April 8, 2016

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1980s era sign with the words "80s Party"

80s Themed Party IdeasThis is a page about 80s themed party ideas. Big hair, shoulder pads, John Cougar, Michael Jackson, Madonna, and more helped to define our memories of the 80s. There are many icons from that decade to help create an awesome 80s party.


Adult and juvenile guppy with aquatic plants against black background

Caring for a Baby FishThis is a page about caring for baby fish. Caring for baby fish is part of the joy of raising fish as pets, but sometimes they come as a surprise and you must act quickly.


Spoon breaking through gold colored foil on a plastic coffee container

Removing Plastic and Foil Seals from Food...This is a page about removing plastic and foil seals from food containers. It can be next to impossible to completely remove all of the plastic or foil seals on bottles, jars, and food tubs.


For Rent Sign hanging over a hedge with a home in the background

Renting a Home with Friends?This is a page about renting a home with friends. Renting a place with your friends is an exciting adventure that can go well or not depending on your prior planning.


stack of newspapers

Good Reasons to Still Get a NewspaperThis is a page about good reasons to still get a newspaper. Newspapers have fast become a thing of the past.


Golden Finch perched on a nesting basket in branches.

Keeping Birds Warm in an Outside Aviary?This is a page about keeping birds warm in an outside aviary. Pet birds are often not native to the area where they now live. Consequently, they may not be well adapted to outside conditions.


Arched window on a building with the words "Community Center"

Community Center Fundraising IdeasThis is a page about community center fundraising ideas. Community centers frequently need to raise funds for additional operating and event costs.


Dog curled up behind an ashtray full of cigarette butts.

The Dangers of Smoking Around PetsThis is a page about the dangers of smoking around pets. Second hand smoke is not just a health issue for the smoker and their human family members, but their pets as well.


Vintage crochet placemat against red background

Finding Vintage Crochet Patterns?This is a page about finding vintage crochet patterns. If you are looking for a unique pattern for your next crochet project, perhaps a vintage one is the answer.


Young boy laying on a bed and wrinkling his nose

Removing Mildew from a MattressThis is a page about removing mildew from a mattress. Mildew can grow on your mattress as a result of moisture and humidity.


Burning candles shaped like the number 40 on a cake against a white background

40th Birthday Gift Ideas for WomenThis is a page about 40th birthday gift ideas for women. A woman's 40th birthday can be a real personal milestone. Choosing just the right gift can be difficult.


Close up image of an email programs INBOX tab

Create an Email Time Capsule for Your...This is a page about create an email time capsule for your children. Create a technological alternative to the old style time capsule by creating one via emails.


Mother and daughter comforting a young smiling husky as vet looks on

Does Anyone Have a Positive Parvo Story?This is a page about "Does anyone have a positive parvo story?". Parvo is a deadly virus that sicken and kill dogs quickly.


Kitten laying in a litter box with it's head resting on the edge

Training a Blind Kitten to Use a Litter Box?This is a page about training a blind kitten to use a litter box. Training a blind kitten to use a litter box may take more time and persistence then with a sighted cat, but it can be done.


Man trimming water sprout from fruit tree

Removing Tree Suckers And Water SproutsThis is a page about removing tree suckers and water sprouts. If not removed quickly and correctly, tree suckers and water spouts can impair the growth of you tree.


Smiling baby in a Lamb Costume against a beige background

Warm Halloween Costume IdeasThis is a page about warm Halloween costume ideas. October can be quite chilly in many parts of the country. It is a good idea to consider warmer Halloween costumes in these areas.



Felt Teardrop Earrings

Felt Teardrop EarringsThese pretty earrings are easy to make and because they are so lightweight, are a pleasure to wear. You may not be able to find the exact same beads, but that doesn't matter. Design your own with whatever suitable materials you have available.


Chocolate Custard Cake

Chocolate Custard CakeNot too sweet, melt in your mouth, and easy to make. Be sure to try the vanilla version too.


Princess lying down wearing a tiara

Princess Goliath (Saint Bernard)We got her when she was 8 weeks old. She loves to play hide and seek with my husband or tug of war with the kids.


