March 18, 2014

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Dragonfly on a Leaf

Dragonfly and Damselfly Information and PhotosThese beautiful and fascinating insects do not sting and eat lots of mosquitoes. You may see them often in healthy gardens and yards, as well as in the most unexpected places. Dragonflies have larger back wings and hold them perpendicular when resting, while damselfly wings are the same size and can hinge upward.


Home Appliances

Saving Money on Home AppliancesThis is a page about saving money on home appliances. The retail price of new appliances can be more than you can afford. Often times there are slightly damaged or used appliances that will be just what you need.


Decorated Photo Album

Decorating A Photo AlbumThis is a page about decorating a photo album. There are a variety of ways to embellish and personalize a photo album inside and out.


Cleaning Stains off of a Couch

Cleaning Stains on a Couch?This is a page about cleaning stains on a couch. Depending on the fabric that your sofa is covered with, will determine the best way to remove the stains.


Paper Bags

Crafts Using Paper BagsThis is a page about crafts using paper bags. A brown paper bag can be used to make simple, fun holiday puppets and crafts.


Taller Toilet

Purchasing a Taller Toilet?This is a page about purchasing a taller toilet. Your height or physical limitations may cause you to consider purchasing a taller toilet.



Colorado Frugal Travel Information and PhotosThis is a page about Colorado frugal travel information and photos. In the heart of the Rocky mountains, this large state offers a year round variety of recreational opportunities and fabulous scenery.


A perfectly cooked beef roast on a cutting board.

How to Cook a Frozen RoastEven less expensive cuts of meat can come out moist and tender when cooked properly. You can save time by cooking the roast right out of the freezer. This is a page to cooking a frozen roast.



pin on shirt 1

Rainbow Felt PinsThese colorful pins are super easy to make. They would be fun to wear for St. Patrick's day or anytime. :)


Scenery (Sturtevant Falls, CA)

Scenery (Sturtevant Falls, CA)I took this photo of Sturtevant Falls while hiking, and edited it a bit at home.


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Ideas for Mowing Lawn Without a MowerSome people use a weed eater or hand clippers to mow the lawn. Some enterprising cities are going so far as to rent sheep or goats to do the "mowing" rather than hiring an employee.


Balsamic Orange Chicken

Balsamic Orange ChickenI made this for dinner the other night and it was really good. I liked the contrast between the orange juice and balsamic vinegar in the sauce.


Closeup of beautiful pink hyacinth.

HyacinthHyacinth planted in my office.


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Removing Stains from a CouchUse Totally Awesome orange degreaser and rub the stain for 5 minutes with an old toothbrush.


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Save Money on Dryer Sheets and Laundry SoapA full size dryer sheet is not necessary. I cut mine in thirds and it works fine. !00 sheets become 300.


glass jar with baking soda and spoon

Reusing Refrigerator Baking SodaNo need to throw away that box of baking soda from your refrigerator when it is time to replace it. While it is not good for cooking, there are a lot of ways to use it up.



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Finding a Buyer for Standing Trees?I have 12 acres in Timmonsville county with trees on it. Can you help me?


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Carpet Installation?Is it a bad idea to glue carpet in?


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Hard Water Leaves Hair Waxy Feeling?I just moved into my new apt. and it has really bad hard water. My hair feels like it's covered in wax, when I get out and it takes 10x longer to blow dry. I use Tresemee shampoo and conditioner everyday, but should I switch it up to a shampoo that will help me with my hair dilemma? If so what kind?


Black and white dog with clipped ears.

What Breed is My Dog?Our dog is 6 yrs. old and weighs 74 pounds. His cropped ears make some people think he's a Pit Bull mix, but the overwhelming majority think he's a Great Dane mix (possibly mixed with hound). We're leaning towards this mix because of his long legs, slender body, and long lips (not seen in the picture).


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Value of Britannica Atlas 1768?What is the value of a 1768 Britannica Atlas? It is in perfect condition with a white/cream hard cover. It is 246 years old.


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Find Source and Solution for Black Mold?Black mold is growing on the painted walls of the hallway near ceiling. This hall has a furnace and is near a bathroom. It's been about 2 years since the house has been lived in. I noticed a very musty smell when we bought the house to resell. I assumed it was from being closed up and vacant.


