April 10, 2014

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A girl watering a house plant.

Caring for HouseplantsThis is a page about caring for houseplants. With the proper care your houseplants will thrive and give you years of enjoyment.


Worm Composting (Vermicomposting)

Worm Composting (Vermicomposting)This is a page about worm composting (vermicomposting). Using your kitchen scraps you can create your own rich garden compost with the help of some wiggly worms and a bit of time.


Easter Ornaments

Easter Ornament IdeasThis is a page about Easter ornament ideas. Christmas is not the only holiday for which you can make delightful ornaments to decorate your home or office.


Teething Kitten

Teething Kitten AdviceThis is a page about teething kitten advice. Just like human babies, young animals such as kittens go through a teething period. While teething your kitten is likely to begin chewing on everything and feeling some level of discomfort.



Using AllspiceThis is a page about using allspice. A dried berry spice that is used in many different cuisines, and has a variety of medical uses. Allspice is mainly produced in Jamaica.


Open Magazines

Saving Ideas from MagazinesThis is a page about saving ideas from magazines. There are a number of ways to save ideas that we find in magazines, either ones we receive at home or ones we leaf through at a doctor's office.


Kidney Bean Salad

Kidney Bean Salad RecipesKidney beans are often an ingredient in three bean salad recipes, but they can be used alone to create delicious bean salads. This page contains kidney bean salad recipes.


A collection of antique furniture.

Identifying Antique FurnitureThis is a page about identifying antique furniture. Whether you have inherited a piece of antique furniture or enjoy antique shopping, it can sometimes be difficult to identify a particular piece, including even its original intended usage.


Sewing Needle

Making a Homemade Sewing Needle...This is a page about making a homemade sewing needle sharpener. If you don't have a needle sharpener, maybe one of those little red ones attached to a pincushion, you can make one.


Dog Barking

Neighbor's Dogs Bark All the Time?This is a page about neighbor's dogs bark all the time. Barking dogs are a common disturbance in neighborhoods, as well as a cause for disputes.


Crafting Tools

Crafting Tips and TricksThis is a page about crafting tips and tricks. The numerous craft types each have their own collection of useful tips that either make your project easier or enhance the final outcome.


Rat Terrier

Rat Terrier Breed Information and PhotosThis page contains Rat Terrier breed information and photos. The Rat Terrier is an intelligent, feisty, loving pet.


White Round Paper Coasters

Making Paper CoastersThis is a page about making paper coasters. With the proper waterproofing layer you can make paper coasters for any occasion.


Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth

Where Can I Buy Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth?Diatomaceous earth is a non-toxic natural insect killer that is completely safe for humans and animals. This is a page to buying food grade diatomaceous earth.


Man Working at Home

Rural Work at Home Ideas?This is a page about rural work at home ideas. Working from home may be just the employment option to fit your current needs. However, if you live in a rural area there may be challenges in addition to getting the support of your employer or finding a legitimate work from home company.


Paper Plates

Reinforcing Paper PlatesThis is a page about reinforcing paper plates. Paper plates are notorious for bending, folding, and dumping your food all over.



Gifts for the CrocheterThis is a page about gifts for the crocheter. Finding the perfect gift for a friend or family member that crochets is fun to do and even more fun to give.


Striped Sock

Using A Sock as a Volumizing Hair BunThis is a page about using a sock as a volumizing hair bun. An old sock is the perfect start of a great thick hair bun. Another use for those solitary socks that we seem to always have lying about.


Removing Trees from Your Yard

Removing Trees from Your Yard?This is a page about removing trees from your yard. Occasionally you may desire or need to remove a tree from you yard. There are a few steps involved in successfully completing this task.


A dog sitting on the grass scratching at fleas.

Using Diatomaceous Earth for FleasFood grade diatomaceous earth is an flea killer that is non toxic to humans and animals. This is a page about using diatomaceous earth for fleas.



Parakeet/Budgie PhotosThis is a page about parakeet/budgie photos. Pet birds are often very colorful and fun to photograph.


Campfire Chicken and Dumplings

Chicken and Dumpling Soup RecipesChicken and dumplings soup is a delicious, easy to make, hearty main dish soup. This page contains chicken and dumpling soup recipes.


Cat Looking in Flap

Other Cats Using My Cat Flap?This is a page about other cats using my cat flap. Keeping neighborhood cats out of your house can be a challenge when you have an open door.



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Preventing Hard Boiled Eggs from CrackingTo stop a hard boiled egg from cracking, plunge it in cold water for 7 to 8 minutes.


