July 22, 2014

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cinnamon, hazelnuts, and chocolate

Cinnamon Hazelnut Toffee RecipesThis page contains cinnamon hazelnut toffee recipes. Homemade toffee is a real treat and also makes a yummy gift.


Food Storage Containers

Using Food Storage ContainersThis is a page about using food storage containers. There are several things you might want to consider when deciding to use different types of food storage containers.


Tic Tac Container

Uses for Tic Tac ContainersThis is a page about uses for tic tac containers. These sturdy plastic boxes can be handy for storing a variety of small things.


Woman Using Shared Online Recipe

Sharing RecipesThis is a page about sharing recipes. We have all shared recipes, either as the requestor or the provider of that great new dish or dessert.


woman crocheting with purple yarn

Patterns for Making a Crochet SweaterThis is a page about patterns for making a crochet sweater using rectangles. Making a sweater using only rectangles is an easy project, especially for a beginner.


flip flop air freshener

Making Car Air FreshenersThis is a page about materials for making car air fresheners. If you are looking for an alternative to the ubiquitous pine tree air freshener of old, try making your own.


birthday countdown tile

DYI Birthday Countdown Dry Erase TileYou can make a dry erase count down tile to mark any upcoming event, such as a birthday. This is a page about making dry erase count down tile.


Lemon Balm

Growing Lemon BalmThis is a page about growing lemon balm. A delightful, fragrant culinary and medicinal herb that is an easy perennial to grow in the garden.


pink bedroom

Themed Bedroom Ideas for Girls?This is a page about themed bedroom ideas for girls. Selecting a theme is a great way to begin, when decorating a girl's room.


young woman trying to button too tight jeans

Stretching Shrunken Cotton ClothingThis is a page about stretching shrunken cotton clothing. Washing clothing in too hot water or drying on the wrong dryer setting can shrink your clothes.


Chocolate Candy

Chocolate Candy RecipesThere are so many delicious chocolate candy recipes that you can make a new one every time you like. This page contains chocolate candy recipes.


Heart Potato Stamp

Making Fruit and Vegetable Stamps and...This is a page about making fruit and vegetable prints. Printing on paper or fabric with handmade fruit or vegetable stamps is a fun project for all.


ribbon and balloon hair clip

Making a Birthday Hair ClipThis is a page about making a birthday hair clip. Making a special hair clip for your or your child's birthday is a fun way to complete the birthday outfit.


Frozen Onion

Using Frozen OnionsThis is a page about using frozen onions. Getting your fresh, garden or market onions chopped and frozen can save you waste, time and teary eyes.


girl with paint on hands from making handprint shirt

Cleaning Fabric Paint Off Kids' Hands?This is a page about cleaning fabric paint off kids' hands. Kids can really get into their fabric painting projects.


red wine with food

Wine Serving Tips?Choosing the right wine to serve, knowing which ones are best served cold, are some of the questions a host may have about serving wine.


Electric Blanket

Finding a Good Electric BlanketThis is a page about finding a good electric blanket. When buying an electric blanket it is a good idea to do some research so that you choose the best product, within your budget, for your needs.


Hamburger Slider

Hamburger Slider RecipesThese thin patties were once the predominate form of hamburger and make great sandwiches. This page contains hamburger slider recipes.


stainless steel thermos

Replacement Parts for a Gott Thermos?This is a page about replacement parts for Gott thermos. It is sometimes difficult to find replacement parts for products that we have purchased.


Man Sharpening a Scythe

Using a Scythe?This is a page about using a scythe. Long before mowers or string trimmers, farmers cut their grasses and grains with this curved blade tool.


older doll

Removing Fabric Dye from a Doll?This is a page about removing fabric dye from a doll. Unfortunately, on occasion fabric dye can transfer to your child's doll or a collectible one.


Propagating Perennials

Propagating PerennialsThis is a page about propagating perennials. There are several ways to make new plants when growing perennials.


pot of chili con carne

Chili Spaghetti RecipesChili served over spaghetti is a regional favorite. There are also other recipes that combine chili and spaghetti with tasty results. This page contains chili spaghetti recipes.


Homemade Pepperoni

Homemade Pepperoni Recipe?This page contains homemade pepperoni recipe. With some planning you can make pepperoni at home as good as that purchased at the store.


Cooking Jokes

Cooking JokesThis is a page about cooking jokes. Almost any activity can be the subject of a funny joke.


Get Organized

Step by Step Guide To Get Organized?This is a page about step by step guide to get organized. Many people struggle with getting organized. Developing a routine or step by step process can help.


Peeps Headband

Making a Peeps HeadbandPeeps are a traditional Easter treat. Making your child a Peeps inspired headband is a fun project. This is a page about making a Peeps headband.


Bruschetta Chicken

Bruschetta Chicken RecipesAn appetizer that consists of grilled bread with garlic, olive oil, and seasonings topped with tomatoes. This page contains bruschetta chicken recipes.


yellow skinned spaghetti squash

Growing Spaghetti Squash?This is a page about growing spaghetti squash. This delicious squash can be substituted for pasta and served with many sauces. Add it to your garden for a special dining treat.



