January 8, 2015

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Baby's arm with prickly heat rash in fold of arm.

Treating a Rash in Skin FoldsItchy irritation can develop on skin where excess moisture and little air can circulate. This is a page about treating a rash in skin folds.


Groceries in Car Trunk

Transporting GroceriesThis is a page about transporting groceries. Having your food and household supplies easy to carry, safely home, and sorted to be easily put away, is the goal.



Easy Dessert RecipesSometimes you may need an uncomplicated dessert to prepare for your family or friends. This page contains easy dessert recipes.


smiley face door knob cover

Making Decorative Door Knob CoversThis is a page about making decorative door knob covers. You can use left over fabric, yarn, or felt to make these fun household door decorations.


dog lying on bed with head up and ears erect

Staffordshire Terrier Mix PhotosThis is a page about Staffordshire Terrier mix photos. These mixed breed dogs are strong, and very people oriented. It will thrive when made part of a family.



Recipes Using AlmondsThese protein rich nuts have been praised for many health benefits. When eaten daily almonds can help lower cholesterol, and boost the immune system. They are delicious prepared many different ways. This page contains recipes using almonds.


Cinnamon Muffins

Cinnamon Muffin RecipesThis page contains cinnamon muffin recipes. A baked treat made with this ever popular spice, can be a great addition to breakfast, or served as a snack with you favorite hot beverage.


4th of July Parade

4th of July Float IdeasThis is a page about 4th of July float ideas. When you are planning to decorate a float for a holiday parade, you want it to be inexpensive, creative, and meaningful.



Black Bean and Turkey Soup

Black Bean and Turkey SoupHere is a recipe my kids love. It's a good comfort food and will warm you up on a cold day. This works well in a crock pot but I made it in my cast iron Dutch oven.


Thrift Shops Before Retail

Thrift Shops Before RetailWhy the coat? I recently purchased this coat for 69 cents at a thrift shop. No, I'm not kidding you! For years now, I have ALWAYS looked in the local thrift shops BEFORE simply paying retail at a chain store.


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Mark Calendar with Holiday PurchasesHow many of us have purchased Christmas decorations or a gift for someone's birthday or anniversary only for the time to come and forgetting about the item or where we put it? I use my faithful calendar.



stains on exterior slow cooker pot

Cleaning a Slow Cooker?My slow cooker consists of two pieces. The outside pot is metal and the insert is ceramic. The metal pot has 2 holes in the bottom. The burnt on stain is inside the metal pot and water cannot be put in it. How do I get rid of the stain?


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Removing Iron-on Tape Adhesive from Fabric?I used iron-on tape to put a piece of fabric on another piece of fabric. I put it on wanksrong and had to take it off. The fabric came off, but the glue stayed on. I can't get the glue off.


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Truck Heater Blower Intermittent?My 2007 Ram 1500 has a heater blower motor that stops working when I put the brake on. When I give it gas it starts blowing. It will do this awile and then stop working all together. Anyone have any ideas?


yellow dog

What Breed Is My Dog?We rescued this female. Some people have told me she looks like a Labrador, some a Lab mix. What do y'all think?


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16th Birthday Party Theme Ideas?My birthday is at the end of March. My mum is making me plan for it, but I have just recently moved towns. I don't know many people in my new town, but I would like a mixed party. Please help with a 16th birthday party theme.


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Preserving Homemade Facial Scrub?How can I preserve a homemade facial scrub with a main ingredient of Moringa oliefera, also known as malunggay, in combination with honey and lime? And how long would it take?


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Food Ideas for 13th Birthday Party?What kind of food would my daughter like?


Curtain Colour Advice?I have cream walls in my living room with dark brown furniture, brown carpet, and a beige sofa. What would be the best color for the curtains? I have cream walls in my bedroom with off white furniture and a brown wardrobe. What would be the best color for the curtains?


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Maytag Washer Error Codes?What is code f28 on a Maytag front load Performance series washer?


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Truck Defrost Not Working Properly?I have a 2011 Ford F150. I noticed today that the air blowing from the dash, when on defrost, is blowing hot air only on the passenger side and in the middle, but the driver side is blowing cool air. Is it a blocked hose perhaps?


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Sweet 16 Birthday Ideas?I turn 16 on the 6th of February and there's no school 3 out of the five days that week. So due to some family obligations (parents are divorced and I have to see my dad that day) I have to go to a hotel for my birthday. It's in a town three hours away and I honestly have no clue what to do.


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Roof Repair for Low Income Family?Where can I find financial aid for roof repair in Clarksburg? My mom and dad's roof is in need of serious repair and I don't have the money to do it. Can any one offer assistance?