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Feed Corn for Keeping CoolI keep a large shoe-box-sized plastic container in the freezer filled with feed corn. It's actually wide enough for both of my bare feet to fit side-by-side. On hot days, or if my feet hurt, I pull it out, stick my feet into plastic bags, then dig my toes deep into the feed corn!


Masking Paint with Press and Seal

Masking Paint with Press and SealSome jobs need all kinds of 'taping off'. Try using Press 'n Seal instead of tape. It adheres to itself and is so easy to get where you want covered up. I'm repainting a step stool here, and it was so easy to cover all the legs and step attachments. A lot cheaper than a roll of blue tape, too!


Cedar Shavings as Kitty Litter Alternative

Cedar Shavings as Kitty Litter AlternativeI was going to do an experiment on cedar shavings and sheets of paper and ripped up strips of paper as an alternative for regular kitty litter.


Plastic Storage Tub Worm Bin

Plastic Storage Tub Worm BinMaking your own vermicomposting tub is fun and easy. It reduces waste that would otherwise go to the landfills. It is also very educational for both children and adults alike. You can make a worm compost bin out of a plastic moving tub, so why not start one today!


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Fruit Salad with Honey Mustard DressingA delicious way to serve cut up spring/summer fruit.


Wood Ducks (Sea Pines Wildlife Park, SC)

Wood Ducks (Sea Pines Wildlife Park, SC)While walking along the water in the park, I noticed a male wood duck with young. I got a couple of pictures before it took off, lucky to catch in flight.


Weight Loss to Treat Doggy Gas

Weight Loss to Treat Doggy GasI had a terrible experience with my male Boston Terrier and his stinky constant gas explosions and diarrhea. I changed his food constantly which did not solve the problem. I took him to his vet and he was found to be overweight.


Watering With Ammonia

Use Ammonia to Power Grow Plants like GrandmaMy grandmother had told me that back in the day, they never had Miracle Gro or any other type of fast growing fertilizer. She always had the most amazing flowers.



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Value of a Seymour Mann Doll?How much is a Seymour Mann doll, named Hildy worth?


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Childcare Name?I am in the process of trying to open up a child care center. I am having problems coming up with a name. I am looking for a name with S.t.a.r.s. and having problems with that acronym or even a name that represents that I believe in the "it takes a village to raise a child" philosophy.


Tan and white dog standing next to a small dog.

What Breed Is Our Adopted Dog?When we adopted her about three years ago the adoption agency thought she was a 'Lab-mix'. We have no clue for sure but thought maybe other guesses would help us out. Thanks.


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Painting After Removing Wallpaper?I stripper wallpaper that was put over vinyl wallboard in my mfg home. I want to paint now and one painter suggested to paint over the backing of wallpaper, which is smooth. Or do I strip off the backing and take a chance on pitting or marking the vinyl wall board?


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Dog Won't Eat?My 2 year old German Shepherd female is not eating anything last 3 months. I'm feeding her forcefully the last 3 months. I've given her medicines for deworming, gastric vomit, appetite stimulant, and digestive enzymes, but none of them worked. Please give me a effective remedy.


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Getting Rid of Carpenter Bees?They have infested our house, it's an older home. I am scared to leave my house. They are a bad problem here for me and my kids. My landlord won't do nothing about them. Please help.


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Help with Rebuild After Fire?I need help rebuilding my house, after we lost everything. My fiancee and I have three kids. We have been together for ten years. We have a two, three, and eight year old. We have no money or material. Looking for help. I have no clue where to start or where to find the right help.


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14th Birthday Party Ideas?I'm turning 14 in just under a month and I don't know what type of party I should have. My friend and I may have a joint party, but I'm not sure. I am wanting to invite lots of my friends. Maybe girls and boys. Please help :)


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Making a Water Feature?How do I make a water feature out of a truck tool box, with it as the pool? It is about 4ft long and about 3ft tall.


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Buying Half Caffeine Coffee at Ralph's?Why does Ralph's in California not carry Kroger brand half caffeine coffee?


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Recipe for Franco American Macaroni and Cheese?I am looking for a copycat recipe for Franco American Macaroni and Cheese. Campbells soup bought the recipe. Can you come up the the recipe? Thanks.


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House Training an Adult Dog?I have a one year old rescue dog that I'm having trouble house training. He was kept in a kennel his entire life so he just messed and peed in it, he had no choice but to. So using the kennel method is out.


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Appealing a Denial of Social Security Survivor Benefits?I had my son when I was 17 and his dad passed away 3 months after he was born (he had just turned 20). I went to the SS office in town to get benefits for my son and they said they could do nothing because he didn't work long enough for my son to get benefits.


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