December 28, 2015

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Best Detergent for Washing Baby Clothes

Best Detergent for Washing Baby Clothes?This is a page about choosing the best detergent for washing baby clothes. Choosing the best detergent for washing baby clothes is important.


Checking Your Tire Pressure

Checking Your Tire PressureThis is a page about checking your tire pressure. Accurately checking your tire pressure is important to ensure that your tires are properly inflated.


Shelf Life of Lemon Curd

Shelf Life of Lemon Curd?This is a page about the shelf life of lemon curd. Proper storage will allow you to keep unused lemon curd longer.


Getting Rid of the Smell from a Plugin Air Freshener

Getting Rid of the Smell from a Plugin Air...This is a page about getting rid of the smell of air fresheners. If you are sensitive to air fresheners, you may find it necessary to get rid of the smell from a plugin air freshener.


Name Ideas for Pediatric Dental Clinic

Name Ideas for Pediatric Dental Clinic?This is a page contains name ideas for pediatric dental clinic. Choosing the right name for a pediatric dental clinic can help it seem more inviting and fun to young patients.


Gingerbread Man Template

Making a Gingerbread Man Template?Even if you don't have a gingerbread man cooke cutter, you can still make these fun Christmas cookies. This is a page about making a gingerbread template.


Sealing a Painted Deck

Sealing a Painted Deck?This is a page about sealing a painted deck. Sealing a painted deck will help the paint last longer and extend the life of your deck.


Repurposing Calendar Pictures

Repurposing Calendar PicturesWant some inexpensive picture frames for your decor, but don't want the expense? Save your calendars and select florals, scenes, etc. to accommodate your living decor.


Easy Fudge Recipes

Easy Fudge RecipesMaking fudge for the holidays is a family tradition in many families. This is a page contains easy fudge recipes.


Bobbin Thread Keeps Breaking

Bobbin Thread Keeps Breaking?There are a number of common reasons for the bobbin thread in your sewing machine to break. Resolving these issues will make sewing easier. This is a page about fixing bobbin thread that keeps breaking.


Cleaning a Very Dirty Toilet

Cleaning a Very Dirty ToiletSometimes a toilet needs some extra work to get it clean. This is a page about cleaning a very dirty toilet.


Making Reusable Gift Tags

Making Reusable Gift TagsThis is a page about reusable gift tags. Gift tags don't need to be disposable. With some creativity you can create beautiful tags that can be reused.


Planning a Church Brunch

Planning a Church Brunch?This is a page about planning a church brunch. If you are planning a church here are some ideas to get you started.


What is Best Pan for Baking Brownies?

What is Best Pan for Baking Brownies?Selecting the right pan when baking brownies can make a big difference in achieving the perfect batch. This is a page about choosing the best pan for baking brownies.


Cheese Tart Recipes

Cheese Tart RecipesWhether savory or sweet, cheese tarts are delicious and easy to make. This is a page about cheese tarts.


How Can I Find Discontinued Wallpaper?

How Can I Find Discontinued...If you need extra to replace a damaged section or to cover another area, it can be difficult to find more of the same wallpaper. This is a page about finding discontinued wallpaper.


Removing Highlighter Stains on Clothing

Removing Highlighter Stains on Clothing?After a long night of studying, you may find a few highlighter stains on your clothing. This is a page about highlighter stain on polyester.



Spiked Persimmon Cake

Spiked Persimmon CakeThis is one of my favourite cakes to make around the holidays, or any time it's cold. The flavours are so comforting and the added alcohol gives a kick of warmth.


Marshmallows covered in chocolate and caramel.

Chocolate-Covered CaramallowsI saw this recipe and had to try it! My favorite candies are caramel and marshmallow and these did not disappoint. I was a little nervous about making the caramel in the microwave. I have my old stand-by that involves stirring the mixture constantly for a full hour! But, these turned out delicious, and it was so much easier to make. They were gone so quickly, I am ashamed to admit.



Huichol Style Yarn or Thread Paintings

Huichol Style Yarn or Thread PaintingsI came across this idea while trying to find art projects to teach at my daughter's school. This looked amazing. I don't think I could do this with 100 kids at once, but my kids loved it! It took us about half an hour and it was fun to see what they came up with.


upcycled purse

Gypsy Love Upcycled PurseI have been scouring the internet for upcycled gypsy/boho purses lately. I have found many beautiful ones, but to my shock they are upwards of $300 and more! So yes, I decided there was no reason I couldn't buy a used purse from a thrift shop and upcycle it myself.


