April 15, 2014

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Vegetarian Stew

Vegetarian Stew RecipesA hearty main dish can be made with a variety of vegetables, beans and grains. This page contains vegetarian stew recipes.


Woman Frosting a Cake

Cake Frosting RecipesThis page contains cake frosting recipes. There are many kinds of sweet frostings to make to compliment your cake.


Woman Sleeping

Saving Money on SleepwearThis is a page about saving money on sleepwear. The important thing about what you wear to bed at night is how comfortable it is.


Replanting an Uprooted Tree

Replanting an Uprooted TreeThis is a page about replanting an uprooted tree. When a tree has been uprooted, serious damage can occur to the root system. With proper care, some trees can recover.


Homemade Stew

Homemade Stew RecipesThis page contains homemade stew recipes. A hearty main dish can be made by combining meat and lots of vegetables.



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7 Minute FrostingWhen I was 13 years old, I learned how to bake a cake. This was the first icing I learned how to make. I enjoyed baking cakes so much that I kept our family supplied with cake. I experienced a real growth spurt that summer. It was not up, it was out.


Baked Blueberry Banana Oatmeal

Baked Blueberry Banana OatmealNot only is baked blueberry banana oatmeal hearty and nutrient dense, it tastes really good. I double the recipe and freeze half in single serving portions for quick breakfasts on the run.


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Cheryl's Wheat Thin CrackersMy daughter and her family love Wheat Thins, which are not cheap and, I am sure, not all that healthy. After many many mistakes, I finally came up with a recipe that works!



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Plastic Canvas as Drawer LinerI don't know how all the crumbs get into my kitchen drawers. It seems like I'm always taking everything out of the drawers, dumping the crumbs, and wiping them clean - and replacing the liner!


clear plastic egg container

Plastic Containers for Storing EggsWith 7 chickens, I end up storing a lot of eggs. I bought clear plastic reusable egg containers to store the eggs from my chickens. They are more expensive than the cardboard ones, but you can wash and sterilize them between uses.


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Treating Arthritis in DogsFor a dog's arthritis, treat with weight control, warm, dry, soft bedding, and exercise.


Tools For Unclogging the Bathtub

Tools For Unclogging the BathtubI was so happy to find these handy tools at Lowe's. No more using wire to unclog the bathroom sink, and the cute little bathtub plunger, was so colorful to pass up!


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Storing Paint BrushesAfter cleaning your paintbrush, wrap the bristles tightly in a dry paper towel folded in half. The towel will get damp so you can shape the bristles in their original shape. When it dries, it will hold them clean and straight and ready to use next time.


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Removing Yellow Mold off SneakersAs you can probably tell by my name, I love Son of Mars sneakers. To get the mold off, I suggest getting conditioner or cleanser, water, a rag, and a toothbrush. Also have vinegar and straight bleach.


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Use Lotion to Protect Sore NoseAs you have sinuses, your nose eventually gets raw from all that blowing. But today I have a cure! All you do is apply baby lotion or any other kind and smear it on a thin layer over the rawness.


diatomacious earth in a bag

Uses for Food Grade Diatomacious EarthDiatomacious Earth (D.E.) is fossilized hard shelled algae. It has many uses, it is non toxic, and amazing! It's used in many things and may already be in your home in your toothpaste as a mild abrasive agent.



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Bedroom Paint Color Advice?My bedroom suite is black and gold, so what would be a good color to paint my walls?


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Securing Stitches with Handy Sewing Machine?How do you secure a stitch at the beginning and at the end with a Handy sewing machine?


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Naming My In-Home Childcare?I would like to create a catchy name for my in-home childcare. I'd like to incorporate my name Jamie, but if something better comes to mind I'm open!



Value of a Set of My Book House?I own a 12 volume hardback set of My Book House books edited by Olive Beaupre Miller 1971. What are they valued at and where is best place to find buyer?


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Emancipated Youth Receiving SSI Benefits?I'm 16 and pregnant. I was emancipated, and am receiving my father's benefits in my name. My question would be would my benefits be cut off if I get married, but I'm still attending high school and under 18? Also when my baby is born will my SSI be cut off or raised/cut down?


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Underarm Stains on Evening Dress?I have an evening special occasional dress. The color is a light brown with silver sparkle throughout. It's a JR Nites by Carol Lin. I wore it once for a wedding, and it was a very hot day. The sweat and deodorant made the color change in spots to a reddish color in multiple areas on dress.


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Previously House Trained Dogs Making Messes?My fiance and I have three dogs; a Boxer, and two Yorkies from different parents. Our oldest Yorkie's name is Lexi. The younger is Chloe. We got both of them when they were close to six weeks, Lexi is 1 1/2 years old and Chloe is almost 1.


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Dog Aggressive with Other Dogs?How can I get my 8 year old Pomeranian to stop being so aggressive with other dogs?


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Sweet Sixteen Birthday Ideas?I turn 16 in two weeks and I need ideas for a girl's sweet sixteen?


View of book spines.

Value of The Book of Popular Science?I have a 10 volume hardback set of Popular Science, copyright 1977, Grolier. How can I find out what they are worth?


Receiving Social Security Survivor Benefits?My daughter's father just passed away. He is on my daughter's birth certificate; he signed it. But his family says my daughter ain't his. I always would tell him let's get a DNA, but he would say no. My question is if I apply for the SSI will they have to do a DNA test on my baby?


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