April 27, 2016

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Finished bow, resembling a pom pom.

Making a Fleece Hair BowThis is a page about making a fleece hair bow. Easy to work with fleece fabric is a good choice for making a cute child's hair bow.


Making a Valentine's Day Gift BoxA homemade gift box for your valentine can take many forms, but they will all express your love. This is a page about making a Valentine's Day gift box.


Three pigeons on a bird feeder

Keeping Pigeons Away from a Bird FeederThis is a page about keeping pigeons away from a bird feeder. Backyard bird feeders often attract birds other than the song birds you may be hoping for.


Purple lotus or water lily.

Purple Flower PhotosThis is a page about purple flower photos. For the purple lover in you, nature has provided an array of lovely purple flowers found both in the wild and your garden.


Several small ants inside a sugar bowl

Getting Rid of Small Black AntsAnts taking over your house is exceedingly frustrating. This is a page about getting rid of small black ants.


Painted well with stencil removed and design visible.

Making a Popsicle Stick Wishing WellThis is a page about making a Popsicle stick wishing well. Popsicle sticks have been used in crafts for decades.


A decorated wicker Easter basket.

Decorating Wicker BasketsThis is a page about decorating wicker baskets. Go as elaborate or as simple as you like to transform a plain wicker basket into a personalized bit of decor.


Repairing a Recliner

Repairing a ReclinerThis is a page about repairing a recliner. Certain repairs to your favorite recliner are easy enough for you to make yourself.


A chihuahua on a white carpet.

Cleaning Dog Urine Odors from CarpetPet owners may find themselves needing to remove dog urine odors from their carpet. This is a page about cleaning dog urine odors from carpet.


Updating My Kitchen Cabinets

Updating Your Kitchen CabinetsThis is a page about updating your kitchen cabinets. Updating your kitchen cabinets is one way to freshen up the room without the cost of replacing the cabinets.


Lazy Man's Shrimp Alfredo

Lazy Man's Shrimp AlfredoThis is a page about lazy man's shrimp Alfredo. Shrimp combines well with Alfredo sauce for a delicious main dish.


Home Coffeemaker against a white background

Ants in Your Coffee Maker?This is a page about ants in your coffee maker. When ants invade your home you may find them congregating or even nesting in some unexpected places.


Diapered baby on carpet.

Cleaning Human Feces Stains and Odors from...Accidents can happen. Cleaning feces stains and the accompanying odor from your carpet, while not pleasant, can be done. This is a page about cleaning human feces stains and odors from carpet.


using bottle to wate

Recycled Drink Bottle for Watering SeedsThis is a page about recycled drink bottle for watering seeds. Using a small plastic drink or water bottle you can make a convenient device for watering seeds.


Making a Hatching Chick Birthday Card

Making a Hatching Chick Birthday CardThis is a page about making a hatching chick birthday card. You can get very creative when you make your own birthday cards.


Making a Pipe Cleaner Cat

Making a Pipe Cleaner CatThis is a page about making a pipe cleaner cat. Here is another cute kid's craft using that trusty craft supply, the pipe cleaner or chenille stem.


Cranberry Salsa

Cranberry SalsaThis is a page about cranberry salsa. Enjoy this fruity, sweet, spicy variation on the traditional tomato or tomatillo based salsas.


Child's Paper Plate Shoulder Bag

Making a Child's Paper Plate Shoulder BagThis is a page about making a child's paper plate shoulder bag. Paper plates are a staple supply for making kid crafts.


Tomatoes with blossom end rot.

Dealing With Blossom End Rot on TomatoesThis is a page about dealing with blossom end rot on tomatoes. Blossom end rot is a common problem found in the garden on tomatoes and other garden produce. It is a sign of a calcium imbalance within the plant.


Plate of cucumber sandwich quarters arranged on tiered plate next to two china cups of tea and a teapot

Tea Party SandwichesThis is a page about tea party sandwiches. Every tea party has its own delicious little sandwiches on the menu.


Two colored glass fragrance lamps consistent with the style sold by Lampe Berger

Making Your Own Lampe Berger...You can create your own unique fragrances for your lamps. This is a page about making your own Lampe Berger fragrances.


A dog outside on grass.

Cleaning Dog Urine Odors OutsideThis is a page about cleaning dog urine odors outside. Often when dogs use the same spot or a small yard for their business, odors can become quite strong over time.


Punk Rock Birthday Party Ideas

Punk Rock Birthday Party IdeasThis is a page about punk rock birthday party ideas. Have fun planning a birthday party with a punk rock theme.


A woman with chewing gum.

Removing Gum from Leather FurnitureThis is a page about removing gum from leather furniture. Chewing gum seems to find a variety of places to get stuck, in addition to the bottom of your shoe.


Healthy Greek Yogurt Parfait

Healthy Greek Yogurt ParfaitThe is a page about healthy Greek yogurt parfait. Combine Greek style yogurt with your favorite fruit or grains for a yummy, good for you parfait.


Two pairs of men's boxer briefs in the colors white and red hanging on a clothesline

Cleaning Feces Stains on UnderwearThere are a number of ways to successfully remove feces stains on underwear. This is a page about cleaning feces stains on underwear.


Making a Foot Stool from a Kitchen Pot

Making a Foot Stool from a Kitchen PotThis is a page about making a foot stool from a kitchen pot. Recycle a large cooking pot to make a neat foot stool with a place for storage.


Making String Art

Making String ArtThis is a page about making string art. This project is not as difficult as it may look and is great for older children and adults.


