March 22, 2016

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Wooden scoop holding buckwheat flour against a faded wooden surface

Buying Bob's Red Mill Gluten Free ProductsThis is a page about buying Bob's Red Mill gluten free products. Bob's Red Mill products contain whole grains. Additionally, there are a number of gluten free choices available.


Two army worms against a white background.  One is stretched long

Controlling Armyworms (Beet and Fall...This is a page about controlling armyworms (beet and fall armyworms). These moth larva are seen to travel in groups, hence the name. They will eat a variety of crops, with some types preferring certain plants while others are less discriminating.


Raw meat in vacuum seal bag

Refreezing Previously Frozen FoodsThis is a page about refreezing previously frozen foods. There may be food safety concerns when refreezing certain previously frozen foods.


Frozen hamburger in packaging against white background

Refreezing Frozen HamburgerFood safety is an important concern when deciding to refreeze previously frozen meats. This is a page about refreezing frozen hamburger.


Hands wearing yellow rubber gloves hold spray bottle and sponge to remove stain from beige colored carpet

Laundry Detergent Stain on CarpetThis is a page about laundry detergent stain on carpet. The dyes in laundry detergent can stain your carpet.


Hamburger, noodle and red sauce casserole in a cast iron skillet

Homemade Hamburger HelperYou can make your own version of this well known packaged convenience meal. This is a page about homemade Hamburger Helper.


Womans hands holding stray bottle and sponge hovering over brown background with a urine spot on it.

Cleaning Urine on a Suede CouchThis is a page about cleaning urine on a suede couch. Urine can leave a stain as well as an odor on a suede couch.


Woman with laptop and phone sitting across a rust colored armchair.

Washing Microfiber Cushion CoversThis is a page about washing microfiber cushion covers. One way to keep your microfiber cushion covers clean is to wash them.


Close up of woman's hands clasping red knee in pain

Over The Counter Medications that...This is a page about over the counter medications that rebuild cartilage in the knees. There are a variety of over the counter products that advertise that they can rebuild cartilage.


Hand lifting corner of white sheet against white background.

Buying Wide Contact Paper?This is a page about buying wide contact paper. It can be difficult to find wide contact paper for some of your home projects.


Woman hands using a upholstery attachment to wash a purple suede couch

Cleaning Pen Ink on a Suede CouchThis is a page about cleaning pen ink on a suede couch. Care must be taken when cleaning suede.


Crochet hook resting on striped crocheted blanket

Basic Crochet Abbreviations ChartWhen working on a crochet pattern you will need to know a variety of crochet stitch abbreviations to follow the instructions. This is a page about basic crochet abbreviations chart.


Red fabric Club Chair against white background

Reupholstering Club Chairs?This is a page about reupholstering club chairs. Reupholstering a favorite chair may be an alternative to replacing it.


Cooked chicken breast on white background with a couple sliced brussels sprouts to the side

Refreezing Cooked MeatThis is a page about refreezing cooked meat. Deciding on the safety of refreezing cooked meat can be confusing.


Image of a nematode shown under microscope

Controlling Root Knot NematodesThis is a page about controlling root knot nematodes. Root-knot nematodes are microscopic parasitic worms that live in the soil and feed on the roots of many common garden crops. They are found in hot climates or areas with short winters.



Perry at a baby gate

Perry (Maltese)I got him on Christmas when I was 9.


using bottle to wate

Plastic Drink Bottle for Watering SeedsSeeds and seedlings of course need watering carefully so they don't get battered or washed about. If you don't have a small watering can you can use a drink bottle.


labeled tube for cord/lead

Tidy up Your Leads (Cords)Have you got a box full of tangled leads or electronics cords? Some, or most of them will fit inside a toilet paper roll middle so you can keep them neat and tidy. If you want to be extra organised, don't forget to label them. It is surprising how quickly and easily you can forget which is for what.


spice bottle under handle

Balancing a Warped SkilletThis may have only happened to me. But if you ever have this happen, you will probably remember this tip.


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Keep a Medication ListAt the suggestion of my allergist, I keep an updated list of my medications in my handbag. She tells me that if you are taken to the hospital, it is very difficult to reconstruct a list of medicines for the patient.


finished rock wall around flower bed

Repairing Your Flower BedsI live in Tahiti and we have a lot of rain year-round. This can be a problem when it comes to planting flowers or plants in your garden. Therefore, I decided to raise my flower beds so when it rains the water doesn't flood my plants.


Foam Packing to Minimise Soap Scum

Foam Packing to Minimise Soap ScumSoap scum can build up quickly in a large household. This attracts dirt and looks unsightly.


Gluten Free Cobbler from Frozen Peaches

Gluten Free Cobbler from Frozen PeachesLast August, we stopped by the State Farmer's Market and bought a basket of peaches. I needed the basket for picking vegetables in the garden and thought I could freeze the extra peaches. I'm down to one package of frozen peaches and now I wish we had purchased a bushel.


Canna Lily

Canna LilyI love flowers and I love gardening! Canna lilies are one of my old-fashioned favorites because they are low-maintenance and easy to grow.



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Removing a Stain on a Dry Clean Only Blouse?I am trying to get a yellow stain off the white part of a blouse that says "dry clean only". The blouse is lime green and white. The stain is on the white part of the blouse.


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Name for Home Decorating and Interior Design Business?I am attempting a catchy name for my home decorating/interior design product sales.


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Pruning Huckleberry Plants?How do you trim huckleberry plants?


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New Dentures Chafing?My dentures were put in after the extractions, but now I have an underbite and cannot close my mouth and the small piece of skin under my tongue seems like it's being cut. I can't open wide enough to eat anything. I have a 1/4 inch opening total. Help somebody. Can I go ahead and trim these down?


multiple sets of grass-like leaf clusters from central plant base

What Is This Houseplant?I'd like to give this plant some rehab care but don't know what it is. Can you identify this for me?


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Recycled Pet Food Bags?I am looking for empty pet food bags to make recycled totes in the SE part of Wisconsin. I am especially looking for large Pro Plan bags. Any suggestions?


What Is My Dog's Breed?

What Is My Dog's Breed?Can someone please help me determine the breed of my dog? She's been with us a year and I'm convinced there is some Pit in her, but she's very friendly and loves people. I just don't know what else is in her. Maybe Lab? But then what makes her small? If anyone has an idea please let me know.


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Repairing Outlets and Light Switches?I have a living room and partial dining room with three consecutive outlets out of service. One is a set of switches for several lights including one outside light. The outside light burnt out and no longer works. When I push the switch up or down, it causes a need for the breaker to be reset.


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Keeping a Hydrangea Flower Blue?Is it true you can add cold coffee to a hydrangea bush to keep it blue? How much do I use?


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Puppy Not Eating?We have just recently been given a, 6-8 week old puppy, that the vet has given medicines for hookworms and roundworms. That seems to be taking care of getting rid of them, but she is still not wanting to eat. She drinks lots of water and will eat when we force feed her as the vet showed us, but not on her own.


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How Soon Can I Re-dye My Hair?I did a balayage hair dye about two months ago on my very dark brown hair. The bottom half of my hair was bleached and turned out orange looking instead of the chocolate brown I asked for. Last week I dyed my hair chocolate brown myself and the bleached part (which was so yellowy orange by that stage) turned red.


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