November 4, 2015

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Making a Tuna Can Trick-Or-Treat Bucket

Making a Tuna Can Trick-Or-Treat BucketThis is a page about making a tuna can trick-or-treat bucket. This cute craft will make your trick-or-treat bucket look like a can go tuna.


banana pudding pie

Pudding Pie Filling Mix RecipeThis page contains pudding pie filling mix recipes. Making the base for your pudding pie filling and then add whatever flavor you would like.


Bug Sprayed on Wood Table

Cleaning a Bug Spray Stain on Wood Table?This is a page about cleaning a bug spray stain on wood table. If you get bug spray on a wood table, it can leave a stain and residue.


flushing a toilet

Homemade Flushable WipesThis is a page about homemade flushable wipes. Save money and control the cleaning ingredients used by making your own flushable wipes.


Making Embroidery Hoop Pumpkins

Making Embroidery Hoop PumpkinsThis is a page about making embroidery hoop pumpkins. Using a variety of fabrics and embroidery hoops you can make these decorative wall hangings for Halloween and Thanksgiving.


Red Riding Hood the Wolf Slayer Costume

Red Riding Hood the Wolf Slayer CostumeThis is a page about red riding hood the wolf slayer costume. Little Red Riding Hood is not just a helpless little girl in this costume, she is a wolf slayer.


Potato Broccoli Cheese Soup

Potato Broccoli Cheese Soup RecipesHealthy and delicious, potato broccoli and cheese make a fantastic soup. This page contains potato broccoli cheese soup.


Cat Food Trick-or-Treat Bag

Making a Cat Food Trick-or-Treat BagThis is a page about making a cat food trick-or-treat bag. If you want to make your trick-or-treat bag to look like a bag of cat food, this craft will do it.


Making Felt Mouse Ears

Making Felt Mouse EarsThis is a page about making felt mouse ears. If you need mouse ears for a costume, making them from felt is a quick and easy way to do it.


Two boys drinking koolaid outside.

Removing Kool-Aid Stains from SkinThis is a page about removing kool-aid stains from skin. Kool-Aid is full of unnatural chemicals that can stain the skin.


Handmade Wifi Signal Booster

Handmade Wifi Signal BoosterThis is a page about boosting your wifi signal. Sometimes your wifi router doesn't have enough signal to be useful through the home. Use this easy to make signal booster to expand the wifi signal area.


A denture tablet submerged in water.

Storing Denture TabletsThis is a page about storing denture tablets. Denture tablet users like to have a convenient storage solution for this product.


Nightmare Before Christmas Yarn Wreath

Making a Nightmare Before Christmas Yarn...This is a page about making a Nightmare Before Christmas yarn wreath. For the fans of this popular movie, you can make a Halloween wreath using decorative elements from the film.


Design Your Own Silk Scarf

Design Your Own Silk ScarfThis is a page about design your own silk scarf. A silk scarf is a nice thing to have. make it person to you by designing your own.


Identifying Little Biting Bugs

Identifying Little Biting BugsThis is a page about identifying little biting bugs. It can be difficult to know how how to deal with a biting bug if you can't identify it.


Making Minion Pumpkins

Making Minion PumpkinsThis is a page about making minion pumpkins. These pill shaped characters are easy to make from a pumpkin.


Growing a Strawberry Bush (Euonymus americana)

Growing a Strawberry Bush (Euonymus...This is a page about growing a strawberry bush (euonymus americana). The strawberry bush has lovely bursting heart shaped flowers, but don't eat the seeds!


Treating a Cat's Swollen Chin

Treating a Cat's Swollen Chin?This is a page about treating a cat's swollen chin. If your cat has a swollen chin, it may be time for trip to the Vet.


Making a Snowman Money Holder

Making a Felt Snowman Money HolderThis is a page about making a snowman money holder. Putting money in a felt snowman is a great way to give money as a Christmas gift.


Making Mini Pumpkin Bats

Making Mini Pumpkin BatsThis is a page about making mini pumpkin bats. These cute pumpkin bats are easy to make and will be a fun addition to your Halloween decorations.


Photo of the exterior of a house.

Finding the Source of Black Soot in a House?This is a page about finding the source of black soot in a house. Soot could come from a furnace or from a fireplace and chimney.


Stainless Steel Dishwasher

Converting Appliances to Stainless Steel?This is a page about converting appliances to stainless steel. If you want stainless steel appliances but can't afford to buy new appliances, you may be able to convert them.


A woman inspecting a snagged shirt.

Repairing Clothing SnagsThis is a page about repairing clothing snags. Certain fabrics seem to invite snags. It is extremely frustrating when this happens.


A pink horse made out of balloons.

Horse Themed Birthday Party IdeasThis is a page about horse themed birthday party ideas. If your little one loves horses, a great theme for their next birthday would be horses.


Bunny Losing Its Fur

Bunny Losing Its Fur?This is a page about bunny losing his fur. If your bunny is losing fur, it could be a sign that it needs veterinary care.



Potato Broccoli Cheese SoupAh, the time is here for cooking those hearty warm soups and stews. One of my favorites is potato soup. You can do so many variations, but this recipe is great served with my homemade Italian croutons.


Oil lamps with clean globes.

Clean Globes on Oil Lamps Before a Power...Now that the days are getting shorter, it's a good time to clean your oil lamps and get the dust off the globes. That's what I have done because, when we lose power, we have no water.


