April 28, 2016

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Phlox and Dusty Miller plants in a blue wheelbarrow

Transplanting PhloxThis is a page about transplanting phlox. This perennial flower can be transplanted to other locations in your garden.


Close up image of diced bacon

Making Crumbled BaconMake your own crumbled bacon to use as a garnish or in recipes. This is a page about making crumbled bacon.


Rows of folding chairs

Decorating Ideas for Metal Fold Up ChairsThis is a page about decorating ideas for metal fold up chairs. Metal fold up chairs are often available to use for a variety of gatherings, including weddings and parties. With a bit of decorating they can be transformed to fit your event.


Baby on carpet.

Cleaning Human Urine Stains and Odors from...This is a page about cleaning human urine stains and odors from carpet. Quick action makes it easier to clean urine stains and odors from carpet.


Young woman at a dorm room desk using a laptop

Buying a Laptop for a College StudentThis is a page about buying a laptop for a college student. Defining your computer needs is the first step before buying a laptop.


Plant Sale

Saving Money by Shopping...This is a page about save money shopping end-of-season plant sales. One easy way to save money on plants it to shop at the end of the season.


Rock Fireplace with a recliner in front

Updating on Old Rock FireplaceThis is a page about updating an old rock fireplace. Rock fronted fireplaces can date your home or clash with your decor.


Pile of coins on a white plate with a knife and fork on a wooden table

Cheap Meal Ideas for a College Student?This is a page about cheap meal ideas for a college student. Many college students need to eat on a budget.


Green smoothie next to a bowl of fresh spinach leaves on a wooden table

Spinach Smoothie RecipesThis page contains spinach smoothie recipes. The rather neutral taste of spinach makes it a perfect ingredient for your next green smoothie.



World's Easiest Lemonade

World's Easiest LemonadeThis is the easiest, cheapest way to make lemonade in the world! It costs a fraction of the store bought types. Did I mention it's delicious? Good does not have to be hard. Put it in some fancy glasses, add sliced fruit... voila!


Sangria Insanity

Sangria InsanityThis Sangria is so good! A little went a long way. This photo was from a party I hosted, where I tripled the recipe.


Italian Chicken Bake

Italian Chicken BakeWe tried out this healthy dinner tonight and really liked it. I got the recipe from a friend, but the original was a little too acidic for my husband who has reflux. I modified it by changing the proportions and after taking the ingredients picture, decided to add zucchini to cut the tomatoes a bit. He did much better with this version and it tasted fabulous!


A dish of bacon salt.

Bacon SaltThis is a great recipe for when you're running low on bacon but you want to keep the flavours going. I using bacon salt on popcorn, eggs, salads, meats, anything! It is so good and so easy to make.


Sweet Potato Sausage Bake

Sweet Potato Sausage BakeThis is a easy, yummy, and hearty dinner. The hardest part is the slicing. Once that's done, the oven does the rest!



large plant

Keep Your Eggplants Growing LongerA few years back, I decided to plant an enormous organic garden. Planting salad, cucumbers, and tomatoes weren't so difficult. I had never planted eggplants before. In March when I was buying the seeds for the organic garden, I chose a package of Black Beauty eggplant seeds. I started the seeds in starter trays.


pale lavender and white iris

The Iris FlowerWhen you think of it, appearance wise, just how far is a dahlia from a chrysanthemum? Yet, there are a few flowers for which there is no comparison. The iris is such a flower.


Spray Bottle for Toddler Play

Spray Bottle for Toddler PlayMy son's obsessed with using spray bottles, but I can't always find helpful things for him to do with them (like watering plants). So today I offered him a bowl to spray the water into. It captivated his attention for quite awhile.


Rooting Roses

Rooting RosesThe experts advise us to select a piece of half hard stem about six inches long. While this is good advice, it isn't written in stone. If you can't get that desirable six inch piece, take whatever you can get, even if it's a one and a half inch 'nubbin'. If it is healthy and given proper treatment, it will root.


jar with ribbon cuff

Jar CuffThis craft is a no-sew project. It makes one decorative jar cuff.


