September 3, 2014

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Child Checking E-mail

E-Mail Accounts for ChildrenThis is a page about e-mail accounts for children. Choosing a safe email account service for your children is an important parental task.


Gas from Beans

Reducing Gas from BeansThe complex sugars in beans contribute to the unfortunate side effect of dining on many types of beans - gas. This is a page about reducing gas from beans.


Horse's Face

Treating Bumps on Horse's Face?This is a page about treating bumps on horse's face. With the high cost of veterinary care many pet owners initially will try to care for their animals' minor ailments themselves.


laminate samples

Cloudy White Spots on Laminate Countertop?This is a page about cloudy white spots on laminate countertop. Keeping laminate countertops clean is sometimes challenging. Cloudy spots can be especially difficult to get rid of.


Baby Shower

Homemade Baby Shower DecorationsThis is a page about homemade baby shower decorations. Making the decorations is part of the fun of planning and hosting a baby shower.


personalized coffee mugs

Making Personalized MugsThis is a page about making personalized mugs. A great gift for the coffee or tea drinker on your list is a personalized mug.


package with a featherbed topper

Using A Featherbed Topper?This is a page about using a featherbed topper. Adding a feather bed topper to your bed can make it much more comfortable. Feather bed toppers not only make the bed softer but help regulate your body temperature in warm and cool conditions.


plunging toilet

Clearing a Toilet Clogged with Cat LitterIf you have ever made the mistake of dumping the cat box into the toilet, you may have had to deal with the resulting clog. This is a page about clearing a toilet clogged with cat litter.


young man using hairspray in front of mirror

Cleaning Hairspray Off Bathroom SurfacesHairspray is great for keeping your hair in place. However, it is very sticky and can be difficult to remove from surfaces it lands on. This is a page about cleaning hairspray off bathroom surfaces.


Father's Day Greeting Card

Name Ideas for a Custom Greeting Card...This is a page about name ideas for a custom card business. Digital cameras and computers have made it easier to start your own greeting card business.


Japanese Chicken

Japanese Chicken RecipesThis page contains Japanese chicken recipes. Japanese cuisine uses chicken in a variety of ways. Share one of these delicious recipes with your family today.


Present for Grown Child

Buying Presents for Grown ChildrenThis is a page about buying presents for grown children. As our children get older it can become more difficult to decide on a gift for birthdays and holidays.


Hot Weather Cooking

Hot Weather Cooking TipsThis is a page about hot weather cooking tips. When the weather gets really hot many of us look for alternatives to cooking in a hot kitchen.


Shrimp Frying in Oil

Using Less Oil for FryingThis is a page about using less oil for frying. Reducing the amount of oil used in cooking can help you enjoy fried foods that are more heathy and still flavorful.


daughter giving mother a gift

Thank You Speech for Mother's 80 Birthday?This is a page about thank you speech for mother's 80th birthday. An 80th birthday is a special occasion and one on which you may wish to make a special thank you speech to honor your mom.


girl eating watermelon with juice dripping on blouse

Removing Fruit and Vegetable Juice Stains...This is a page about removing fruit and vegetable juice stains on clothing. Eating and preparing the colorful fruits and veggies that we love unfortunately can result in clothing stains.


kitchen range and cabinets

Removing White Steam Marks on Wood...This is a page about removing white steam marks on wood cabinets. Heat can sometimes damage the finish on your kitchen cabinets leaving unsightly white marks.


basket of sweet potato squash

Growing Sweet Potato Squash (Delicata...This is a page about growing sweet potato squash (delicata squash). This easy to grow heirloom squash has a flavor much like a sweet potato.


unwrapped gum on top of several foil wrapped pieces

Uses for Chewing GumThis is a page about uses for chewing gum. In addition to keeping your breath fresh to blowing bubbles, versatile chewing gum can be used for a variety of tasks.


garage sale

Preparing for a Garage SaleThis is a page about preparing for a garage sale. A garage sale is a fantastic way to get rid of unused items and make a little extra money. Planning your garage sale well helps ensure it's success.


dog being injected with a microchip

Can Microchips in Dogs Move?This is a page about "can microchips in dogs move?". Putting an identification microchip in your pet dog can be a great help if the dog is lost. If the microchip were to not stay in it's original planted location it may be hard to find with a microchip reader.


man using a hedger to prune an evergreen shrub

Pruning EvergreensThis is a page about pruning evergreens. Evergreens can be used in numerous ways in your yard and garden. Keeping them pruned regularly will keep them healthy and beautiful.


fresh salmon with lemon and herbs

Cooking SalmonSalmon can be a quick and delicious meal option but can be a challenge to cook properly. This is a page about cooking salmon.