Man and woman sitting near each other with unhappy expressions

Sharing a Home With an Ex-boyfriend?This is a page about problems sharing a home with ex-boyfriend. Roommates can be difficult, but sharing a home with an ex-boyfriend can have its own unique issues.


A scrub brush on a colorful rug.

Cleaning Urine Odors from a RugThis is a page about cleaning urine odors from a rug. Pets sometimes have accidents on your rugs.


Above ground pool off of a deck with sparkling clean water

Cleaning a Backyard Swimming PoolThis is a page about cleaning a backyard swimming pool. Keeping your backyard pool clean is an important part of being able to enjoy it at any time.


Custard Cake Recipes

Custard Cake RecipesA creamy custard filled cake is sure to please friends and family. This page contains custard cake recipes.


A dog licking his lips.

Dog Eating Its Own FecesThis is a page about dog eating its own feces. It is not uncommon for a dog to eat its own or its puppies feces. There are several possible reasons for this behavior.


Decoupaged Glass Vases

Decoupaged Glass VasesThis is a page about decoupaged glass vases. Decoupage is a great technique to use for decorating glass vases.



Hot Artichoke Spinach Dip

Hot Artichoke Spinach DipThis is a favorite potluck appetizer or a treat to make at home. This artichoke dip recipe has a little less tang than most recipes. I think it tastes even better than most store and restaurant versions - plus it's slightly healthier.


Ginger Chicken

Ginger ChickenIn Tahiti, we have a lot of Chinese influence when it comes to cooking. I do most of my cooking with a wok. Therefore, I have revised a delicious Chinese dish here and created one of my own. This is my version of Chinese Ginger Chicken that is served at many of the snack trucks here on the islands.



A variety of mixed bulk beans

Saving Money When ShoppingI know this seems obvious, but how many times have you bought something on sale just because it's a really good deal? You think, "I'll find a way to use this," but it's more likely to sit in your pantry until it's past the date.


damaged fabric on couch

Repairing Cat Scratched CouchOne of our cats, Mario, has taken to scratching our fabric furniture and over the last four years our couch and love seat have taken a serious beating, along with several other pieces.


Make Your Own Grated Cheese

Make Your Own Grated CheeseWe love cheese and have it about every day. When I realized that we were washing the grater just about every day, I decided I would grate enough to last the whole week and put it in an air tight container.


Clean and Freshen Artificial Flowers and Plants

Clean and Freshen Artificial Flowers and...I like the look of plants, so I decorate other areas with artificial flowers and plants. They get dusty, and then they look horrible when dusty.


closeup of lunaria

LunariaThere is an old abandoned cemetery very near my home. For most of the year it is a mass of thickets to insure undisturbed slumber for those resting there. In late spring the tiny graveyard is very alive with brilliant color. From any angle, the eye is almost overwhelmed with lunaria en masse.


Crocheted Bunny Nugget

Crocheted Bunny NuggetMy daughter saw a knitting pattern online awhile ago for little bunnies. They were just adorable, but I can't knit! So this is what I came up with in crochet. Very easy, and what munchkin wouldn't love a little boxful of bunny nuggets in all different colors?


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Orange Glo to Get Urine Off Laminate FloorsMy dog baby peed on my new flooring several times when I was away. While I was looking under my sink, I found Orange Glo. The floors look better than when I first got them and it gave them a nice shine.



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Towel Color to Match Shower Curtain?I have just got a burgundy shower curtain. What colour towels would go well with it?


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Laundromat with Sulfur Smelling Water?I'd like to know what I can do for the sulfur smelling water I have in my laundromat? We only have cold water in the laundromat and the water smells and it doesn't allow my fabric softener to give the clothes the smell it's supposed to in the washer or the dryer.


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Redoing Highlights in Hair?I did color with highlights that came out too light. I would like more gold. What can I do because the highlights are too light?


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Roof Repair for Low Income Family?I live in Gallup New Mexico. I have guardianship of 3 kids and a single uncle. My roof has been leaking and I need help. We are on a very fixed income. We are looking for a new roof, but can't find the money for it. Is there any agency out there that would help?


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Dog Tried to Poop in Owner's Bed?I have a 6 month old Siberian Husky and today she tried to poop on my bed/me. To start let me say that she had been let out this morning. She went out and went poop and did her usual thing. I took her out again because she was making a weird sound. When we got back in bed she squatted to poop on my bed.


lump on puppy's Leg

Puppy Has a Lump on His Leg?My new puppy kept chewing at the mat on his leg, and I figured he was just grooming himself. He eventually chewed all the hair right off, revealing a scab and a little bump under his skin.


Home Repair Help for Low Income Families

Home Repair Help for Low Income Families?I live in Georgia. The only income we have coming in is my son's SSI. We live in a family home that is 90 years old and is in need of so many things. For starters it needs a roof. There is rotten wood everywhere, the water leaks, only the hot water works in the bathroom, and there is no insulation.


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Selling Trees for Lumber?What is the going price for a grown sycamore tree that's about 30 ft. tall?


broad green leaves atop a stalk

Identifying a Houseplant?I am looking to identify this plant. It originally started without the tall stalk, but just keeps getting taller.


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Troubleshooting Electrical Circuit Problems?In my 1977 house, it takes very little to trip the circuit breaker. The electricity has been OK otherwise. Recently the overhead lights in two bedrooms won't work unless you plug something into a certain outlet in one of the rooms. This only turns on the light in that room, nothing works for the other room.


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