April 7, 2015

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Fruity Pebbles Cereal Treats

Fruity Pebbles Cereal TreatsA fruity twist on the much loved rice cereal treats. And they are so colorful!


Spring Lemon Loaf

Spring Lemon LoafAn easy cake mix recipe that yields sweet, but not too sweet; tart, but not too tart. 1 WWP dessert slices!


Kung Pao Chickpeas

Kung Pao ChickpeasThis delicious vegetarian alternative to Kung Pao Chicken is full of flavor and spicy yumminess!


slice of pie on glass plate

Sweet Potato PieI had never tried sweet potato pie before this recipe. My husband's relatives, who are from the South, rave about it. So, it's a keeper! This has the same spice flavors as pumpkin pie, but it's very different. If you've never tried sweet potato pie, you should try this.


Finn's Favorite Banana Bread

Finn's Favorite Banana BreadThis simple banana bread recipe is a great way to use up older bananas. My toddler loved it as much as I did.


blind baked pie shell

Never Fail Pie CrustA friend shared this recipe with me years ago. The ingredients sounded so strange to me, but I gave it a try. I am so glad I did. It is so flaky and delicious. It is very versatile. I use it for pie crusts, quiches, hand-held chicken pot pies, etc.


Fruity Pebbles Easter Eggs

Fruity Pebbles Easter EggsThese egg shaped Fruity Pebbles treats are perfect for an Easter party or to tuck into an Easter basket.


stew in bowl

Pinto Bean Stew with Cornbread DumplingsThis easy slow cooker recipe is unique and delicious!


Homemade Baked Ziti

Homemade Baked ZitiAnother family favorite and it goes such a long way. I have a very big family and live on a budget. My meals I make, I try to get two meals out of one. I think everyone can appreciate that these days.



various decorated pins

Paper-Covered ClothespinsThere's really nothing wrong with a plain clothespin. But, I thought I would "jazz" mine up, just because I could! This is a very quick, easy project. You can use them as fancy chip clips, as magnets on your fridge, with a magnet glued on the back, or whatever purpose you can imagine!


black and tan Dachshund

Marvin (Dachshund)We adopted him 3 years ago.


Antique China Cups and Saucers

Removing Rust Stains on China?This is a page about removing rust stains on china. Rust can develop on ceramic dishes when they have been stored incorrectly, and can be a challenge to remove.



Wall-E (Mixed Breed)I got my dog, Wall-E, off Craigslist last Friday. I can't wait to spend forever together.


Safety pin bracelet being worn on wrist.

Safety Pin BraceletThis is an easy, quick, useful, and nearly free project for you to make. With a few safety pins and beads, you can create a one of a kind piece of jewelry for yourself or a friend. No special skills required.


Purple Spiral Felt Flower Craft

Spiral Felt FlowerThese adorable little flowers are easy to make and can be used in so many ways!


upside down cat

Sammi (Tuxedo)In January of 2011, my boyfriend's mom received a kitten as a gift from his sister. I had recently been trying to talk my dad into letting me have a cat in the house and he finally gave in, so I asked about getting a kitten from the same place as my boyfriend's mother.


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Magic Eraser for Removing Dye On HandsA Mr. Clean Magic Eraser works great! They are also good if you get tanning lotion or spray on your hands and they turn orange.


black kitty with white on face and paws

Amos (Mixed Breed)About 16 years ago, Amos chose me to adopt him. He was living as the office kitty in my mom's vet office. He had been hit by a car and broken his jaw. The vet decided to save him and he subsequently just roamed around the office because he ruled the place!


Tiny Graham Cracker Houses

Tiny Graham Cracker HousesI was looking for an inexpensive, fun craft to do with the kids at my daughter's birthday party. We came up with the idea to make little graham cracker houses that everyone could decorate with candy and frosting at the party.


Paper Dahlia

Paper DahliaThis beautiful paper dahlia looks much harder to make than it is. Make one or more to decorate your walls. They can be made in numerous sizes too!


Initial Canvas

Initial CanvasMy son made this as a gift for his sister. This is a very easy kids' project and would make a great Mother's day or Father's day gift. With just a few supplies they can make a custom gift that will surely be cherished for years. The possibilities are endless to personalize a similar project.


