March 19, 2014

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Reference Books

Setting Up A Basic Reference LibraryThis is a page about setting up a basic reference library. You can research anything on the net, but it can be convenient to have the information you need in books.


Vegetarian Soup

Vegetarian Slow Cooker RecipesThis page contains vegetarian slow cooker recipes. Delicious meat-free main dishes can be slow cooked in the crock pot.


Rabbit That is About to Sneeze

Treating a Sneezing Rabbit?This is a page about treating a sneezing rabbit. Determining the cause of your bunny's sneezes can be a challenge.


Texas Scenery

Texas Scenery PhotosThis page contains Texas scenery photos. The longhorn state has a variety of wide open spaces, and scenic views.


Holiday Hazards for Pets

Holiday Hazards for PetsThis is a page about holiday hazards for pets. Poisonous plants, rich foods, candles and tinsel are just a few of the possible safety concerns for your animals during holiday times of year.


Old Gun

Removing Rust Stains on Guns?This is a page about removing rust stains on guns. Unprotected gun metal can rust when exposed to the elements or inadequate storage. There are a few ways to remove and prevent rust.



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Save Your Easter LiliesMy friend has the most beautiful bright pink lilies in her garden. After her white Easter lilies died off, she saved them for the following spring. She planted them and they grew anew as gorgeous pink lilies.


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Cool Strips for MigrainesI have very frequent migraines (several a week). One thing that lessens the pain is a cool strip on my forehead. I buy cool relief patches meant for back pain.


Recycled Replacement Spatula Handles

Recycled Replacement Spatula HandlesI had 2 spatulas made to use in frying pans that can withstand up to 400 degrees F. Without fail, within a year of use, the plastic handle would break, and I'd have to buy a new spatula.


Keeping Your Pets Safe as the Days Get Hotter - dog drinking from water bottle

Keeping Your Pets Safe as the Days Get HotterAs the weather warms up, pet owners need to be aware of the potential hazards to their pets, both as a result of poisoning and the weather itself.


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Hatching Finch EggsThey should hatch at around 14 days. But only when you start counting the time after the last egg is laid and when mom finch starts sitting on them. The countdown of when they will hatch does not commence at laying but at the beginning of incubation.


finished fruit Easter basket

Easter Basket ImprovedI wanted to create a healthier version of the Easter basket and came up with cutting out fruit with cookie cutter shapes and adding them on a skewer into a basket. This is great for young children, kids who don't need more sugar, and even an older person.


Baking Soda and Citrus Foaming Cleaner - baking soda and lime

Baking Soda and Citrus Foaming CleanerThis is my favorite foaming super cleaner! You can use lemons or limes, especially ones past their prime that you are not going to eat. This time I used a lime and simple baking soda. Squeeze the lime directly on impossible to clean places like the burned scum on a glass cooking stove top.


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Use Plastic Wrap Roll HoldersOn almost all plastic wrap boxes (and aluminum foil, parchment paper, etc), there are tabs on both end that can be pushed in to hold the roll in the box.


Lady lying on the floor.

Lady Airwai deYardborough (Plott Hound)We got her form the Humane Society Rescue, at 9 mo. old.


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Dry-Erase Markers on MirrorsBoth of my children are growing up and getting more involved with their own activities, as they should be. The challenge is keeping track of who needs to be where, when and with what. So, we write notes to each other on the bathroom mirror with dry-erase markers!



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Receiving Social Security Survivor Benefits?I get survivor benefits from my dad passing away in 2001. I'm only 17 and I'm pregnant. Can I still get those benefits while being with child?


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Name for a Montessori Home Daycare?I am starting a Montessori inspired home daycare and need a name with Montessori terms, for example absorbent minds, hands on, exploring, nature, seasonal tree, etc. or any other term affiliated with Montessori.


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Removing the Odor of Spoiled Food from Car?I was helping a friend out a few years back and transported posole to a fund raiser and though we tried to level the trays, the juices spilled onto back seat and also in the space between where the back meets the seat.


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Eligibility for Supplemental and Survivor Benefits?Can my niece receive my mom's Supplemental Social Security disability check? My sister passed away in 2008 leaving my niece to be raised by my mom whom also passed away in May 2013. My sister never worked and neither did my mom.


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Can't Close Lips Completely With New Dentures?I got immediate dentures (top and bottom) Friday after having 19 teeth extracted. It is now Wednesday and I still can't close my lips properly. When should I be able to? I went yesterday for adjustments for sore spots and was told I am healing well and my bite is fine.


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Norwall Wallpaper PP27814?I am looking for Norwall wallpaper PP27814


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Where Else Can I Look for Help in a Small Town?I have no clue where to start, but here goes. I'm 33 years old living in a studio apartment in a very tiny town. I've been here in this area and on my own since October. Prior to moving in here I was in a domestic violence shelter about 45 minutes from here for 3 months.


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Value of Thumbellina Doll?I own a special edition porcelain Thumbellina doll. What is the value?


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Using Vinegar, Salt, and Soap for Weeds?We would like to try the solution of vinegar, Epsom salt, and dish soap, but are concerned if it will kill everything. We do not want "volunteers" oaks, coffeeberry, etc. to be killed.


Planting Tomatoes?Can I plant new tomato plants over last year's crop?


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Social Security Survivor's Benefit Eligibility?My granddaughter lost her biological father last November. She is 9 years old and receives her father's Social Security benefits. Her mother and stepfather are going to have a baby which will take the stepfather's last name. My granddaughter wants the same last name.


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Removing Stains from Baby Knitting Wool?How do you remove stains from baby knitting wool?


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Name for In-home Childcare Business?I am looking for something with Miss T, darling, angel, or precious. My last name, Etienne, would be nice being that I recently married and my husband will be helping out a lot also. I am open for any suggestions.


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Home Remedy for Kidney Stones?I an 37. I have a stone in both kidneys, that is the size of a little bug like 3cm. So now what can I do?


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