May 24, 2016

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Making Cloud Dough

Making Cloud DoughThis is a page about making cloud dough. Cloud dough, also known as moon dough, is a fun sensory plaything for young children. They can press it together like wet sand to make lots of shapes.


Roasting a Chicken in a Slow Cooker

Roasting a Chicken in a Slow Cooker?Although it will not brown as it does in the oven, you can roast a chicken in your slow cooker. This is a page about roasting a chicken in a slow cooker.


Barbecued Pork Sandwiches

Barbecued Pork SandwichesBarbecued pork sandwiches are a good choice for many occasions, in addition to your family's evening meal. This is a page about barbecued pork sandwiches.


Tuna and Macaroni Casserole Recipes

Tuna and Macaroni Casserole RecipesThis page contains tuna and macaroni casserole recipes. Many of us have a favorite recipe for tuna and macaroni casserole.


finished lantern with tea light on

Making a Valentine's Day Jar Candle HolderDecorative handmade jar candle holders can help set the mood for a romantic Valentine's Day dinner. This is a page about making a Valentine's Day jar candle holder.


Gluten Free Lemon Bars

Gluten Free Lemon BarsEven if you are on a gluten free diet you can still enjoy tangy, sweet lemon bars. This is a page about gluten free lemon bars.


Cooking Ground Beef in a Crockpot

Cooking Ground Beef in a CrockpotThis is a page about cooking ground beef in a crockpot. Your crockpot can be used to conveniently cook ground beef without the hassle of frying, before adding to a recipe.


Slow Cooker Barbeque Beef Sandwiches

Slow Cooker Barbeque Beef SandwichesSlow cooked beef is tender and flavorful when used to make delicious barbecue sandwiches. This page is about slow cooker barbecue beef sandwiches.


Two Ingredient Brownies

Two Ingredient BrowniesThis is a page about two ingredient brownies. What could be simpler than making brownies using only two ingredients?


Using Brewer's Yeast in a Septic System

Using Brewer's Yeast in a Septic SystemThis is a page about using brewer's yeast in a septic system. Many homeowners with septic systems regularly add brewer's yeast to keep their system functioning properly.


Bringing Couscous for Lunch

Bringing Couscous for LunchThese steamed balls of semolina wheat granules, probably originated in North Africa. Their popularity is now wide spread making them a favorite choice for any meal. This is a page about bringing couscous for lunch.


Slow Cooker Macaroni and Cheese Recipes

Slow Cooker Macaroni and Cheese RecipesThis is a page about slow cooker macaroni and cheese recipes. Macaroni and cheese is a popular comfort food for kids and adults alike. One way to prepare this favorite dish is in your slow cooker.


Recipes Using Canned Pork

Recipes Using Canned Pork?This is a page about recipes using canned pork. Finding a recipe to use for canned meat can sometimes be difficult.


Identifying a Septic System Failure

Identifying a Septic System FailureThis is a page about identifying a septic system failure. Proper maintenance of your septic system and the ability to identify a system failure can prevent many problems.


Buying Used Halloween Costumes

Buying Used Halloween CostumesThis is a page about buying used Halloween costumes. Your local thrift stores are great, inexpensive sources for Halloween costumes or the items to create your own.


Origami LED Light Embellishments

Origami LED Light EmbellishmentsThis is a page about origami LED light embellishments. If you know how to make origami folded paper items then you can create some cute, colorful covers for a string of LED lights.


Making a Pine Cone Chandelier

Making a Pine Cone ChandelierThis is a page about making a pine cone chandelier. You can make a decorative chandelier with pine cones as the focal point.


Making Wire Wrapped Midi Rings

Making Wire Wrapped Midi RingsThis is a page about making wire wrapped midi rings. Midi rings are worn on your finger above the knuckle. They are quite a fashion statement.


No Bake Chocolate Mint Cookies

No Bake Chocolate Mint CookiesThis page contains recipes for no bake chocolate mint cookies. These cookies are not only delicious but they are quick and easy to prepare.


pink piggy bank in garden

Tips for Cost Efficient Flower GardeningThis is a page about tips for cost efficient flower gardening. Having a beautiful flower garden doesn't have to be too expensive.


cleaning a tub

Cleaning Soap Scum from a BathtubThis is a page about cleaning soap scum from a bathtub. Removing soap scum on bathtubs is waking nightmare for us all.


