April 21, 2015

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cut luffa sponge and bar of soap

Luffa Sponge for Soap StandI cut a slice from my new luffa sponge to use under my soaps to keep them dry and firm in my soap dishes.


An old fashioned black and white photo of a family.

How To Appreciate Cobbler CrustThis was to be a prelude on the importance and appreciation of good, crusty Southern style biscuits, and more tips on how to make them. This 'prelude' became so lengthy, it turned into a 'story' in its own right. Read on.


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Liquid Laundry Soap for Shampooing CarpetsWith pets and children, shampooing your carpet or car interiors is something that is just part of life. I have found that using liquid laundry soap works really great in these shampooing devices.


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Baked "Hardboiled" EggsI'll never boil eggs again! I found a recipe online for baked eggs and it's just too simple to ever bother with watching a pot again.


box of brownie mix

Finding Jiffy Cake Mixes?This is a page about finding Jiffy cake mixes. When a popular product is no longer carried by your local grocer, it can be a challenge to find.


Repairing a Broken Septic Pipe

Repairing a Broken Septic PipeRepairing a broken septic pipe doesn't have to be a big and expensive fix from a septic company. While doing some excavation work in our yard we accidentally snagged one of the pipes in our drain field. Luckily this is the cleaner end of the septic system which meant it was mostly muddy work. :)


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Use Hairspray on Black FabricsUsing pump style hair spray.


A prosciutto sandwich with several different vegetables.

Bountiful Garden Prosciutto SandwichI love devouring huge sandwiches for a meal. Unfortunately, the ones you get at restaurants are typically loaded with fat and have little nutrition. I'm usually very suspicious of "healthy recipes", feeling that the healthier they are, the less taste they have.


Plastic Bag to Keep Your Bicycle Seat Dry

Plastic Bag to Keep Your Bicycle Seat DryHere in Washington you have to endure rain for a significant part of the year. That means that outdoor activities tend to require tricks for keeping things at least a little bit dry. If you have to leave your bicycle parked outside, a grocery bag is a great way to keep the seat dry.


Our Runner Ducks (Week 1)

Our Runner Ducks (Week 1)Runner ducks are flightless ducks that are slender in stature and stand very upright on their feet. They run instead of waddle and enjoy swimming as much as other ducks. It is fairly easy to tell the gender of adult runner ducks, males have a more curled tail and they don't quack.


A can of mandarin oranges that has gone bad

Read Expiration Dates on Canned GoodsI recently opened a can of mandarin oranges. The smell was fine, but the can had turned a deep gray inside. I looked at the expiration date and they had been in my room mate's pantry for 3.5 years.


Golf Tee Bobbin Holder

Golf Tee Bobbin HolderDo you ever have trouble finding the coordinating bobbin for your spool of thread? This super cute holder will help you keep your bobbins with their matching spools.



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Planting Seeds After Using Weed Killer?Can lawn weed killer be used in flower beds that are not planted with seeds? It has lilies and flowering trees. If so how long before sowing seeds?


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Towel and Rug Color Advice for Bathroom?I have renovated my bathroom. The tiles are grey with snowy white. The walls and floor are not shiny. I need to know what colour of towels and rugs will match.


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Washer Will Not Drain or Spin?My LG Model WM2301H front load washer will not drain the water after the wash and will not spin. If works good till time to finish and then it just quits.


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Wrong Hardware and IP Address?My hardware address is showing, MAC, but I have an HP printer.My IP address shows I don't know if that's right? How do I change it back?


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Shaved Dog's Hair Not Growing Back?I have a mini Aussie that I had shaved and some of the hair is not growing back, in spots.


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Repairing the Clutch on an MTD Mower?How do you check the electric clutch on a MTD riding mower? Mine seems to have a lot of free play. Is this normal?


white short hair puppy

What Breed Is My Puppy?My girlfriend and I have recently adopted a puppy from a shelter. They said it is a Lab mix, but weren't sure what it was mixed with.


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Introducing a New Kitten to Resident Cat?I have just got a 8 week old female kitten, and my 6 year old cat, won't come in, or go near the kitten, she seems to be scared of her. My cat, has always had other cats in the home, and I have done gradual introductions, but every time we try a introduction she just turns and runs away.


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Weight of Dachshund Puppy?My 2 week old Doxie puppies look very large to me. Their mum and dad are both mini Dachshunds. What is the average weight of a 2 week old puppy?


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Making a Mosquito Trap?What is the period of efficacy for the liquid? How often does it need replacing?


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Dog Won't Drink Anything?How can I get my 6 yr old Shih Tzu to drink? I have tried chicken broth, mixed broth with her food, tried some milk in the water, and tried coaxing her with peanut butter. She won't touch it. I have had her to the vet 4-5 times this month. I am waiting for her second blood tests to come back.


living room with fireplace

Living Room Wall Paint Color Advice?I have dark chocolate leather furniture and sheer burgundy curtains in the living room. I'd like to paint the living room walls, as they are white. What color(s) would you recommend? I want the room to look bigger and add some live color.


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Value of Porcelain Doll?What is the price for a Shinlee Mae doll, built in 1985?


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Child Care Business Name?I am looking to start a wedding and events child care business. This business will primarily cater to parents who need children watched during a wedding or other event that they are attending where it is recommended that children do not attend.


bags of earrings

Starting a Business Reselling Jewelry?I am living below poverty level on SSI. I need a little more income to make ends meet better. I found a very decent site with OK prices for jewelry. I can't seem to find a flea market near me. I can't get a license and my last resort would be home parties.


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Kitchen Curtain Color Advice?I have white walls and dark green floors in the kitchen. What would be a good color for curtains?


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Painting After Wallpaper Removal?Is it absolutely necessary to prime the wall after wallpaper removal and before painting? Is a paint with primer in it acceptable? The drywall is 10 yrs old and was previously primed and painted.


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Starting a Scratch and Dent Business?I would like to start a scratch and dent business. I live in an area where wages and jobs are low paying. There are no places near here to buy low cost groceries and or appliances. I would like info on starting this type of business.


cactus in hanging pot

Christmas Cactus?I want know if this is a Christmas cactus that I have and what would you fertilize it with?


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Remedy for Bad Underarm Odor?I have tried everything from lime to baking soda to milk of magnesia. I try to remove all the bacteria as much as possible with methylated spirit. I use a men's deodorant now and nothing seems to be working. I am a teenager.


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Getting Hair Back to Natural Color?My natural colour is auburn red. I have been getting bleached blonde highlights for years, but really want my natural colour back. Any advice on how to do this?


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Restoring Shine to Laminate Countertops?How do I shine laminate counter tops?


doll with dark hair and wearing pink dress

Value of a Seymour Mann Doll?What is the value of a Seymour Mann limited edition connoisseur collection doll, Laurie?


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Removing Tree Sap from Feathers?A turkey feather fan was stored in a red cedar (Juniperus virgiana) feather box for several months. When it was taken out there was tree resin, sap, on the tips of the feathers. What is the best way to remove the resin?


black puppy

What Breed Is My Puppy?It looks like a black Lab, but also I found some elements from black Shepherd. What do you think? I think the puppy is about 6 months.


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