October 21, 2015

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Discontinued Osborne and Little Wallpaper

Discontinued Osborne and Little Wallpaper?This is a page about discontinued Osborne and Little wallpaper. If you need to repair or finish a wallpapering project, it can be difficult to do if the wall paper you need is discontinued.


Removing Oil Contamination from Soil

Removing Oil Contamination from Soil?This is a page about removing oil contamination from soil. Oil contamination can damage soil for years. Removing the oil will help restore the usefulness of the soil.


Crochet Owl Note Hanger

Making a Crochet Owl Note HangerThis is a page about making a crochet owl note hangers. Hang your notes for others to see with these cute eye catching owl note hanger.


Making a Vinyl Record Dessert Stand

Making a Vinyl Record Dessert StandThis is a page about making a vinyl record dessert stand. When you can no longer play them, old vinyl records can reused to make a fun party conversation piece.


Making a Pom Pom Blanket Loom

Making a Pom Pom Blanket LoomThis is a page about making a pom pom blanket loom. A pom pom blanket is much easier to make if you have a loom for it.


Hot Air Balloons

Hot Air Balloon PhotosThis is a page about hot air balloon photos. Enjoying the sight of the oldest manned flight technology can make for a wonderful photo opportunity.


Making a Peanut Butter Snail

Making a Peanut Butter SnailThis is a page about peanut butter snail. A peanut butter snail is a yummy treat your kids will love to devour.


Yellowed Refrigerator Handles

Cleaning Yellowed Refrigerator Handles?This is a page about cleaning yellowed refrigerator handles. Your refrigerator handle can get yellowed from a combination of age and use.


Chicken Thighs with Roasted Apples

Chicken Thighs with Roasted ApplesA hearty and delicious meal is always welcome. Roasting some apples and adding them in with your chicken will make a flavorful combination. This is a page about chicken thighs with roasted apples and garlic recipes.


Lilac Bubble Bath

Lilac Bubble BathThis is a page about lilac bubble bath recipes. A relaxing bubble bath is a wonderful way to unwind after a busy day. Customize your bubble bath experience by making your own scented bubble bath just how you like it.



finished snail

Peanut Butter SnailA cute way to get children to eat a healthy snack. You could substitute cream cheese or hummus for the peanut butter.


Coffee filter lining a pet dish

Coffee Filters As Pet Dish LinersI just got my cat, Cornelius back from a three month stay with a friend. She took such good care of him that he is half the cat I knew! He was 25 pounds so now he is 12!


Paper Plate Candy Corn Garland

Paper Plate Candy Corn GarlandIf you are looking for a simple and fun decoration to make for Halloween, try this paper plate candy corn garland!


Easy Gift Soaps

Easy Gift SoapsUsing glycerine soap cubes and your favorite oils, colors, or spices you can make lovely personalized gifts created for each of your recipients! A wonderful sinus clearing/headache reducing soap, revitalizing foot soap, hand scrubber, etc!



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Steel Lid Stuck into a Steel Box?I have a steel box lid stuck into another steel box tightly. I tried different ways, but have not been successful. Can someone help me with how to separate these two without any damage to both box and lid?


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Puppy Has Bloody Mucousy Diarrhea?I'm out of town on vacation and decided to make a split second decision on getting a new puppy. She is a 9 week old black Lab mixed with a Cattle dog. Her first stool was normal and hard, but the next 2 have been bloody mucousy diarrhea.


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Electrical Circuit Not Working?The AC outlet was replace in the room; but, the ceiling fan, television, and lights are still not working in the other room. Where is the problem coming from?


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Maker of Store Brand Mayonnaise?Who makes Southern Home mayonnaise?


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Interior Design and Staging Business Name?I am starting an interior design and home staging business. Any suggestions for a name?


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Donating Fabric?My mom is closing a business that uses yard goods fabric). We need a place/charity in the Tampa Bay, Florida area that has a use for such material. Does anyone have such a charity in mind?


black and white puppy

What Breed Is My Dog?I just adopted a cute puppy and was wondering what kind of breed it is. I was told Pit Bull mix, but wasn't sure. Anyone know? This is Aspen at 3 months.


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Getting Rid of Gnats?We has recently noticed gnats in the kitchen, my daughter's room and her closet, the master bathroom, and main bathroom are the same way just not as bad! I have the apple cider mixture sitting in each room, but it seems like they are getting worse instead of better. Are there any other suggestions?


bedroom wallpaper

Discontinued Wallpaper?I am trying to locate two rolls of wallpaper that are a few years old. Do you recognise the paper in the pictures and do you know where I may be able to get it?


mower in garage or shop

Value of Vintage Royal Enfield Reel...I have a Royal Enfield Lawnmower, made in the UK 1932-1956. I don't know it's age. It is not running and has surface rust. My grandfather used to use it in the 1960s, but I think it has been in storage since then. Would anyone have an idea of its value?


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Microfiber Melted on Hot Pot?I just set a hot pan on top of a microfiber cloth, now I have melted microfiber all over the bottom of my good pan. Any ideas of how to get it off? I can't use the pan on the stove or it will ruin the stove too. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Kids' Art and Craft Club Name?I am starting a club for preschool kids and their parents. The basis will be an educational art and crafts theme encouraging kids to be creative and imaginative. Can anyone help me with a name?


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Sweet 16 Ideas?My birthday is in less than 4 months. I am inviting no more than 7 people. I'm a girly girl, but my tom-boy side peaks out every now and then.


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Social Security Survivor Benefits?My son and I receive Social Security. He is 16 now; will he receive my 700 as well?


white Golden Retriever mix

What Breed Is My Dog?So this is Snowball. We got her from a shelter. She is about 7 months old now and we know she is a white Golden, but she has a curled tail that curls all the way around and touches her back. She also has a mane around her neck like a lion. Any ideas what she's mixed with?


Riding Mower Engine Over-revs?While mowing today with my Craftsmen 15.5 lawn tractor the engine all of a sudden wanted to over-rev big time. The only way I could stop it was to shut off the ignition or choke the carbuerator. Now when I start it, it wants to overrev from the get go. I cannot throttle it back Any advice appreciated.


What Breed Is My Dog?

What Breed Is My Dog?I recently rescued a puppy. I was told that he was either a Shepherd/Schnauzer mix or a Husky/Schnauzer mix. I can see the Schnauzer. He's around 7 months old, black eyes, loves to play, smart, and has the hair of a Schnauzer. He also has long back legs, and his paws aren't very big.


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Cat Losing Fur?My cat is five years old and has lost fur on both of his back legs and hip area on both sides. There are no sores or irritated skin. We just switched to Blue Brand food. He gets monthly flea treatments and otherwise seems normal and active. I am assuming this is a skin problem or allergy? The vet said it was anxiety.


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