May 31, 2016

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Pot of purple African Violets against a white background

Buying African VioletsThis is a page about buying African violets. African violets are a popular houseplant that is widely available for sale.


Close of up dog food bowl with "Good Dog" design on it, surrounded by spilled kibble.

Keeping Ants Out Your Pet's BowlThis is a page about keeping ants out your pet's bowl. Regardless of whether you feed your pets inside or out, ants can be a problem in their food bowls.


Close up of three African Violet blooms against green foilage

Using Rusty Nails for African VioletsThis is a page about using rusty nails for African violets. For years gardeners have used rusty nails to add iron to the soil around certain plants.


Stack of folded old bed sheets

Uses for Old SheetsThis is a page about uses for old sheets. Clean out your linen closet and put those old, worn, or stained sheets to a new use.


Close up of child that needs to go potty

Daytime Wetting in ChildrenThis is a page about daytime wetting in children. Sometimes older children will have an accident during the day. If not due to medical reasons then you have a different issue to resolve.


Easy Butterscotch Surprise Pie

Butterscotch Pie RecipesMake a delicious butterscotch pie anytime. They are fairly easy to prepare. This page contains butterscotch pie recipes.


Close up of knife holder peanut butter over the top of a peanut butter jar

Who Makes Kroger Peanut Butter?This is a page about who makes Kroger peanut butter. Most grocery store brands are made by other companies.


Wooden crib with fitted sheet on a white background

Making Fitted Crib SheetsThis is a page about making fitted crib sheets. Making your own fitted crib sheets allows you to have them coordinate with your child's room. They also are a thoughtful gift idea.


Wild Violets growing soil

Getting Rid of Wild VioletsThis is a page about getting rid of wild violets. People either love or hate wild violets in their yard and gardens.


Two pots of African Voilets, Watering Can, gardening gloves, and extra pots against a white background

Transplanting African VioletsThis is a page about transplanting African violets. African violets are a popular, low maintenance houseplant. They do at times need to be transplanted.


Sad puppy laying next to wet spot on the floor with human finger pointing at it.

Dog Peeing in the HouseThis is a page about dog peeing in the house. There are many reasons your dog may be peeing in the house under a variety of circumstances.


Two tuna burgers on a white plate

Tuna Burger RecipesTry a quick, easy, and tasty tuna burger as a change from beef burgers. This page contains tuna burger recipes.



Recycled Faux Cactus Terrarium

Recycled Faux Cactus TerrariumWhen a friend got some cherry tomatoes, it hit me this container looked like the mini terrariums from the 70s. All sorts of things came to mind, but I can't grow anything but mold so the next best thing was a faux terrarium. I was at the dollar store and saw these cacti and thought how cute that would be.


Temporary Locks for Visiting Kids

Temporary Locks for Visiting KidsI am all for kid-proofing a house when they are full-time residents. But after they are gone, you don't need to do all that anymore. What might be a part time/temporary solution?


dirty knotty pine walls

Cleaning Nicotine from WallsWe bought a cute cottage at the beach, but the walls, everything stinks of smoke. I am in the process of cleaning all the walls. I use Clorox cleaner with bleach. This is a picture of how dirty the walls are. The house was built in 1952 so we have a lot of cleaning to do.


Dawn Dish Detergent

Best Suds with Dawn Dish DetergentI used to use the very cheapest dish detergent, then a friend of mine suggested that I try Dawn because you only have to use a tiny amount to get lots of suds. So I tried it and she was right.


toothpick in tea kettle steam hole

Toning Down a Whistling KettleWe like Instant Nescafe' coffee so I have to heat water in the kettle to make it. I know it is beginning to boil when I hear that high pitched shrill whistle. The water needs to boil a little more to get it really hot so to soften the noise, I stick a toothpick in the whistle hole.


Revamped Spice Carousel

Revamped Spice CarouselI found a very cool spice carousel for 50 cents at a thrift store. I had never seen one with the cavity in the middle for utensils. But, when I got it home, my spice jars wouldn't fit.



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Obtaining a Power of Attorney?My aunt (mom's sister) passed away. She has no parents or children so Florida law says my aunt's siblings are to inherit her estate (my mom). If my mom wants me to handle the attorney and estate issues, do I need to get a power of attorney from her to act on her behalf? I don't even know where to begin.


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Neighborhood Cats Peeing on Door?There are 2 cats in particular. They urinate on my front and back doors. I have a big enclosure connected to my house as I am a responsible pet owner and don't wish to annoy neighbours.


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Repairing a Kenmore Ice Maker?I have a Kenmore top mount refrigerator, model number 253.7481240k purchased in 2009. I replaced the copper hose that had a kink in it, now the ice maker will not come on at all. What could be the problem?


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Grants for Fire Victims?The place where I was staying in Clark county in Washington had a house fire, and now I am temporarily housed in a luxury hotel. I am looking for a grant to rent this apartment with advance rent/deposits too. Does anyone know of any grants that are available for this need?


Cleaning Off Mold on Textured Ceiling

Cleaning Off Mold on Textured Ceiling?My textured (swirled) ceiling is overrun with black mold. The bathroom has got 2 bathroom fans already (on top of bath and shower), but there is still a problem. When I used mold spray, then wiped it, the plaster also came off thus no more swirled ceiling.


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Air Conditioners for Low Income People?I'm on disability and I desperately need an air conditioner. I'm on limited income and was wondering where I can find one.


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Teacup Morkie Very Small?So my family has a teacup Morkie and she is about 11 weeks old and is only 1.5 pounds. We would like her to grow so she will gain some weight.


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Ideas for Girl's 13th Birthday Party?My daughter is having her 13th birthday party and I have to make it a surprise. I have so many ideas but no idea what to do because it is in October. Se is kind of girly but sort of tom boyish. She isn't expecting anything big, but I want to make it very special because she is going to be a teen soon.


doll in box

Value of Goldenvale Native American Doll?I have a 4ft tall Native American Goldenvale doll. I need info on her because I haven't had any kind of luck finding out what she is worth or any information at all.


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Adding an Electrical Plug to Outdoor Light Fixture?I would like to add string lights along my fencing and chainlink fence. I don't have an electrical outlet out back, but do have a light right at the door to go in. Is there a way that I can switch that light out and include on that an outlet in order to plug in my string of lights?


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House Training an Abused Dog?So my fiancé and I just adopted a dog. I got him from a co-worker. He is 1yr old and a Boxer Lab mix. He is the sweetest thing on the planet. However I was not told he was abused. It wasn't till I got him and seeing how he interacts that I see all the signs of an abused animal.


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