November 30, 2014

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Training Dog to Go OutsidePut a leash on the dog and it goes everywhere you do in the house. Be sure to feed it once daily only and monitor when it drinks. Be sure to get it outside before an hour has passed. Because the dog is constantly with you it may or may not try to use the carpet, but a sharp yank on the leash will give the dog a clear message that it's not supposed to do that. When you take the dog outside allow it to run and play with it. The movement will stimulate it to relieve itself outside.


boy rolling a rope of dough

No-Cook PlaydohThis is a recipe for playdoh that doesn't need to be cooked. It is super easy to throw together. We had a great time making it as well as playing with it.


lying on her side

Babygirl (Chihuahua Mix)I posted on a Facebook page where animals are in need of a home. Owner contacted me through message and I went and got her that same day.


wearing a candy corn colored sweater

Shadow (Australian Shepherd/Husky Mix)Adpoted her from a family that couldn't care for her.


penguin and mouse

Pine Cone Friend DecorationsA fun project for kids or adults around the holidays that cost next to nothing! These can be decoration or you can hang them as an ornament on the tree.



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What Can I Make With These Ingredients?I have flour, sugar, milk, eggs, and cinnamon.


closeup of girl and dog

What Breed is My Dog?This is Trooper, I rescued him from a shelter about a year and a half ago. He will be turning 2 in April. They told me he is a Chihuahua terrier mix, but he's 35 pounds and insanely muscular and toned. A little bigger than a Chi! ;D He is extremely loyal and obedient. He's all white with 2 brown spots on his back, the brown mask, and a brown little butt, and lots of freckles.


tile floor

Bathroom Wall Paint Color Advice?I am doing the same color scheme for my daughter's bathroom as well as my sons'. My daughter has a shower and sons have a bath tub. There are dark grey wall tiles and light grey floor tiles. Any ideas for what color to paint walls?


wearing candy corn sweater

What Breed Is My Dog?We where told that Shadow is a double merle Aussie mix and she is deaf but we supect that she has strong Husky traits. (Her tail curls like crazy.) We know nothing of mother and father.


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Making a Wall Hanging With Prize Ribbons?Is there a pattern or a company that will use these ribbons to make a wallhanging?


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Kitchen Paint Color Advice?I have medium maple cabinets with mixed dark brown quartz countertops. I am thinking of orange paint for small areas of walls in kitchen. Also I have stainless steel appliances.


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Curtain Colour Advice?My living room is painted in a bright orange. What colour curtains can I use, besides brown and white?


black and white small dog

What Breed is My Dog?The shelter said she is a Boston Terrier. But she's hyper as can be! I wonder if she may be a Boston/Chihuahua mix. She's 15 lbs. and over a year old.


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Name Ideas for a Stationery Business?I need a name for my stationery business that I am trying to build. Actually I want to provide whole sale stationery direct to schools and colleges on contract. Any ideas?


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Getting Hair Dye Off of Skin?How do I get hair dye off of my neck and face?


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Singer Sewing Machine Quit Sewing?I've had the machine for about a year and never a problem with it. It is a Singer model 9950. Last weekend I was making a tablet cover using Timtex as the interfacing. I was almost finished when a part I was holding slipped and went under the needle. It was like the machine jammed. It didn't sew another stitch.


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15th Birthday Ideas?What is a good idea for a 15th birthday party?


living room

Living Room Wall Color?My living room has a stone fireplace from floor to ceiling. My sofa is slate gray with accents of green, light gray and beige. What would be a good wall color?


photo of blanket

Making a Blanket Panel on a Knifty Knitter?I'm trying to make a panel for a blanket on the orange knifty knitter long loom; one side detaches so I'm just using one side. One side is straight, but the other side edge is what looks to me as shrinking or decreasing. I'm doing the same thing as the other side, at least I think I am. And the first row keeps curling up.


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Garage Door Opener Not Working Properly?My garage door openers keep needing to be paired to the control. The keypad works fine. I replaced the batteries in both remotes. I can pair them and they work for about a week and then I have to pair them again. What could be causing this?


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Sewing Machine Making Looping Stitches?I have a White sewing machine that is from the 1960s. I am trying to sew a sheer fabric and I am using a #11 needle and Talon size 50 thread. I have replaced the needle, rethreaded the bobbin, rethreaded the machine, and still the thread loops on the underside. I have adjusted the tension on the top. What else can I do?


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Growing Hosta?My new hosts were planted 4 weeks ago and are shooting about 2in high now. Should I take them in for the winter? I'm new to gardening so will be glad of any help.


drug on wood floor

Wall and Curtain Color Advice?We have just installed new light color hardwood. We purchased a dark room size rug that is a combination of taupe, cream, black, and a dark burgundy that is so dark it looks like a deep plum. We are struggling with curtain and wall color. We thought the plum would be extremely hard to match and would make room too dark.


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Substituting Brown Sugar?Can you use brown sugar instead of white?


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Using Fireplace Ashes?How do I use fireplace ashes for algae control in pond? Can it be used for weed control under pine trees?


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Cat Peeing in Bathroom Sink?My cat pees in the bathroom sink whenever I shut my bedroom door at night. He is a hyper cat and doesn't really relax at night, so it's hard for me to sleep with him in the room. Whenever I shut my bedroom door for sleep, I will wake up to find that he has peed in the sink overnight.


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Identifying Odor in House?My house has a distinct smell of asparagusic acid. The odor just started and it seems to have moved from one room to another. Any ideas what it might be?


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Adjusting Computer Screen Size?On one item the screen size is so large I cannot operate on it.


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Value of 1895 Encyclopedia Britannica?How much is a set of 1895 Encyclopedia Britannica worth?


Removing Rotten Smell?Were moving an old freezer that had lost power and caused a turkey to rot. The ice melted and the water became stagnated combined with the rotten meat smelled horrific. The water spilled onto the wooden deck, and we can not get the smell out. What do you recommend?


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Gophers in the Garden?I have a garden and gophers keep destroying it. They're so greedy! I love gardening, and planted a separate garden for them, but they still eat mine and theirs.


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