Formal Business Event

Clothing Advice for a Formal Business Event?This is a page about clothing advice for a formal business event. Choosing the proper attire for a formal business event can be daunting.


Child Succeeding in School

Helping Your Child Succeed in SchoolThis is a page about helping your child succeed in school. There are many ways a parent can help their children succeed in school.



patchwork child's pillow with vertical one inch stripes of various 1930s reproduction fabric

Child's Patchwork Pillow With HandleI wanted to make my own version of a craft posted here on Thriftyfun back in 2009.


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Use Yogurt in Place of MilkYesterday, I made scrambled eggs with Greek yogurt. They tasted great and I didn't have to run out and get more milk.


Washing A Large Veggie Harvest

Washing A Large Veggie HarvestI recently got about 15 pounds of fresh green beans from a friend. I didn't have a colander big enough and wanted to get them processed. So I found a new garbage bag, filled it with the beans, and water.


Terra cotta flowerpot man sitting on garden bench

Flowerpot Gardener Taking a RestThis scenario takes place outside my patio door. When the screen door is in use, we can hear the soothing water falling from the watering can.


playing with shadows 1

Baby Shadow PlayOn a recent sunny day I caught my son enjoying a simple game; trying to catch the shadow that his hand was making on the ground. :) It was adorable and a fun way to interact with him.



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Freezing Lemons and Limes?How long will they last frozen? 6 months? or longer?


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October 14th Birthday Ideas?My 14th birthday is on October 30, but I don't really want to have a Halloween theme. I was thinking maybe a dress up party, but it might get too gross and sweaty with the costumes. Any other ideas?


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Melted Plastic on Car Seat?I bought an air freshener from Bath and Body Works that is a clip for your visor and it melted right over my carseat. How can I remove it?


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Homecoming Decorating Idea?I need an idea to decorate outside by the gym door entrance. The theme is "Glow Fight Win". I have a laser show for inside, but need outdoor decorations. This is for the homecoming dance. Thanks.


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Caring for a Gardenia Plant Indoors?I have a 5 ft gardenia tree I would like to bring indoors, we live in the northeast and it would never survive 0 temps. Any information on keeping this beautiful tree alive would be greatly appreciated


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Freezing Feta Cheese?Can I freeze feta cheese?


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Getting Rid of Mothball Odor in the House?We have a serious problem with a mothball smell which has been an issue for selling our home. We painted the whole inside of the house along with an entire carpet shampoo. I mop the floor with Pine Sol everyday, but no luck.


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Slogan for Daycare Business?I'm starting a daycare in the name 'Little Cubs Early Learning and Care'. Please help me with a catchy slogan.


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Keeping Snakes Out of the Compost Bin?How do I keep the snakes out of my compost bin? I love composting, but hate snakes!


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Removing Cement Dust on Red Stepping Stones?Our contractor got cement dust on the neighbor's red stepping stones. How do I remove it?


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Home Daycare Names?My step-mother and I are thinking about starting a home daycare. We live near a pond called Box Pond. Our names are Kassidy and Amy. We would like the name to echo the woodsy area or the pond in some way.


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Buying a Taper Candle Stabilizer?Where can I buy a taper candle stabilizer?


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Joint 14th Birthday Party Ideas?My friend and I have decided to have a joint 14th birthday party, but we aren't sure what yet. Any ideas for something fun, but inexpensive, something original, not like a sleepover. Thanks.


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14th Birthday Party Ideas?I'm turning 14 in November. I don't know what to do for my party. I want to think ahead of time because I live in Serbia and nobody here has sleepovers and everything but the movie theater is far away.


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Bedroom Paint Color Advice?I have curtains, pillows, and a comforter that have a greenish/yellow background, covered with light and medium dark mauve flowers. I can't figure out what color to paint my bedroom walls and crown mouldings!


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