Storing Cuties in Their Bag

Storing Cuties in Their BagDo you buy the bags of Cuties? If you do, turn the bag on its side and tear open the side of the bag. The wrapper/handle is rigid enough to create a bowl. You might want to place a plate underneath just in case an orange leaks. :)


pink Rosa Rugosa

Rosa RugosaThis is a very beautiful bright and cheerful rose bush. It is also very dense and prickly and is therefore an ideal bush for a hedge that can help deter intruders.



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Training a Dog Not to Chew?I have a 1 year old Jack Russell. He chews glasses and through electronic wires. We've bought him chew toys. The problem is we have 2 other dogs that play with the toys. I don't know what to do, my family is ready to send him to the pound. I don't want this to happen I love this dog, but I'm frustrated.


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Fee for Initial Cleaning?What should I charge for an initial cleaning on a two story house with 5 bedrooms, 3 baths, den, dining room, and kitchen? They want cabinets cleaned out also, plus it's very cluttered.


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Breeding Zebra Finches?I have 2 zebra finches. They just finished raising chicks and I just found out they have 4 new eggs. I know they're not supposed to lay more than 3 clutches a year so should I take them out, seperate the pair, or keep them there?


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Removing Permanent Marker from Painted Walls?My two boys wrote all over red walls in their room. How do I get it off? I never had to deal with this as they are 3yrs old and 2yrs old.


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16th Birthday Ideas?I'm turning 16 in October and I want to do a few things with my friends, but I don't want to spend loads of money. I have thought about go karting and a trampoline park, but I don't live near many of those places. I don't have any ideas of what to do. 


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Craftsman Mower Only Runs at Idle?My Craftsman GT 5000, model number 917276040, has a 25 hp Kohler V Twin. It will only start and run at low throtle with full choke. At first, it would not start. I drained the fuel and used lots of carb cleaner as well.


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Treating a Dog's Inflamed Skin?My Beagle has had skin problems since I got her. Now she has inflamed feet and boil kinda things on her feet and one on her nose.


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Moving from Topeka to Wichita Kansas?I live in Topeka, Kansas. I've wanted to move to Wichita since my junior year of high school. I am ready to move and my boyfriend has agreed to move with me. We are both CNAs and are planning on attending school there. Can anyone tell me the big differences cost of living wise?


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new Singer Promise 1408 Sewing Machine Won't Start?I just brought a new sewing machine, a Singer Promise 1408. I had been sewing for approximately half an hour then stopped for a few moments and then started again. Only the machine wouldn't go. The spindle is to the left and from what I can see, there's no threads jammed in the bobbin area or inside the machine.


large medium green lobe leafed plant

What Is This House Plant?I got this guy at the greenhouse a few days ago! I got home and the tag with the plant's name on it went missing. Any ideas?


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Value of Vintage Ceramic Mold?My MIL and I bought a ceramic shop in January and we were overwhelmed with all the molds we got (over 17k!). One of the very large molds we found is a large blue collar pig. With some research I found out that this large mold is a vintage piggy bank.


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Dyed My Hair Too Dark?My hair is naturally almost black with gray mixed in. I wanted a dark blond to tone down the gray. It turned out dark with a red hue to it. I used a dark blond color, I'm wondering if I highlight my hair using an ash blond will it tone down the red and lighten my hair.


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Best Weight for a Shih Tzu?My Shih Tzu is just over 11kg. His legs are longer than a small Shih Tzu, he is solid, and heavy, his waist curves in where it should. The vet says he's fine, but I think he is overweight. Is there anyone on here who thinks I need a second opinion?


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Growing an Avocado Plant?I had an avocado plant; it was growing good it was already 8 feet tall, but one day I went out and when I got back home my plant was cut. They cut the top part off where the leaves were growing. What can I do to get it to grow again? The steam is still green!


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Re-dyeing Hair After Bleaching?I have recently gone to a hair dresser to have my hair dyed a wonderful gray. However, she didn't have my hair to the lightest it needed to be for it to take and hold the gray. So now I have a lot of blonde/yellow showing through the gray after just two washes!


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