June 2, 2015

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Colorful bungee cords on white background

Uses for Bungee CordsThis is a page about uses for bungee cords. Generally used to help secure a load, these elastic cords can be helpful in many creative ways.


craft stick catapult

Making a Craft Stick ShooterThis is a page about making a craft stick shooter. Beat summer boredom with this fun and easy to make toy.


Three bunches of bok choy.

Recipes Using Bok ChoyChinese varieties of cabbage do not form heads. Bok choy has smooth leaves on long, crisp stalks and is delicious in a salad, stir fry or Asian soup.



A bunch of dandelion blossoms in a tub.

Dandelion Blossom BreadDandelions are known for their health properties. This is a quick bread that enables you to use 2 heaping cups of those healthy blossoms! It is sweetened with honey and the taste resembles cornbread. Yummy! :)


pitcher of smoothie

Super Healthy SmoothiesI always look for healthy ways to get important fruits and veggies into my family especially at breakfast. This is a perfect time and way to do so using some unexpected healthy and yummy flavors and ingredients.


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Homemade Chicken SaladI love homemade chicken salad. I finally have tweaked it to the point where it is the best I have eaten.


Five Minute Chocolate Mug Cake

Five Minute Chocolate Mug CakeWhen you need a quick delicious dessert for one or two!


Healthy Chicken Dinner Foil Packets

Healthy Chicken Dinner Foil PacketsThese are super healthy and tasty. They take a bit of prep, but I like to keep the un-cooked packets in the fridge for up to an entire week and simply pop them into the oven as needed.


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Quick Fruit CrumbleTry this quick and easy fruit crumble.



completed project wall hanging

Wall Hanging From Old Screen DoorI have a very large wall space in my kitchen which is hard to decorate, because of the size and the placement of other things in my kitchen, such as doors, light switches, etc. I have displayed scattered baskets for many years, but decided I needed a change.


Keep Sneakers Snug

Keep Sneakers SnugI can't believe that I never knew this until the salesperson at my shoestore told me when buying sneakers! I did always wonder why some sneakers had very long laces.


Car Air Freshener

Car Air FreshenerA cute and simple project that kids can make for dad for Father's Day.


smiling boy

Boy's HaircutWe save so much money every month! About 11 years ago I decided to start cutting my family's hair. I'm so glad I did. I am by no means a professional hairdresser, but you don't have to be. It is quite easy, it just takes a bit of practice.


A bouquet of chives and lovage.

Simple Edible BouquetThis simple kitchen bouquet is pretty and edible. I used chives and lovage for this arrangement but celery would do too.


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Homemade Laundry SoapHomemade laundry soap is a combination of Fels Naptha, borax, washing and baking soda. Take 3 bars grated Fels Naptha soap, 1 box of borax, 1 box washing soda, and 1 box baking soda. Mix it all together and use it as detergent.


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Extending the Life Of Your RazorI'm a big fan of Kickstarter and I'm really jazzed about getting a denim razor strop designed especially for modern, multi-blade razors! The problem is, it won't come for another month or so.


Craft Stick Shooter

Craft Stick ShooterThis is a quick and easy craft that any kid is sure to love!


Pretty Clay Rocks

Pretty Clay RocksThese are the decorations that I did not get completely finished, but they are still pretty!


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Ways to Use an Old T-ShirtI was getting rid of old clothes and I tried several ways to reuse my t-shirts. I cut off the sleeves at the arm hole and now I have a head band. It's really good for keeping hair out of your face when working outside.


cat sitting with front legs up

Wendy (Siamese Mix)These pictures were taken by my cousin who was crazy enough to put him in a leash when I was in Mexico.


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Oops Paint is the BestI buy the "Oops" paint at Lowes to use when I redo various pieces of furniture. I have made great colors from the paint and I have also painted chairs and outdoor furniture.


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Making Lens Wipes Last LongerI've found that paper lens wipes don't have to be used only once. So I keep a small air tight "film can" in the box with the lens wipes. When I tear open a new one and use it to clean my eyeglass lens, I can then just wad it up and stuff it into the little film can.


Bella (Pit Bull)

Bella (Pit Bull)She is a miracle from my daughter. She was left too die in an old abandoned refrigerator. Thank god my daughter heard her faint whimpers, she was not in good shape at all. After a few trips too the vet, and lots and lots of love, our Bella is a happy and healthy puppy today. She is a special member of our family. We love her so much, we thank god for her everyday.


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Sterilising Tablets For Removing Printer InkMilton sterilising tablets dilute with water!


A temperature switch on a hot water heater.

Turn Off Water Heater To Save ElectricityWe turn off the breaker to the hot water heater. In the summer, we rarely turn it on. The water is always warm. We shower in that warm water. The temperature is perfect for showering in the summer.


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Use Broom to Clean Popcorn CeilingI dust my popcorn ceiling by using a broom. Yes, it does cause some particles to fall but not if you dust/broom it lightly.


pump bottles filled with liquid soap

Homemade Liquid Hand SoapMake your own liquid hand soap or foam hand soap from soap scraps that normally go to waste!


