December 28, 2014

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Pinwheel Cookies

Pinwheel Cookie RecipesThis page contains pinwheel cookie recipes. A rich, and tasty Hanukkah cookie to make for a cookie exchange.


Dog Bone Christmas Stocking

Making a Dog Bone Christmas StockingThis is a page about making a dog bone Christmas stocking. Making a holiday stocking to put dog treats in for your best friend, can be fun and doesn't have to be expensive.


Altering Curtains

Tips for Altering Curtains?This is a page about altering curtains. When adjusting curtains or drapes for a window you plan to hang them on, you can be challenged to get the perfect fit.


Hydroponic Gardening

Hydroponic GardeningThis gardening method conserves water resources, does not disrupt top soil or deplete soil nutrients. It requires fewer pesticides than ordinary gardening. This is a page about hydroponic gardening.


Open Store Sign

Finding an Open Store in an EmergencyThis is a page about finding an open store in an emergency. When the weather gets severe, it can affect businesses. Your usual shopping locations may not be available.



finished scarf on girl

Braided Beauty ScarfThis scarf is unique, unusual and so easy to make. People will rave about your "mad skills". You don't have to tell them how simple it was. I won't.



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Need Help with Plumbing?I'm having trouble with my plumbing and winterizing my home. I'm out of water as of now. I'm a one income household. Trying to live on $8.35 a hour. I'm attempting to pay heat, mortgage, electric, and all other bills.


brown dog with large ears

What Breed Is My Dog?I'm curious about my foster, he's a very sleek looking dog. He's full grown, about 12 pounds. He is very energetic and intelligent. I was told he's part Chi most likely, but he looks very different from my purebred Chi. He is the one on the left in the second photo.


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Value of Crowne Porcelain Doll?I have a Crowne fine porcelain doll. What is this worth to sell to the public?


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Repairing Finish on Onyx Top Table?I have an antique Muller onyx coffee table that has scratches and has a crack in the layer of finish, polyurethane or resin, but not through the stone. How do I repair it?


Maltese and Poodle mix

What Breed is My Dog?He is three months old and weighs only 2 pounds. At the vet they said he was a Maltese and Poodle mix. We are not sure though, just because he is so small.


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Special Needs Kitten Won't Use Litter Box?I have a special needs kitten who we named TommyLynn. She will not use the litter box, even if it's fresh litter. Can someone help me? She will pee and poop on our clothes, paper, and plastic bags. Basically anything sitting in our floor.


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Value of Crimson Collection Doll?I am wondering how much a Crimson Collection fine porcelain doll would sell for. I have one and her name is Justina.



Bathroom Paint Color Advice?I bought a house with a master bathroom with tons of emerald green marble. The wall paper is a grey swirl and its peeling. I am going to strip the wallpaper, but what color paint can I use to minimize all this dark green? The tile is on floors, counter tops, and halfway up some walls.


tabby cat lying next to red Christmas tree decoration

Getting Pet Cat Out of Attic?I have a cat who got into my attic through my chimney which had damage. I had the chimney repaired, then found that my cat had entered the attic.He is very shy and fearful. I take food and water to him by climbing a ladder and leaving it through the opening in the ceiling.


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Help Getting My Septic Tank Fixed?My septic tank is not working properly. Water is coming up out the ground. I've had it dug up and sucked out 6 months ago, and the company told me it would be at least 10,000 dollars to repair it.


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Valve Cover for Air Mattress?We bought an air mattress for both of our kids for Christmas to go with their new tents. Well one of them came without a valve cover. Needless to say the store won't do anything for us and neither will the manufacturer. Is there anywhere to get a valve cover or anyway to make one?


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Dog Lost Hair on Tips of Ears?My dog has fly bites in its ears. How can I encourage new hair growth on the ear tips?


phone icons

Understanding the Recent Call Cell Phone...There are phone icons on the recent call menu, some up, some down, sometimes red, blue, or green. The red upside down I think means the call was never answered. What do the other colors mean?


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Getting Rid of Spider Mites on Porch?I have spider mite sacs all over the ceiling of my front porch. Not even spraying them with a hose works to get rid of them.


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Seedless Substitute for Tomatoes in Recipes?My mom has a condition that doesn't allow her to eat anything that is a nut or has a seed. She loves tomatoes. I want to make dishes that she can eat. Can I use something like a tomato sauce instead safely for her? And may I please have other recommendations from readers?


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Ice Maker Not Getting Water?I replaced the ice maker inlet valve and filter housing. I can hear the ice maker cycling, but it does not receive water. I have checked the water pressure from the wall and it runs well.


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Value of Royal Doulton Rhodes China?I have an 8 piece place setting of Royal Doulton china in the Rhodes pattern. I have the serving pieces, napkin rings, cake plate, and soup bowls, too.


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Water Line to Ice Maker Frozen?The water line is frozen up at the top of the freezer.


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Remedy for Dog With Bald Spots?I adopted a one year old male Yorkie. The other problem he has had since birth is that he is missing hair in spots. He itches quite a bit and the hair he does have is short. It looks like he had been shaved, but he hasn't. Any advice? Can they be born with a thyroid problem?


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Curtain and Rug Color Advice?The house we planning to buy has dark red quarry tiles on all downstairs floors. My settee is a taupe color; what colour curtains/rugs can I have with that? I am not that keen on reds really.


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Value of Webster Dictionary?What is the value of 1858 Webster dictionary?


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