April 17, 2016

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spray nozzle on dish soap container

Spray Nozzle for Dish Soap ContainerHere is a way to control how much soap comes out of your dish soap container. Get a sturdy spray nozzle from an old bottle and just screw it on. Make the adjustment as to how stong or soft you want the spray to be. You will save soap, plus it will spray out more evenly over dishes.


Drown Ants Nesting In Potted Plants

Drown Ants Nesting In Potted PlantsThis is a picture of my sickly Aglaonema (Chinese evergreen). She stays inside with me. She hasn't been doing well, lately. Maybe it's the company she keeps. Somehow, I sorta doubt that.


Baby Bear in a party hat

In Memory of Baby Bear (Long Hair Chihuahua)He was a gift for spouse. Wherever the Baby Bear went he brought smiles and few minutes of happy play to any and all. He was a true joy!


Korean lilacs

Look For Two Plants In One PotI noticed a few years back that a new nursery trend had started. Many growers began to put two shrub plants per pot, rather than the usual, one. These plants are positioned so close together, on casual observation they appear as one. I haven't bothered to research this practice.



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Making Crafts with Prescription Bottles?Currently I take many medications and have leftover bottles. I would like to make a prescription bottle wreaths and deck lights. Does anyone have a suggestion on how to make these crafty ideas?


Clear Drying Glue for Display

Clear Drying Glue for Display?I need to create a clear block that will contain shards of glass from a wedding ceremony inside a trinket box. What glue can I use that will set solid and still clear in a block rather than sticking things together.


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Value of Murphy Table and Chairs?I have a table and four chairs. The markings say Murphy 336. Can you tell me how much it is worth? It has two leaves and also the sides flip down.


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Back Child Support and SSI?My daughter's father hasn't been in her life for years. The courts ordered him to pay $165 a month. He smoked like a chimney and ended up with COPD and congestive heart failure. He is applying for disability. I've heard that if he gets the SSI, all of his back child support (he owes roughly $10,000) will be forgiven.


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Painting Cardboard Cigar Boxes?What kind of paint is the best to use on cardboard? And do you have to use Kilz on it to cover up what is printed on it like you do a wall that is painted and you are changing color? Do you have to seal it and if you do seal it what do you use? I want to paint some cigar boxes for to use to put things in.


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Real Estate Transaction Firm Name Ideas?I am starting a real estate transaction firm in Texas, Oklahoma, and New Mexico and would like some ideas for the names. There are 3 partners that have been in the real estate industry for 15+ years, close friends, with successful real estate businesses.


black and tan puppy

What Breed Is My Dog?I wanna know what breed my dog is.


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No Sew King Blanket from Two Twin Size Blankets?I don't have a sewing machine and I have carpal tunnel in both wrists. I have a king size bed and I cannot find a blanket that is reasonably priced that will fit the bed. How can I attach two blankets together with a ribbon or blanket edging over the seam where they connect? Will an adhesive work or a tacky glue?


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Removing Magic Marker from Skin?My 3 yr old cousin used a purple magic marker as lip stick. How can I get it off?


leggy hanging houseplant

What Is This Houseplant?I need help identifying this houseplant.


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Preparing Walls to Paint After Removing Wallpaper?We just removed the wallpaper in one of the rooms in our house using the mixture of fabric softener and water. Will wiping the walls down with water remove the residual fabric softener enough to paint?


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Trapping Ladybugs?I am doing a lady trap and I want to know what scent do ladybugs like?


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Value of Encyclopedia Britannica?What is a set of 1895 Encyclopedia Britannica worth?


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Removing Labels from Jars?How do I get labels off jars? I have tried soaking in hot soapy water with dish washing power in it. I have even put them in the dishwasher. The label still won't come off and I am running out of ideals. I would like to use the jars to make something pretty out of them.


white paintable wallpaper

Texstyled Wallpaper?Please can anyone help me find this wallpaper. It is a Texstyled vinyl code 77373 or code 77370. It is cream with occasional gold squares.


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Homemade Rug Shampoo?Should a carpet shampoo consisting of vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, witch hazel, and lemon juice be diluted with hot water and if not should the shampoo mixture be heated?


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Kitchen Moulding Paint Color Advice?I have my kitchen cabinets picked out and they are called "coconut". It is an off-white colour. Not too far off white, but not completely stark white. I am wondering what color crown moulding, doors, door headers, and window mouldings I should use. Should I go off-white? or white?


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Removing Permanent Marker from Dryer Drum?How do I remove black permanent marker from inside a gas dryer?


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