Watching an Eagle Cam

Watching an Eagle CamFor the first time since 1947, a mated pair of Bald Eagles has nested in the U.S. National Arboretum (Washington, DC). The Eagles, named Mr. President and The First Lady recently hatched 2 eggs in March 2016. They even held a vote to name the babies, who are now known as Freedom and Liberty.




Bump on Dog's Knee After Surgery?My Doberman is recovering after MMP-TTA knee surgery. It was 4 months ago without any complications other than his wound took a little longer to heal. I noticed a small hard lump on the spot where his wound was. It doesn't seem to hurt him or cause any discomfort.


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Mulberry Jelly Recipe Using Sure Jell?I need a recipe for mulberry jelly using Sure Jell.


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Older House Trained Dog Peeing and Pooping Inside?My 10 year old Min Pin has started to pee and poop on my floors. She has been housebroken to paper her whole life and never did this until few months ago. The only thing that is different is I got a cat about a year and a half ago. Up until a few months ago she played with him. She is a diabetic and has seizures.


paint spots

Cleaning Paint Off Faux Leather Sofa?I bought 2 faux leather sofas. I unfortunately got splash dots of gloss paint on them by accident. I have tried absoulutely everything to remove the paint spots. Nothing has worked. Could anyone give me some advice on what I could use to remove it?


duck eggs

Duck Nests in Yard?I have 3 duck nests in my yard, each nest has 20 plus eggs. The momma ducks are caring for them and at this point and are not leaving their nests. They are obviously not sitting on all of the eggs because their bodies are not that big. Is it possible all of the eggs will not hatch?


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Frosting Won't Stay on Cupcakes?I found a homemade buttercream, it's made with confectioners sugar, real butter, vanilla, and a little heavy whipping cream. I took it to work, and a coworker grabbed one and tipped it a little when eating it and the whole wad of frosting just popped right off the top in one magnificent swirl.


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Quality of Life Issue for 16 Year Old Dog?I live with my mother and her 16 year old Maltese, Kasha. In my opinion Kasha is in a bad place and my mom is in denial. Kasha whimpers when she drinks and eats; she suffers from anxiety and cries, whines, and whimpers incessantly whenever my mother leaves the house, or is upstairs while Kasha is downstairs.


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Sewing Machine Won't Pick Up Bobbin Thread?I have a Shark Intel Euro Pro X and I can't get the bobbin thread to come up. The neddle hits the bottom of the bobbin case. I have the right needle in and it is threaded right. This happened before and they tuned it. How do I do that?


plant with large leaves and pink flowers

What is This Garden Plant?On a recent walk around the neighborhood, I came across this flowering plant. Does anyone know what it is?


set of Britannica on table

Value of Britannia 14th Edition 1929...I was wondering if you could tell me the value of such a collection.


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Wardrobe Organisation Business Name Ideas?I live in UAE and would like to name my wardrobe organisation business. It needs to be simple yet sassy! It can't have word plays as many people won't get it! I would be visiting people's houses and organising their wardrobes for them. It's only me for now!


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Maytag Front Load Washer Error Codes?I have a Maytag 9000 series front load washer. I had an error code "f28". The repair man came out said it was the motor control panel so they replaced it. Now its throwing an "f99" code and nobody can figure it out do you have any ideas?


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Uses for Cable Ties?I want to know about cable ties and their uses. Please give me some information.


black dog

Is My Chihuahua Pure Bred?I'm looking to breed my female Chihuahua with a purebred male Chihuahua, but I just want to know if she's purebred or a Min-Pin? Her ears are the only thing that look weird to me.


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Package Sent Through Post Office Not Delivered to India?I did not receive my parcel that I had ordered from Kylie cosmetics. I have a tracking number, but it is a general post coming from USPS to India so it cannot be tracked. I got tracking updates till it left USA. I figured after inquiring in a lot of places that there won't be any update once it leaves USA.


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