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Soothing a Sore ThroatThis remedy was given to me by an Ear, Nose and Throat doctor. To get immediate relief of a sore throat, eat Fritos Corn chips and eat popsicles. You cannot gargle enough to reach all the way down the throat that is sore.


Shaped Sugar Cubes

Shaped Sugar CubesMy kids love having tea parties. We dress up and make it special. Well, I discovered a while back that you can make shaped sugar cubes. How fancy is that? They also make a nice gift.


Melted Perler Beads - bag of melted and cooled beads

Melted Perler BeadsWe have tons of Perler beads. What to do with them all? I saw this idea on a website and my kids absolutely loved it. There's something so fun about watching those tubes become flattened and widened. My kids made a bunch of bracelets and rings. They turned out so colorful and unique.


closeup of candle

Teacup CandleThis is a simple project, but I think the results are so pretty. These make a nice gift or decoration for your house. No special candle-making tools are necessary. You can purchase the candles at a dollar store and pour the wax into an old teacup or mug. I paid $5 total to make these 2 candles.


Chelsea black puppy

Chelsea (Pit Bull Mix)We rescued her from the streets of Boston when she was 6 weeks old. She likes to play with her stuffed hedgehog.


pendant in woman's hand

Message in a Bottle PendantThis is easy, fun, and you can personalize the message for anyone, even yourself!


Marker Cap Finger Puppets

Marker Cap Finger PuppetsMy little girl is constantly leaving the caps off her markers. The markers get all dried up, so need to be thrown away. But I decided to make something with all those stray caps. Finger puppets! My kids love these.


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Shop Vac to Defrost a Box FreezerI use a clean shop vac to remove all the water that melts when I defrost our large box freezer. The shop vac is quick and gets into corners where I can't reach. All I have to do then is dry the freezer and replace the food.



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15th Birthday Activities?My 15th birthday is December 28th. My bestfriend and I wanted to do an all day activity, preferably dressed up either a nice jeans outfit or dresses. This is not my birthday party, just my birthday. I was thinking multiple activities like shopping or a movie and a nice dinner and stuff like that.


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Removing Rotten Juice Smell in Car?I recently bought a box of "juices" (a juice ice block you have to freeze). I forgot to take the ice blocks inside and came back to them in my car a few days later exploded. They left my car smelling like rotten juice.


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Growing Ivy in Water?I need to know what steps to take when changing the water that my ivy roots live in? Can I just dump out the old water and put fresh water in the vase my ivy lives in without killing it.


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White Spots on Foreman Teflon Grill?I haven't used my George Foreman grill in a while, so when I went to use it there were white spots on the Teflon plates. They were washed in the dishwasher the last time I used it. They won't come off.


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Having a Tree Removed for Firewood?I have a large oak tree in my back yard and want to know if there is anyone that would remove it for fire wood.


closeup of bin and ice

Ice Builds Up Under KitchenAid Ice Bin?Does anyone have any idea why the ice keeps building up under the ice bin in my KitchenAid side by side freezer door? I had to replaced the ice maker last year and the ice dispenser at the end of November. It now has a spring hanging out from the new expensive replacement.


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Substitute for Mushrooms in Chicken and Mushroom Pie?I really would like to make chicken and mushroom pie, but mushroom is a fungus so I only have it as a pizza topping. Can anyone give me a substitute for mushroom? By the way can you not give me other websites to go on because they don't ever help me. No offence to those people who gave me websites in the past.


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Removing Tree Sap from Headliner?How do you get tree sap out of the interior of your vehicle roof lining (ceiling) which is fabric?


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Singer Machine Won't Pick Up Bobbin?This is a borrowed machine, a Singer Stylist 418. The bobbin was almost empty, and the thread caught inside the bobbin area. It would not come out, I pulled it hard and it broke off. I rewound a new bobbin, but now it won't pick up the thread.


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Getting Acrylic Paint Off Clothes?So I had this shirt with acrylic paint all over it and I washed and dried it. The problem is that I washed it with other clothes and now some of the other shirts have paint stains on them, it looks like dye stains. The problem is that none of those shirts are mine and I am freaking out!


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Cleaning Service Name Ideas?I'm trying to figure out a name for my cleaning business, with my last name (Zenn) somewhere in it. Also I will have grocery shopping and organizing services.


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