March 20, 2014

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Tempurpedic Mattresses ReviewsThis is a page about tempurpedic mattresses reviews. Before buying a product you spend one third of your life on, you want to make sure it is exactly the bed you need. Other people's opinions can sometimes help you make a decision.


Trained Dog Not Running Away

Training a Dog to Not Run AwayThis is a page about training a dog to not run away. Keeping your dog next to you with out a leash can be a challenge, until you and your pup are trained.


Sand Pail Planter

Making Sand Pail PlantersThis is a page about making sand pail planters. Inexpensive sandbox and beach containers can make colorful planters for the yard or patio.


A wedding cake decorated with fondant.

Name Ideas for a Cake Decorating BusinessThis is a page about name ideas for a cake decorating business. When choosing a name for your new business, you want it to be easy to remember and a reflection of your service and personality.


Mixed Breed Cat

Mixed Breed Cat PhotosThis page contains mixed breed cat photos. Most of our feline family members come from many cats in all colors, shapes and sizes with their own unique personalities.


Woman with Migraine Headache

Remedies for Migraine HeadachesThis is a page about remedies for migraine headaches. A migraine headache can be overwhelming ,and even make you sick to your stomach. Reducing the pain can be difficult.



Felt Cloud Pin

Felt Cloud PinThis cute little pin is perfect for the spring and would make a great gift. :)



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Value of Set of Pictorial KnowledgeI have a complete set of the second edition printed in 1933. These books are currently 81 years old. I'm wondering what the value is please?


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Value of Chambers EncyclopediasI have a complete set of Chambers encyclopedias, from 1925, in good condition. How much are they worth?


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Catchy Name for Day CareI'm a mother of 5 who loves children and looks to open a daycare center. I need to find a catchy name. I could really use your help with something eye catching and inviting.


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Birthday Gift for BoyfriendI need suggestions for what to gift my boyfriend this year as he is turning 20. He loves music. That is all that I know about him and I have a collection of his pictures. Can you suggest to me what to do? Please.


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Converting Grams to TeaspoonsHow many teaspoons would be the equivalent of 10 grams of yeast?


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Truck Heater Only Blowing Cold AirI have a 2009 Ford F150; all I got is cold air, no hot air. What could be wrong? Please help.


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Value of Collectible DollsWhat is the value of a Collectible Memories porcelain doll "Lila"? I would also like to know the value of my Collectors Choice limited edition porcelain doll. She has a red dress on and she is sitting next to a dresser with umbrella and necklace hanging from dresser


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Kitchen Wall Paint Color AdviceI have a square, approximately 10x10 kitchen that gets a good amount of light in it. I just painted my kitchen cabinets in a color called A La Mocha (it's sort of the color of hot chocolate with a tiny bit of grey in it).


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House Trained Dog Peeping and Pooping InsideMy 3 1/2 year old female Boxer has started peeing and pooping in the house again. She's been trained for a couple of years now. Should I be concerned?


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Fixing Jelly That is Too TartI made cherry jelly with tart cherries. It is much too tart even with plenty of sugar. Would a little bit of baking soda ruin it or stop the pectin from working? Other ideas?


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Activity Ideas for Teen Church GroupI am always looking for projects, crafts, and activities for teens of our YouthQuake at Lakewood Baptist Church.


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Dog Peeing in HouseOut 10 month old Portugese Water Dog peed in the house. He has been house trained since he was a puppy and he had just come back inside.Is he ill?


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Eligibility for Survivor BenefitsThe man listed on my child's birth certificate is not her biological father and he recently passed. I didn't know that until a home paternity test was done on another man who is her biological father. Is my child entitled to survivors benefits of the man on her birth certificate?


Dog wearing a neck scarf.

What Breed is My Girl?I brought what I belived was an American bulldog and as she was only 13 weeks and 17kg I didn't question it, until I relised she wasn't really growing in height as quick as wide. She is now 2 years and 9 months and only has reached a medium height...


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Receiving Social Security Survivor BenefitsI'm 17 and I'm working at McDonald's. I get $7.25 an hour. I work 32 hours a week. I was wondering if I am getting a Social Security Survivor benefit check, will I still get it if I'm working?


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Repairing Burn Marks in Corian SinkI put a hot pan in my tan Corian sink and now there are two white marks. How do I get them out?


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Which is Better Lifetime Cookware or Kitchen Craft Cookware?Recently I purchased Lifetime Cookware and regret that I didn't purchase my cookware from Kitchen Craft. I have had some major issues with my sales rep.


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Answering an Adopted Child's QuestionsMy adopted granddaughter (now 7 years old) is obsessed with seeing her birth mother. She was adopted at the age of 6 months. It is an open adoption, but the birth mother has never tried to contact her or be involved in any way.


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Preventing Grease Buildup on Kitchen CabinetsI am talking about grease build up on kitchen cabinets. Does anyone know a long term solution to prevent the grease build up in the first place?


White fuzzy puppy.

What Breed is My Dog?What is my dog's breed?


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Gift Ideas for an 18 Year Old BoyMy bestfriend is 18 and he already got me something, but I don't know what to get him. Please help! Thanks.


Two dogs facing each other.

What Breed is the Red One?What breed is the red dog? He's got pointy ears and a white chest.


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Finding Help with Home RepairI am disabled and take home less than 1300$ a month. I have a bathroom floor that is soft and a roof in the bathroom that is leaking. Where can I go for help? I do have a family, so I really need this repair done. Thank you.


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Asking a Guy to Sadie HawkinsThere's a new guy at my school and I'm the first friend he's made. I really want to ask him to Sadie's, but I'm nervous and can't find a creative way to ask him that suits him. He's into music and skating. Can anyone help?


Black and white puppy.

Is My Dog a Pure Bred Pit?Is my puppy a pure bred American Staffordshire Terrier? I just got this puppy and he claimed that it was a pure bred Pit Bull. She's 14 weeks and I was wondering if she's a mix and with what breed.


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Name Ideas for Real Estate and Financial Services BusinessI need one best name for my company which is based on real estate and financial services. If the name starts with "A" it is very good for me.


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