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Living Room Paint Color Advice?I have a navy blue leather sofa and chair and also a blue recliner and a tan recliner. The rugs are a medium blue. I just tore down wallpaper--left with white walls. What color would look best against all this blue? I have a dark wood fireplace and dark wood furniture as well.


dog sleeping on bed

What Breed is my Dog?Georgia is a mutt, and weighs about 45 ibs.


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Riding Mower Won't Start?I have a 21hp mower that won't start. I found fuel in the oil; is this a blown head gasket? It is a Briggs and Stratton.


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Bad Smell in House?My 78 year old mother has a problem with a smell in her home making her sick and headaches. No one can smell it but her. She smells it most in the bedroom and the living room. She has been taping the vents closed in those rooms as she smells it the most when the furnace comes on.


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Sofa Sleeper Metal Frame Diagram?Where can I get a readable description of the metal frame diagram for a 1989 Sofa sleeper by Lazy Boy?


Yellow dog lying in the yard.

What Breed is My Dog?I have a rescued dog. She's fairly large, but is lean with medium length fur on her back, neck, and rear. She is light brown with a white belly, one upright and one flopped ear. The vet said that the flopped ear is due to lack nutrients when she was a pup so it didn't stand up.


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Training a Pit Bull Puppy?I have a 10 month old Pit Bull that I need to train badly. How do I make her sleep at night in her kennel? How do I make her stop growling/barking at every noise she hears? How to make her stop jumping on me?


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Eligibility for Social Security Survivor Benefits?My 5 year old daughter's dad recently passed away and he was not a U.S. citizen. She was born in the U.S. and he is on the birth certificate.


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Rotten Dead Smell in My House?I have lived here almost 4 years. Starting yesterday morning there is a strong smell of rotten decay in front of the dish cupboard in my kitchen. It's built into an interior wall, with an open coat closet on the other side of the wall. No smell there or inside of the cupboard, just right in front of it.


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Height of Flower Pot Bird Bath?How tall is the bird bath, and if needed, how do I add more height?


Black and white cat sleepin on couch.

Treating a Cat for Worms?I need to give my cat a dewormer. It says in the directions to put the dewormer on moist cat food. The problem is my cat will not eat moist cat food, he will only eat Meow mix dry cat food. He also will not eat human food, no milk, cheese, meats, nothing. So I'm at my wits end.


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Applying for Home Repair Assistance in Kentucky?My mother is disabled, only has one hand. She's raising my niece who has cerebral palsy. Her house is in desperate need of many repairs. Two ceilings have fallen down in rooms, it has water leaks causing floors to begin rotting, needs new roof, outside guttering, and much more actually.


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Homemade Laundry Soap Separates?I started making natural laundry detergent in my home, but when I put it in the gallons it separated. What is the cause?


Tricolored dog facing camera.

What Mix Breed is My Dog?What breed is my dog? She is 18 months old. I've been told she is Catahoula mix. She is only 30lb and her legs are just a little bit shorter than usual, but not as little as a Corgi. Her coat is thin and her hair length is about an inch and very smooth.


Black puppy with white feet.

What Breed Do You Think the Mix Is?I recently bought a two month old puppy from the SPCA. I was told that she was brought in with a litter of Border Collie mixes. I just can't figure out what the mix is. If anyone could help it would be greatly appreciated.


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Removing a Stain on Pants?I had bought some grey pants for my husband and I washed them. When I took them out of the washer to hang them to dry, I realised that they had a light reddish pinkish spot on them. Is there a solution for this?


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Cleaning Service Business Name Ideas?I am thinking of naming my business, Ruth Almighty Cleaning Service. I want to know is this name great for my new commercial cleaning service?


Four photos of Jack Russell puppy.

Puppy Poops in Crate?I have a Jack Russell mix puppy and she has given me nothing but problems since I got her! Every time I put her in her crate she cries and cries and then goes to the bathroom in her crate. I've tried everything! Can anyone help?


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Valuation of Encyclopedias?I have 14 issues of "The popular Encyclopedia" by Blackie and Son. They have been in our family now for 60 years. They are in good condition. On the inside cover it has the name signed F.G Hobson, dated April 1887. How do I find the value please? Should I sell or keep?


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Making Liquid Laundry Detergent?I want to make liquid laundry soap with Fels Naptha, borax, Arm & Hammer baking soda, etc. I am not sure what the measure of each is and if there is something else that I missed.


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Eligibility for Social Security Survivor Benefits?My child's father passed away. Can my child receive any type of benefits if the father never worked?


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