March 10, 2014

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Barbecue Pork

Barbecue Pork RecipesWhether you are preparing a barbecue pork roast or making pulled pork for sandwiches your family and guests are sure to come back for seconds. This page contains barbecue pork recipes.


Cell Phone Cord

Reinforcing Cell Phone CordsThis is a page about reinforcing cell phone cords. Recharging your battery every day can put a lot of stress on the cord, but there are ways to protect it.


Lasagna Soup

Lasagna Soup RecipesUsing ingredients similar to the traditional baked lasagna casserole you can cook up a delicious soup. This page contains lasagna soup recipes.


Dyeing Red Hair

Dyeing Hair Red?This is a page about dyeing hair red. Whether using commercial hair dye or natural henna, you may want your hair a shade of red.


Sick Dog

Dog Throwing Up After Eating?This is a page about dog throwing up after eating. Your best advice will come from your veterinarian when there are concerns about your dog's health.



Trouble Printing Coupons?This is a page about trouble printing coupons. There can be challenges when printing online grocery and other kinds of coupons.


African Peanut Soup

Peanut Soup RecipesThis page contains peanut soup recipes. A creamy soup with south African origins that can be prepared in a variety of ways.


Laundry Drying Outside

Reviews of Wind Fresh Laundry Detergent?This is a page about reviews of Wind Fresh laundry detergent. Before using a product you are unfamiliar with, it can help to review other people's opinions.


White Beans in Small Green Crock

Recipes Using White BeansBeans are a great source of protein and can be served at any meal of the day. This page contains recipes using white beans.


Potato Cakes

Potato Cake RecipesPotatoes can be made into delicious pancakes or patties for breakfast, lunch or dinner. This page contains potato cake recipes.


Swiss Roll Cake

Swiss Roll Cake RecipesThis page contains Swiss roll cake recipes. A quick and versatile cake roll that can be filled with a variety of ingredients.



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Citrus Cinnamon Vitamin WaterToss out those crappy chemical and sugar riddled vitamin waters and sports drinks! None of them are good for you. Instead try making your own.


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Splenda Barbecue SauceThis easy barbecue sauce with Splenda is wonderful on pork.



Dragonfly (Hebron, MD)I sure got some great shots of some of the dragonflies in my backyard. We had all colors, red, gold, black, and white just to name a few of them. This one is sitting on my butterfly bush. If you look real close you can see the eyes. I enjoyed them as much as I enjoyed all of my butterflies.


Frozen Wildflower (Toronto, Ontario)

Frozen Wildflower (Toronto, Ontario)A true show of Nature's strength. After the terrible ice storm in January, this small plant stands tall despite being totally encompassed in ice.


Drain strainer sittling next to drain in clean sink.

Brillo Type Pad for Cleaning Stainless SinksAfter several years of using harsh agents to clean my sinks and destroying my hands in the process I have started using Brillo type (store brand, of course) soap pads to clean my stainless steel sinks. They look lovely and shiny and my hands are getting better all the time.


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Hydrogen Peroxide for Biting InsectsI read all the forums I could trying to find the solution to get rid of these insects. Some helped but did not get rid of them. All the sprays and insect killers did nothing but cost a lot of money trying.


Glam Shoes

Glam ShoesThese fabulous shoes can be yours. It's easy to spruce up an old pair of pumps and make them glamorous once again. All you need is some glitter and good adhesive.


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Solar Shower from Milk JugWhen you are camping where there are no shower facilities, try this. Spray paint gallon milk jugs flat black. Set it in the sun and, wah lah, shower water.


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Powdered Milk for Tomato PlantsPowdered milk can also be a fertilizer for your tomato plants. When you're ready to put your tomato plants in the ground, put a handful of powdered milk in the bottom of each hole first.



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Value of Older Porcelain Doll?I have an older porcelain doll with these numbers on it: RN#64078, OH #12217, ME #2087. What is the name of this doll and what is it's value?


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Name for Childcare Center?I need a name for a for my center. I would like to use Cage Preschool learning center. Or can you help me with with professional kid friendly names?


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Paper Bag Wallpaper Inside a Shower?We are replacing the shower, shower walls, and floor in one of our bathrooms. Looking around it is going to cost more for the shower walls than the oversized tub/shower we want, because of the odd size. I am wondering if the paper bag wallpaper is water tight enough to be used "in the shower" as the walls.


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Social Security Survivor Benefits for Students?We live in Florida. My son is 19, but is in his senior year in high school. Social Security sent a letter stating since he turned 19 in November he is no longer eligible for survivor benefits.


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Cleaner Leaving Streaks on Hardwood Floor?I have been using Bonaparte on my wood floors, but there are many streaks and smudges. What can I do?


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17th Birthday Party Ideas?I need ideas for a party for a 17 year old girl who is out-going and loves music and people.


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Day Care Name?I need a name with Open Arms in it or something with an education component. Any ideas?


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Social Security Benefits for Students After 18?I have had custody of my granddaughter since she was 7. She has received Social Security benefits from her deceased father until she turned 18. Are there no benefits for her now that she is in college and needs the money the most?


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Ice Maker Bin Fills Then Freezes Solid?My Kenmore side by side makes ice fine, but it always freezes solid in the holding bin. I defrost and clean it out once it gets full, but the cycle starts over. This has been going on for at least a year or longer. Also, we can get water from the door dispenser, but not ice.


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Removing Water Stain on Countertop?I have a grey shellacked countertop. It has a white cloudy discoloration on top from water. How can I fix it?


S Curl Left Hair Straight

S Curl Left Hair Straight?I put a S Curl in my son's hair and it came out straight. What other options do I have? He doesn't want it cut. Please help.


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