May 10, 2016

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Girl pouring syrup on pancakes from a clear pitcher

Sugar Free Pancake SyrupThis is a page about sugar free pancake syrup. Due to dietary requirements, you may need to shop for sugar free pancake syrup.


Ashtray full of cigarette butts on a painted red wooden table.

Cleaning Nicotine from Painted Wood?This is a page about cleaning nicotine from painted wood. Cigarette smoke, which contains nicotine and tar, and leave yellow stains on your painted wood trim or furniture.


Woman cleaning floor with orange spray bottle and rag

Cleaning Orange Glo Residue from FloorsThis is a page about cleaning Orange Glo residue from floors. Orange Glo cleaner can unfortunately leave an unsightly, dull, waxy residue on your floors.


Slice of orange cake on a white plate (topped with an orange slice)

Making Orange Cake from a Yellow Cake MixThis is a page about making orange cake from a yellow cake mix. Yellow cake mix can be a good start to creating your own orange flavored cake.


Several pieces of grilled chicken on a black plate against a white background

Preventing Dry ChickenThis is a page about preventing dry chicken. Chicken, especially the white meat. can get dry during cooking.


Woman talking on phone will smoking a cigarette in front of vinyl wallpaper

Cleaning Nicotine Stains from Vinyl WallpaperThis is a page about cleaning nicotine stains from vinyl wallpaper. Nicotine in cigarettes mixes with oxygen and creates a yellow stain that can accumulate on your walls.


Man in dressing robe smoking cigar with wallpaper in the background

Cleaning Nicotine Stains from WallpaperThis is a page about cleaning nicotine stains from wallpaper. Removing the yellow stains caused by the nicotine in cigarette smoke can be tricky, if it is on some types of wallpaper.


Pancakes layered with slices of bacon, topped with bacon on a white plate

Bacon Pancake RecipeRather than having bacon on the side with your pancakes, why not add it to the batter. This page contains a bacon pancake recipe.



head of cabbage

Keep Bugs Away From Your Cabbage PlantsMany farmers and people who grow vegetables at home have problems with bugs eating their cabbage plants. The most common pest is the cabbageworm. The worm attacks young cabbage plants and feeds on the leaves. Furthermore, if the worms aren't controlled they can prevent the heads from forming.


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Toilet Paper Tubes as Seed StartersTake toilet paper rolls and tuck in one end to close. Fill roll with potting soil and plant seeds. When seedlings are large enough to plant outside, untuck the bottom and plant in hole the size of the tube. The tube will break down in the soil and feed the plant.


butterfly on bee balm plant

Beebalm and ButterflyThe garden is such a busy place, but often goes unnoticed. Taking a break from planting, I've watched praying mantis, bees, and butterflies land and wander through just doing what they do. You are never alone in a garden.


pink sign

How To Take A Sign And Make It Look VintageThis project is very versatile. It can be done on almost anything wood, ceramic, plastic, and metal. For this project I choose metal cut outs purchased at a craft store.


Double Crust Taco Pie

Double Crust Taco PieThis recipe came from a cookbook in my vintage book collection. I made it once and was an instant family favorite. Children love it!



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Transmission of the Parvo Virus?I just agreed to watch my sister's dog for a little while. The dog is about 6 months old and had parvo when it was a puppy. But my roommate has a full grown dog that hasn't had any of her shots, so can she get parvo from being around the other dog if it has had parvo?


Selling a House on Craig's List

Selling a House on Craig's List?I just put my house up for sale and was wondering if houses sell on CL or I'm just wasting my time?


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Repairing a Cork Handbag?I have a handbag made of cork and the cork is flaking off in various places. Is there any way this can be repaired?


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Removing a Stain in the Dryer Drum?How do you get rid of honey mustard stain in the dryer? I have tried diluted bleach and soapy water. I removed a little, but there is a stubborn section that I can not remove. Does anyone have suggestions?


dog on bed

Dog Sometimes Poops Inside?I have a 12 month old Cocker Spaniel cross. She was rescued from a puppy farm and while she is lovely, she has been hard work to house train. We keep our back door open to give her easy access to the garden where she will pee and poo, though occasionally she will poop in our sitting room on our rug.


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Moving a Duck Egg?A duck laid one egg in the bark at work 2 days ago. The egg was completely exposed to the elements. We hadn't seen the mother duck until today when she came looking for her egg. We assumed she abandoned the egg, so we picked it up with rubber gloves, placed it in a warm towel and laid it in the sun for warmth.


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Vets That Accept Payment Installments?My cat is in need of good, quality veterinary care. I just started a new job, and had a rescue group helping me for awhile with her medical care and expenses. Unfortunately, I would like to get her seen again as soon as possible.


light green foliage plant

What Is This Houseplant?I got this at a family member's funeral. I am wondering what it is. It's not ivy as the stalks are growing straight up.


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Growing Comfrey from Cuttings?I purchased 12 comfrey cuttings and planted them on April 20, 2016. It has been about 3 weeks and nothing is growing. Am I being impatient or should they have sprouted by now? Also, I would appreciate any advice on making this a successful venture.


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Building Raised Vegetable Beds?I want to build a raised vegetable box in my yard, but have dogs next door and because my yard runs on an angle all their urine runs through my yard. Will my vegetables be afflicted by that? How do I get rid of the smell?


Is This a Dragon Tree?

Is This a Dragon Tree?I've inherited many plants from my aunt. She's always believed this tree to be a dragon tree. She's not too plant inclined and I want to be sure that it is in fact that. Maybe it's a type of palm? Such as a screw palm? Any opinion is appreciated.


brown skinned doll with braids

Identifying a Porcelain Doll?I'm trying to identify this porcelain doll's artist. I won this doll in a Goodwill auction for $7.99. No paperwork came with this doll. Neither was there a year stamped on the neck, just a signature, that I can't make out.


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