Cream Cheese Thumbprint Cookie Recipe

Cream Cheese Thumbprint Cookie...The addition of cream cheese to the batter makes these thumbprint cookies even better. This page contain a cream cheese thumbprint cookie recipe.


Giving a Metal Pot an Aged Look With Paint

Giving a Metal Pot an Aged Look With PaintThis is a page about giving a metal pot an aged look with paint. Antiquing techniques can be used on many items including metal pots.


Making Pinecone Christmas Trees

Making Pinecone Christmas TreesThis is a page about making pinecone Christmas trees. Pinecones used either alone or in clusters can be decorated to make delightful mini Christmas trees.



Coupon Holder for Food Information

Coupon Holder for Food InformationI am a big fan of the little book called Calorie King. Because I am trying desperately to lose enough of the last 25 pounds to get off insulin, I was hefting it around or forgetting it at home.


three small nesting baskets

Crocheted Nesting Baskets in Two VersionsHere is a great way to make some pretty nesting baskets in two ways, each unique and functional.


Revive Stale Bread with Celery

Revive Stale Bread with CeleryIf your loaf of bread is starting to go stale, place a rib of celery inside the bread bag, seal the top, and let sit overnight. The bread will absorb just enough humidity from the celery for to have soft bread by morning. Celery, being quite neutral, should not affect the taste of your bread.


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Encyclopedia Side TableI placed encyclopedias in four even stacks then put a glass shelf from anold fridge on top. It made an attractive bedside table.



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Cleaning Service Rates?I am interested in starting my own cleaning business and was wondering if a flat rate of $125 and recurring of $110 is too high. I live in Michigan City, Indiana and will be servicing LaPorte, Portage, and Valparaiso, cleaning commercial, residential, move in/out, and construction.


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Finding Financial Assistance for Roof Repairs?I need help, including donated materials and a licensed company, to help bring my roof up to city codes. I do not have the money to pay for this work. Is there any way that I can get the help that I need?


Bel Air wallpaper border

Imperial Wallpaper Boarder?I need 4 rolls of Imperial wallpaper border. It has a gold background and has a red and white, a blue and white, and a green and white Chevy Bel Air with the years printed in the background. lists it as out of stock.


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Theme Ideas for 12th Birthday Party?My sister is turning 12 and I want to make this a great birthday for her, but I don't know what theme to do. Anyone got any ideas?


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Repairing Frayed Upholstery?How can you repair fraying upholstery fabric on couch arm and foot rest?


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Name for a Preschool?I want a nice and innovative name for my preschool/playschool. I would like it to include the letters Z and M.


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Cleaning a Dog's Teeth and Remedies for Bad Breath?There has to be something for a dog's bad breath other than greenish and chews. And what can cause the bad breath other than teeth? Also what can I use to remove tartar from their teeth?


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Removing Paint from Aluminum Siding?How do I get paint off the aluminum siding of my mobile home?


older push mower

Information on a Dunlap Rotary Mower?I have a Dunlap 21" rotary power mower and can't fine much about it other than it was made by Sears and has a Lauson motor model # 123.88993. I would like to know what year it is. Thanks.


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Yellow Paper Stained Jeans?I had a bright piece of yellow paper in the back pocket of my light colored jeans and I forgot I had it in the pocket. I washed my jeans and now the bright yellow got on my pants. How do I take it off? They're my favorite pair of jeans.


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Property Transferred Without Approval of Person with Power of Attorney?I have a medical and legal power of attorney for my brother. He has been in and out of the hospital. We learned yesterday that his roommate now owns his home. My brother thought he was making a change to his will a year ago. Now he found out he titled the deed to his roommate.


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Repairing Heat Marks on a Dining Table?A hot towel left this white discoloration on the top of my dining room table. I tried tooth paste with no results. Someone also set a hot dish on the table and now there is the same kind of mark. Any suggestions on how to bring back the normal color?


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Slogan Ideas for a Preschool?I would like some ideas for a slogan for my preschool/playschool.


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Identifying Tiny Flying Bugs?The bugs I am being annoyed by look like dust sort of. They almost look like they are floating. It is creeping me out. They are tiny. Do they sound familiar to anyone?


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