Felt Kitty Ears

Felt Kitty EarsMy daughter wanted to be a kitty along with her baby brother for Halloween this year. So I decided to make felt kitty costumes for them. The ears turned out really cute and were easily customizable.


Giant Pom Pom Monster

Giant Pom Pom MonsterMy little guy is in love with the giant pom poms I have been making. So I decided to make him a pom pom monster to play with.


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Removing Sharpie from Faux LeatherI was able to remove Sharpie permanent marker from faux leather using WD-40. It came off super easy and didn't damage the finish.


Efferdent tablets in a small container for the bathroom counter.

Efferdent Tablets Ready to UseMy hubby uses Efferdent tablets. Instead of him having to tear off one each time he needs it, I cut all the sheets of tablets so there's only one in each section.


Minion Pumpkins

Minion PumpkinsMy friend's sister had these on her porch for Halloween! I am so in love with them! They have so much character and because they aren't carved they will last a lot longer than traditional jack-o-lanterns.


pink piggy bank

Gallon Milk Jug Piggy BankHere is a gallon milk jug recycling project to save money $.


A spray bottle for moistening toilet paper

Alternative to Wet WipesSince the thick cloth Wet Wipes are expensive and not good for a septic system, I always keep a small spray bottle with some water in it within a spare toilet roll next to my toilet. Just spritz the tissue you are going to use and wipe!


dog and cat snuggling

Paige and ZeroBoth of them were rescues. Paige was a few years old when we adopted her. We adopted Zero as a young kitten.


Pumpkin Planters

Pumpkin PlantersMy mom's neighbor made these awesome pumpkin planters at a special event at a nearby nursery. One is a jack-o-lantern filled with ferns, succulents, and grasses to create the hair and face. I love the warty texture on the pumpkin too!


Felt Kitty Tail and Paws

Felt Kitty Tail and PawsTwo of my kids went at kitties for Halloween this year. To go with their ears, I made these easy tails and paws to complete their costumes.


gardening gloves and open can of bag balm

Use Bag Balm with Gardening GlovesI coat my hands with Bag Balm before putting on my leather gardening gloves. This helps keep my hands and nails healthy while, at the same time, keeps my gloves supple.



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Removing Buildup on Dining Table?I purchased a dining table at a garage sale. The table is dark brown. I do not know what was used on this table. I have tried vinegar, and ammonia and nothing seems to take off the wax or whatever was put on the table. When I try to put a finish on the table it is like it beads up.


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Cleaning a 100% Wool Coat at Home?My sister has a 100% wool coat that was her grandmothers. How do I safely clean the coat at home without the extreme expenses of a dry cleaner?


discoloration on grate

White Haze on Cast Iron Stove Grates?I have a Wolf gas stove/oven. I have always cleaned the cast iron grates by spraying with oven cleaner, leaving them to soak for an hour or more, then rinsing off. All the grease and anything stuck on, rinsed right off. However, all a sudden I'm noticing a white haze on them in spots. It's highly noticeable.


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Whirlpool Ice Maker Not Dispensing Ice?I have purchased a refrigerator freezer. The ice maker makes plenty of ice, but it will not come down the dispenser into the glass.


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Source of Black Soot and Musty Smell in House?We suddenly found black soot like powder on the floor, walls, baseboards, and furniture about 3 weeks ago when dusting. We attributed it to the furnace though we have no vents, or the fireplace, which had just been cleaned. About a week later, we noticed a slight musty smell which has since intensified.


snag in polyester fabric

Repairing a Snag in Fabric?I recently bought a shirt that is 100% polyester. I thought there was a piece of fuzz on the shirt, it turned out to be a snag. Well I pulled it and it made a run and hole in the outerlayer. If the material is stretched at all it runs even more. What can I use to fix it?


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Winterizing a Doghouse?My sister and I have kind of neighborly adopted the neighbor's outdoor dog. The owners are fine having us walk him and play with him because they are busy and feel bad that they don't spend time with him. He is a Labrador Retriever. He stays outside all year, how can I make his house warmer?


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Housetrained Dog Doesn't Like the Rain?We got our 3 year old Rat Terrier rescue during the summer when our back door was always open, and he pooped and peed in the yard like a champ. Now that it's rainy and cold, he's pooping in the house and damaging the carpet. Do I need to keep him kenneled any time he's in the house?


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Value of 1946 Universal World Reference Encyclopedia?I have a complete set of these books in perfect condition and by the looks of it they'll make great paper mache material, but not much in book value. Still I feel compelled to ask, are they worth anything? :\


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John Deere Lx279 Keeps Stalling?My 2000 John Deere lx279 starts right up, but after 10-15 mins of mowing it begins to lose power and eventually dies. I can wait 5-10 mins and it fires right back up and dies. It's acting like its starving for fuel. I have completed the maintenance kit, oil, filter, fuel filter, air filter, and new plugs.


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Craftsman Lawn Tractor Won't Start?I have a Craftsman lawn tractor 18.5hp 42" deck. Model#917.275760. The tractor will not turn crank over, the battery is good, 12.5 volts, 95% charged and load tested to 11.075 volts. I have changed all four safety switches, the ignition switch, the starter 4 post solenoid, the starter, and the ignition switch.


closeup of signature

Permanent Marker Ran in the Wash?I got the autographs of some soccer players on one of the team shirts and I washed it and the ink smudged a little. I was wondering if there was a way to take it out without completely ruinin the real signatures?


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