second and John Fitzgerald Kennedy.


Small pink and blue flower print wallpaper.

Discontinued Croscill Wallpaper from the 80s...I am looking for a wallpaper by Croscill which I assume is now discontinued. It is a white background featuring pink and blue scattered flowers. Unfortunately, I do not know the name of the collection which it comes from, and have not been able to find it on eBay, etc.


Puppy sitting up looking over his left shoulder.

What Breed is My Puppy?I just adopted this puppy, I don't know what breed it is though. I'd like to make sure I get his diet right. Please help, thanks!


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