June 17, 2014

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Spa Water Foam

Reducing Spa Water Foam?This is a page about reducing spa water foam. If you have noticed excessive foaming in your spa then it is time to take preventative measures. You may also need to use a product to help reduce the foam.


Dog Stool

Dog's Stool is Green?This is a page about best friend's stool is green. When your pet's feces is unusual you want to know why.


ScoopFree Automatic Litter Box

ScoopFree Automatic Litter Box ReviewsThis is a page about Scoopfree Automatic Litter Box reviews. The Scoopfree automatic litterbox is one alternative to manually scooping the box.


Sewing Machine

Sewing Machine Needle Won't Stay Threaded?This is a page about sewing machine needle won't stay threaded. It is always frustrating to begin a sewing project only to have your machine stop working properly.


Woman Exercising Abdominal Muscles

Exercising Abdominal Muscles?This is a page about exercising stomach muscles. Strengthening your core muscles will help flatten your stomach and maintain better posture.


Woman Working at Her Design Business

Design Business Name Ideas?This is a page about design business name ideas. When starting a new interior or exterior design business, it is helpful to choose a name that is easy to remember.


Climbing Vines

Training Vines to Climb Arbors and PergolasThis is a page about training vines to climb. Choosing the right vine for your surface or supporting structure is the first step towards growing a beautiful climbing vine.


Woman Applying Facial Concealer

Recommendations for Facial Concealers?This is a page about recommendations for facial concealers. Choosing the best concealer for your skin can be difficult.


Baby Blanket

Baby Blanket PatternsThis is a page about baby blanket patterns. Homemade baby blankets make great gifts for expectant parents, as well as, unique additions to your own baby's linens.


Man Using Salt Substitute

Salt Substitute RecipesThis page contains salt substitute recipes. A flavorful blend of herbs and spices can help you reduce the amount of salt in your diet.


Dog Licking Paw

Stopping a Dog from Licking Too MuchThis is a page about stopping a dog from licking too much. There are a few reasons that a dog licks itself, including grooming. However, when they lick incessently it can cause skin damage and needs to be check on.


Training Cat with Treats

Training Your Pet To A RoutineThis is a page about tips for training your dog or cat. Teaching your pet the house rules will let it develop a healthy routine and reward the whole family.


Baby Sock Bouquet

Making a Baby Sock BouquetThis is a page about making a baby sock bouquet. This cute baby shower gift will surely be a hit.


Tibetan Spaniel

Tibetan Spaniel PhotosThis is a page about Tibetan Spaniel photos. These small, alert companion dogs can be found depicted in Eastern artwork dating back to 1100 BC.


Woman Gardening in Summertime

Using Heat Zones When GardeningThis is a page about using heat zones when gardening. It is helpful to use the AHS heat zone map to make sure you are using plants and seeds that will thrive in your climate.



kitty with red beanie on

Lil' Bit (Maine Coon Mix)I was given Lil' Bit from a friend in Las Vegas, Nevada when the Mama kitty was killed by a car in 2010.



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Removing Candle Wax from Painted Wall?I recently got blue wax on a white wall from my candle. I picked the wax with my nail, but it's a day old and the stain is still there. It's not a gloss finished wall. Please help.


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Nasal Drops or Spray for Stuffy Nose?I have been having problems with breathing. My nose seems to be stuffed pretty much from the inside, but when I blow my nose, there is nothing there, no mucus, just something I could not detect. My nose remains blocked at all times and it makes me desperate during the day and also during the night.


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Making a Poultice for Treating Cellulitis Infections?I have a problem with recurring staph infections from cellulitis. Does anyone have a solution using a strong poultice?


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Finding Rental Assistance Programs in New Jersey?Does anyone know where I can get rental assistance in northern New Jersey? I live in Kearny, New Jersey. I have tried many places, but no one seems to want to help.


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Finding the Specifications for a Pump Pneumatic?What are technical specification of a basic trabon Pump Pneumatic?


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Sewing Machine Needle Won't Stay Threaded?I have an old Lemair Helvetia and the thread won't stay in the needle:/ I've tried making a longer thread, holding it for the first couple seconds that it sews and tension change, but the thread just won't stay. I need to finish off a dress by Saturday, panicking here!


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Food for a Cat With Struvite Crystals in Kidney?My cat has recently been diagnosed with struvite crystals in her kidney causing her to have blood in her urine and serious, UTIs. Is there a cheaper wet food on the market besides " Royal Canin S/O Urinary" specifically designed for treatment of this problem?


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Labradoodle Puppy Jumping and Biting?My 11 month old Labradoodle has been jumping up recently and biting my lower and upper arms and clothes. This is extremely painful and frustrating. He has been doing this for two months.


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Buying Ezy Sauce in the US?Is there anywhere in the USA that I can buy Ezy sauce? I am an Aussie living here now and miss making my sauce. I have had to use a different recipe and it's not the same!


rollie pollie on white granular surface

Best Way to Take Care of a Rollie Pollie?I have three rollie pollies in a 6 and 1/4 inch bug cage. I have no idea how to take care of them, we dug dirt and grass, then some leaves, otherwise, I'm totally clueless!


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16th Birthday Party Ideas?My 16th birthday is in a few weeks (July 2) and I still haven't planned anything. I would like to have many friends over (boys and girls), but I also want to do something that is inexpensive. Please help!


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