Carrot Bouquet Centerpiece

Carrot Bouquet CenterpieceThis fun and inexpensive centerpiece is perfect for Easter or a spring time party. Simply purchase a few bundles of carrots for stems, place them in a vase full of water, and enjoy. They make a surprisingly neat decoration and when you are done you can use the carrots for cooking. :)



doll in box

Value of Snow White Doll?Can you tell me the value of my storybook doll - Snow White, item #9043 with stand still in box.


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Reverse Highlights on White Permed Hair?I want to have reverse highlights in a warm brown on my white hair. My hair has recently been permed with a very mild perm that cannot overprocess. Would this be a problem?


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Removing Stains on Porcelain Sink?In a porcelain kitchen sink with stains, do the stains stay off once removed with peroxide? If the kitchen sink is used often, do the ugly stains stay off?


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Cat Losing Fur?2 of my cats just had kittens, 4 weeks apart. This is the 3rd litter for 1 cat, and the 1st litter for the other. My 1st time mama was a smaller thin cat and started losing fur around the joints of her legs.


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Baby Pastels and Prints?I am beginning a church group to supply a local hospital with clothes for parents to choose from who have had a stillborn child. These can be used to dress the child for viewing and even burial. We are a small congregation so we do not have a lot of funding for this.


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Replacement Cord for Sunbeam Heated Comforter?Does anyone know where I can get a replacement controls for my Sunbeam Premium heated comforter, CSU9MFQ-R000-14A44? I have a new comforter without the cord and controller.


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Repairing a Crack in My Plastic Shower Pan?How can I fix the crack for good?


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Maytag Washer Error Code?My Maytag Bravo is displaying an error code, F0 E0. What is this?


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Rhododendron Doesn't Have Many Leaves?My rhododendron "Bambino" has few leaves and they are scraggly. It has lovely blooms, but looks "ill". What can I do to improve its leaf growth?


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Getting Dental Care Without Insurance?I need teeth pulled, a root canal, and my partial fixed.


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Value of a Porcelain Doll?I have a doll that is porcelain, except for the torso and upper thighs, which are stuffed. The only marking on it is written in black ink on the porcelain upper back. It says "Baby's First Doll", under that it says "Katherine 2/50". It is 17" long and is constructed mainly for sitting position.


dog with its ball

What Breed Is My Dog?I was told by the shelter that my dog is a Pit Bull/Akita cross. Her sisters were apparently much larger than her. What do you think she is? She has a black body, white chest and front paws, plus brindle on her legs.


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Ideas for Recycled Crafts for Kids?I'd like to help my children make a recycled object that is both cute and takes little time. I want to use paper or cardboard. My boys are doing this project, so nothing frilly or pink. One son is in the 1st grade.


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Low Cost Vet in Bakersfield?2 of my dogs got hit yesterday in a hit and run. One died, the other has broken legs. Does anyone know of low cost clinic or a vet that takes payments in Bakersfield California?


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Replacing a Celling Fan With a Light?I have removed the fan and there are black, white, and a red wires along with the ground. I've secured the ground, and the neutral white together. The 3 black wires I've left together and I attached the black hot wire from the light to the red, white to white and ground. The light bulb pops on and then goes off.


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Removing Fabric Dye That Transferred in Wash?I have a lovely pale teal/seafoam colored dress with white lace at the top, it was accidentally thrown in with a brand new black article of clothing and some of the dye leeched into the dress. The problem is, after it was washed it was thrown in a drawer and stored all winter, so the stain has been setting for several months.


three dogs on couch

Dog Attacking Other Resident Dogs?I have a 10 year old JRT and an 8 yr. old Cockapoo. I got a Boxer x Mastiff and since the age of 6 months she has been attacking the 2 small dogs. She will pick them up by the back of the head and shake them. This has happened roughly 7 times! She is 16 months old now and just attacked the JRT again.


brindle puppy

What Breed Is My Dog?Someone left this dog at my doorstep yesterday. He is very kid friendly!


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Name Ideas for a Staging and Design Business?I am starting a staging and design business with my friend, Ana. I am trying to come up with a name that is elegant but catchy.


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