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Heating Frozen Previously Baked Pies?After you take your frozen already baked pie from the freezer, at what temperature do you warm it and for how long? And if you don't bake it first, at what temp and for how long do you bake a frozen pie?


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Replacement Springs for a Glider?Where do I find springs that go in the bottom of a glider rocker? There are four long springs that are bent on the ends that go in the wood. I only need two. The chair is too good to throw away.


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Lights Added to Existing Circuit Don't Work?I just installed two lights in my bedroom closets. Once I had everything connected, I turned the power back on and I am getting power running to every point, but the lights don't turn on.


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Outings for Profoundly Disabled Blind Adults?Winter outings are especially hard for low functioning adults. Any suggestions?


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13th Birthday Party Ideas?My daughter is turning 13 in March. She wants to finally have a boy-girl party, but we live in a townhouse so we can't have a lot of people over. She really wants to have a laser tag party, but every place I look up, is either 30, 20, or 15 dollars per person with a minimum of 8-10 people.


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Selling Pop Tops?Where can I sell my pop tops in Miami?


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Truck Heater Not Working?I have a '02 S10 and it won't blow any air out any of the vents. Any suggestions?


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Village Wallpaper Pattern#5802236 or #826165?I am trying to purchase a double roll of Village wallpaper pattern #5802236? I bought it at Ethan Allen several years ago. The Ethan Allen sticker has pattern #826165.


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Living Room Wall Color?We just purchased a house in which the living and dining room are painted a really nice beige color. We just purchased a couch that is roughly the same color as the walls. Should we paint the walls a darker color than the couch? Or is it OK to have them roughly the same color?


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Removing Salt from Suede Boots?How do you get salt off suede boots?


dog standing in the shadows

What Breed Is My Dog?What mix is she most likely?


brown puppy with white on muzzle

What Breed Is This Puppy?My family (3 kids - 8, 6, and 4) just adopted this puppy from a rescue that stated her mother was a Border Collie and her father was a Lab. Many, many people have asked if she is a Pit Bull. So far it seems there is some growling and play biting going on, but otherwise she is a very sweet dog.


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Kitchen Tile Color Advice?My units are medium oak. I would like a black worktop. What colour tiles would you suggest?


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Carpet Colour Advice?I have cream anaglipta walls, maroon curtains, and a 3-piece suite. What colour can you suggest to fit in? Nothing too light please.


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Adding Blond Highlights?I have brown hair and I want to have blonde highlights. My only problem is my grey will come through at the roots. What can I do please?


puppy lying down with head up

What Breed Is My Dog?Keri is 6-7 weeks old and weights 13-15 pounds. I was told that she is a German Shepherd, but I think she is mixed. Can anyone help me out? What is she mixed up with?


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Social Security Survivor Benefits?My husband was receiving Social Security disability benefits and has passed away. Will I receive any survivor benefits?


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Cleaning Latex and Silk Flowers?How do I clean silk and latex flowers in awkward, high places without removing them from the wall?


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Imperial Wallpaper Pattern #CM2013?I am looking for Imperial Wallpaper pattern #CM2013. Does anybody know where I can get some?


closeup of cat's eye

Treating Cat's Crusty Eye and Chin?My cat has a crusty eye, chin, and upper jaw. What is it? How do we get rid of it? The cat has been taken to the vet twice, given eye wash, an extended round of Prednisolone 5 MG, and two rounds of Neo Poly Dex Opth Ointment. Yet the black crusty stuff just keeps coming back.


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Nursery School Name Ideas?I need a nursery school name with my name, Lynsey, in it.


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Ideas for Mom's 83rd Birthday Party?I need ideas on designing a program for my mom's 83rd birthday party.


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Ideas for Daughter's 13th Birthday Party?My daughter is a sweet, high functioning autistic child without many friends. I want to make her 13th birthday memorable. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.


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Ford Ranger Heater Not Working Properly?My 2008 Ford Ranger heater will not blow heat on the floor. Do you know what this could be or how it can be fixed?


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Crafts Using Red Christmas Socks?What can I make from a red fur Christmas sock with white fur around the top besides little girl purses?


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Excel Sewing Machine Won't Backstitch?I just got a my Excel 15S and it won't backstitch. It was given to me and was barely used. Everything else works just fine. Is there an easy, inexpensive fix for this?


white puppy

What Breed Is My Puppy?We just got our little puppy yesterday and were told by the owners that she was a Maltese mix, however after researching I can't seem to find any pics online of a Maltese mix that comes close to resembling her.


large dog

What Breed is My Dog?We were told our dog was a Aussie/Lab mix, when we rescued him. We were thinking maybe he is a Pit/Lab mix; but with his long legs, we think he may be mixed with Great Dane.


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