July 1, 2015

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Replacing Battery in Smoke Alarm

Troubleshooting A Beeping Smoke AlarmMy detector beeped loudly once a minute; and another one beeped once a minute, so beeps were heard every 30 seconds from 2 detectors. I vacuumed the units, turned off circuit breaker, disconnected wire unit from detectors, replaced batteries, held test button with battery out and then with battery in.



Lil Bit (Chihuahua)Lil Bit just showed up in our driveway the day after Thanksgiving in 2014. She was obviously abandoned. I continue to check every day for anyone looking for her. I do this because I would like them to know that she is being well cared for and has a wonderful home.


Wristlet Lanyard

Wristlet LanyardI find that a lanyard on my keys makes them easier to find and also helps keep me from dropping them while I am juggling groceries and kids. However I find that they can be too long, so I decided to make a wristlet version!


Paper Tube Marshmallow Launcher

Paper Tube Marshmallow LauncherThis fun launcher allows you to shoot small objects like mini marshmallows. It's a fun easy project to make and use.


trees covered in English ivy

How to Kill Old Growth IvyHere is a tip on the eradication of English ivy. The main vines were 4 to 5 inches through and went to the top of 100 foot trees. I took a portable drill and drilled a couple holes in the vine, about 3/8 of an inch in diameter and about 2 to 3 inches deep, at a downward angle.


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Handle Your Puppy's Foot Pads EarlyAs soon as you bring your puppy home, start playing with their pads. Using your fingers, touch and rub the pads of each paw. Do this daily and your pup will become accustomed to you handling their paws, making the future years of nail-clipping much easier.


Fourth of July Pie - baked pie

Fourth of July PieI used blueberries since they are on sale. We love them anyway, but you can make the entire pie with strawberries or with a little corner of blueberries for the flag design. Either way it's a simple way to add some fun to your festivities!


closeup of short hair white cat

Izzie (Short Hair)We only had one cat and decided it was time for him to get a friend. We adopted Izzie from the local animal shelter as a kitten.


A big pile of milfoil

Unemployment Blues are "Green"My husband and I have been trying to keep ourselves extremely busy for the past four months to avoid unemployment-related depression. As we currently have zero (0, none, nada, zip) income, we are getting very creative with our time and energy.


finished button magnet

Button MagnetThis very big button has the perfect holes for threading through bright crochet thread and yarn for magnets.


backyard garden

Jeanie & Johanna's Vegetable GardenIn our garden we have corn in the back, Italian pole and bush beans growing on a trellis, green, red, orange, yellow, and hot peppers, cabbage, onions, carrots, celery, kale, romaine and iceberg lettuce, four kinds of cucumbers...


Beaded Safety Pin Bracelet

Beaded Safety Pin BraceletThese colorful safety pin bracelets make a great kids' craft, perfect for boring summer days. Adults will love them too.


A fruit fly trap with apple cider vinegar

Vinegar Fruit Fly TrapTo catch fruit flies in the house, I keep apple cider vinegar in a couple of 6 ounce jelly jars placed around the house and accessible all the time. I like the jar idea because the plastic is held in place with a jar band. The container is small and can easily be placed in any area of the house.


Paper Shadow Self Portraits

Paper Shadow Self PortraitsOne of the fun 5th grade graduation traditions at my kids' school is to have each child make a paper shadow self portrait of them doing an activity that they enjoy. Then they line the hallway leading to their classroom with the shadows for graduation night! It is really fun to see how each kid represents themselves.


Missy (ShiChi)

Missy (ShiChi)I got her from my friend's Shih Tzu litter. I was blessed with her 3 weeks ago.


young girl wearing headband

Shell Summer Crochet HeadbandThis is a nice instant gratification project. Made with cotton yarn, it is a nice shell patterned headband for children or adults. And not a single pesky end to weave in...yay! Have fun. :)



Kitchen Cabinet Color Advice 3

Kitchen Cabinet Color Advice?So I posted a while back asking about paint colors for the walls in our kitchen which opened the door for a whole new problem. Cabinet colors?


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Getting Hair Back to Natural Color after Dyeing?I dyed my hair for the first time at home. My hair was originally a dark blonde, brown. I dyed it a few shades lighter, but it came out really orange! For the past month I have been using Head & Shoulders shampoo to strip out some of the colour, but it is still quite orange and I have some visible regrowth.


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Feeding Young Puppies?I have 3 1/2 week old Pit Bulls and have been bottle feeding them since they were one week old. I had just introduced them to soft canned dog food and now they won't drink their milk. Is that OK or should I make them drink it?


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Shopping for Inexpensive Flannel...My girl friend used to make flannel fleece blankets for me all the time, the knot tie type where she would purchase two types of fabric. Now that she is gone, I went to make one on my own and I noticed the price of fabric is really high.


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Cleaning Stains in a Porcelain Tub?I have an old, big, solid tub with blue and green stains where the water pours out. It is not rust and I do not know how or what to use to clean it. Does anyone have any ideas?


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Decoupaging a Napkin on Fabric?If I decoupage a napkin onto a table cloth, how can I seal it so that it can be washed without coming off? Any advice would be appreciated.


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Obtaining Guardianship of Disabled Adult?I would like to see if someone can please give me some feedback. I have a disabled brother who I've been taking care for since 13 years of age. I never got custody of him because I never knew about it when I was younger.


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Tubing for H2O Steam Mop?Where can I buy the internal steam tube for my H2O steam mop? I live in the UK can you help?


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Growing Irises?Any suggestions on best way to grow irises and when, or if, you should cut them?


cover page

Publication Date for Encyclopedias?Where do you find the date for the Encyclopedia? I see two different dates with different publishers.


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Using an Above Ground Swimming Pool?I just bought my son a huge above ground swimming pool for his birthday party. I have run a little short on cash and do not have the money to purchase chemicals. I was wandering if it is safe for a bunch of kids to go swimming in it just for the day of party?


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Home Repair Assistance for Low Income Families?We are a family of 6 and the heat pump in our home stopped working. We have 3 kids that have asthma and it is so hot in our home and running 3 fans is not cutting it. We are a very low income family and really need some assistance.


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Donating Quilting Cottons?I have quilt shop quality cottons that I need to de-stash and donate. They have been pre-washed. I need a group in Indianapolis or Fishers Indiana.


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Dyeing Hair at Home?I want to dye my hair a burgundy color. My hair is already a dark brown/black-ish color. I'm just worried that it won't go back to normal. So my question is, will it?


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Getting Hair Back to Natural Colour?My natural hair color is dirty blonde and I decided to dye it blonde in a little bit lighter shade. The roots started growing and they are way darker and I am really not into dyeing my hair every month. I want my natural color back.


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New Handles for Coach Bag?I would like to have repairs done on a per Coach Bag that my sister had gotten me. It needs new handles and the strip in the front needs to be replaced. I would like to know about how much it would cost. Does anyone know where I can get this information?


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