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Ineffective Trap for Carpenter BeesForget the other tips about building a bird house-like trap with a soda bottle on the bottom, to entrap and kill carpenter bees. I built one, and mounted it right next to the existing bee hole. They buzzed around it and checked it out, but not a single bee ever entered it.


gray and white kitty

Fuzzy (Domestic Longhair)Fuzzy has the ability to look so innocent after digging up my most recent planting. I think she thought she was helping me!



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15th Birthday Party Ideas?My party is on June 13th and I am going to go rollerskating with some friends of mine and then come back to my house and have dinner as though it is like a diner. The rollerskating is 2-4pm. Please help me with some ideas for what I can do within that hour or so from when we get back, until dinner.


What Breed Is My Dog?

What Breed Is My Dog?We got a puppy from a friend as they could no longer have her. The puppy orignally came from a friend of hers. Apparently the mum is a Pomeranian cross with a Chihuahua. The dad is a pedigree. But we're not sure what breed? We think she looks more like a Jack Russell cross?


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Altagamma Evolution Discontinued Wallpaper?I need a couple of rolls of Altagamma evolution 14955, made by Dixons or Colemans, I think. The label says sirpi, Italian vinyl. It's a self coloured paper with linear wavy lines.


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Commercial Freezer Keeps Tripping the Breaker?My Continental commercial freezer keeps tripping a 20 amp breaker every hour after reset. It is a commercial freezer that draws 9 amps. I had the breaker replaced with a new one, replaced the plug, and it still trips the breaker. It has a brand-new compressor and thermostat. What could the be the problem?


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Lawn Tractor Won't Start?I have an old Dynamark lawn mower that I decided to fix up. It didn't start and only clicked once when I turned the key, so it didn't turn over. I replaced the battery, put in gas and oil and it started right up. After idling for a while, I put it into gear and drove for about 10 feet and it died.


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Sulphur Well Water?I live in an apartment with non filtered well water. The landlord says the water just hit a sulphur patch, but it is safe to drink. It smells like rotten eggs hot or cold. I have small children and I believe it is giving us stomach issues. Is there a way to boil my tap water to make it safe for drinking again?


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Home Repair Assistance for Military Family?My granddaughter and 3 children are trying to move into their home husband was deployed may 8th and had bought a home and it needed renovations and he deployed before. It was finished any org. Out there to help her finished so her and kids can move in


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Circuit Breaker Keeps Tripping?My main circuit breaker keeps tripping after on attaching a new load, like an iron or home theatre. Please know this, there exists a main circuit breaker through which are connected 3 more breakers, each one of those 3 breakers is connected to 2 rooms.


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Name and Caption for Interior Design Business?I want to open our interior design company and we are looking for a name. Can you please give me some ideas? and that must be unique and attractive


fluffy white dog wearing a shirt and hat

What Breed Is My Dog?I recently purchased my puppy from a local breeder, I was looking for a toy Poodle, small and hypoallergic. The lady asked me to meet her at a gas station and told me the puppy I was buying is a Shih-Poo (Shitzu Poodle mix), regardless of what he is I love him. However I am somewhat concerned, as he is only three months and he has started shedding a lot and he seems to be growing fast. When I got him last month, he was 4 lbs and now he is 8 lbs. Can someone tell me what mix breed does he look like and how big will he grow? I love him regardless and want to know so I can take proper care of him and figure out how to deal with my allergies.


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Bathroom Fixture Color Advice?I have a white tile bathroom with green triangle shape strategically placed. The toilet and double sinks are green to match the triangleit has chrome mirrors- chrome ring around sink- chrome faucets and chrome sliding bath door assembly. Would changing chrome trim to gold or nickel make it look more eloquent or is chrome more fashionable.


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Fee for Cleaning a Home Before Selling?What is a fair price for detail cleaning including windows for a 1900 square foot single story home? It is going to be listed for sale soon.


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Finding Help With Roof Repair?I'm a Vietnam vet and need a little help with roof repair. Where can I go?


light brown dog with one floppy ear

What Breed Is My Dog?She is a 5 month old puppy. We adopted her at a shelter and they told us she was a German Shepherd mix, but we're not too sure. She is the smartest puppy I have ever met. She is super playful, but we've been trying to find out what breed she really is for ages.


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Receiving Social Security Survivor Benefits?My mother passed away in June of 2011. I was receiving benefits till I turned 18 in 2012. My mother also left behind my brother who just graduated last month so he will no longer receive them and my two sisters. One is 10 years old and my other sister who is 3 years old. My grandparents are caring for them.


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House Trained Dog Peeing Inside?I have an 8 year old Pom which I have had since she was 8 weeks old. She has had no accidents in the house until recently. I have checked with the vets and we have ruled out the possibility of a medical issue. We have decided it is a behavioral issue.


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