Ginger Lime Vinaigrette

Ginger Lime VinaigretteI got this great recipe from one of the vendors at my local farmer's market as part of a kale salad recipe. I've made it to go with several different green salads and it's always a winner - so tangy and fresh!


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Easy Seven Veggie SaladGreat for potlucks!


Caramels Supreme Finished and wrapped caramels.

Caramels SupremeThe recipe for these tasty dipping caramels came from a Farm Journal Homemade Candy cookbook I'd inherited from my mother. My 12 year-old son picked this recipe for me to "help" him make.


Gluten Free Corn Bread

Gluten Free Corn BreadWe love this corn bread. It is moist and great heated up in the toaster oven. Because I'm the only one that has to eat gluten free, I freeze what is left after one meal. Later, I take out what I need, put it in the toaster oven frozen for about 10 minutes.



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Salted or Unsalted ButterWhat is the difference between salted or unsalted butter? Salted butter is for putting on a warm bagel, muffin, potatoes etc. Unsalted butter is used for baking. If you use salted butter for baking, use no salt!


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Hope ChestI started a hope chest for each of my sons when they were twelve. Now if they don't marry immediately upon leaving home,they will have a lot of things they will need for their home.


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Glue Bait Down to Catch ChipmunksThey will steal the food in the traps. I had success by using a hot glue gun to glue sunflower seeds to the cage or mousetrap. We have caught over 50 chipmunks in the past 2 months. It works great in the live cages.


runner rooting in cup sitting on top of soil in black plastic pot

Rooting Strawberry Runners In Pudding...Several people have posted a tip on ThriftyFun suggesting the use of pudding cups for starting seeds and cuttings. My opinion was that they were too small to allow adequate root formation prior to transplanting.


An orange and yellow canna lily.

Sunny and Bright Canna LilyWe saw this bright and beautiful flower outside of a restaurant that we visit from time to time. I have never seen an iris this color before.



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Roof Repair of Low Income Families?I live in Ohio and I just found out I need a new roof on my house. I am totally disabled and live on Social Security only. I have no other assets. Where I find help?


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Cleaning Paint Off Leather Desktop?I just bought a desk that had very old hardware on it. It also had two layers of very bad paint so I was stripping it down. And part way through I realized that the top has a leather inlay. I scratched it up some any clue how I can fix it? I also need to get the rest of the paint off; any clue how?


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Adhering Fabric on Glass Topped Desk?I have a metal framed small desk with glass on the top. How do I adhere fabric to the bottom of my glass top desk? I want to decoupage or glue some outside-type fabric under the glass, so the print shows but is protected by the glass.


red lump on puppy

Red Lump on Puppy?It started 3 wks ago and it was the size of a nickel and white, but solid, and now its the size of a quarter and very red. At first my 7 1/2 month old puppy didn't show any signs of discomfort and it was assumed and suggested that it was a bug bite and would go away within a week.


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Easiest Way to Clean Electric Oven?I am looking for ways to clean an electric oven; a fast cleaning way for a lazy grandmother.


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Tic Tac Containers?Does anyone have any Tic Tac containers they want to sell?


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Maple Syrup in Pickled Squash Recipe?I ran out of sugar so I used maple syrup, I like it very much. I used 1 and half cup of maple syrup, and increased my vinegar to 1 and half cup to make up for the less syrup. What do you think, will it work? I hope so, I can't handle the sugar but the maple I can.


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Shopping for Octagon Soap?Where can I find and buy Octagon soap in Birmingham, Alabama 35218?


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Vacuum Sealed Pickled Squash?I used your recipe for pickled squash. When finished I vacuum seal the lids on, not your typical canning method. Do you think they will be good this winter kept on a storage shelf?


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Park Party Ideas?I am having my 16th birthday party at my local park. I looked at rooms to rent and it was way too expensive. It will be under a gazebo with some tables. I have picked out decorations and put together a candy buffet, but I am afraid that my friends will get bored.


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Pesticides for Weeping Cherry?Something is eating my little weeping cherry. What is a good pesticide?


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Paying Bills on Time?What is the best way to keep up with your bills due dates? All of my bills come on different dates. When I call to inquire about a bill, I like to make note of the conversation and who I spoke to. I was keeping this information on a spreadsheet on my computer.


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Curtain Color Advice?In my living room I have a gold colored couch and love seat. Also, the walls are wooden. That is a lot of brown. I need curtains to wake up the room, all the while making it feel like an inviting living room. Please help! I am at a loss trying to figure it out.


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Replacement Grill Plates for George Foreman?I need to find replacement grill plates for model GRP4PTMR, P/N 22618L and P/N 22618U.


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Windshield Washer Not Spraying?Washer fluid comes out of the hose when it is not connected to the wiper. When it's connected to the wiper, it doesn't come out.


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