August 1, 2016

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Woman sitting on beautiful balcony

Decorating a Balcony on a BudgetThis is a page about decorating a balcony on a budget. Whether you are a homeowner or apartment dweller decorating your balcony makes it a more enjoyable space to relax.


Caramelized Brussels Sprouts with Lemon

Caramelized Brussels Sprouts with Lemon...For the sprout lover or someone who is willing to risk tasting these little, often maligned, veggies, this recipe may have you eating them more often.



Doodle sitting

Doodle (Beagle)A year and a half ago, I saw Doodle's picture on an animal shelter's "adoptable pets" site and immediately fell in love with her. As soon as the shelter worker brought her out, that love intensified and Doodle became a permanent member of our family.


round book page bookmark

Book Page BookmarkI can't think of a more fitting way to use the pages of an old discarded book than to make bookmarks out of them. This is just one of many ways you can do this.


bean plant reaching out

Questing Pole BeanPole beans constantly reach out, searching for something to hold on to. The four foot fence is nowhere near tall enough, but the bean will continue on anyway.



plant with slightly oval light and medium green leaves

What Is This Houseplant?I just inherited this cute plant from my fiance's roommate and have no idea what kind it is. I have two kittens so only cat -friendly plants allowed.


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Puppy Won't Eat?I have a 12 week old German Shepherd puppy that has stopped eating, but drinks a lot of water. He did eat yesterday, but I came in to find that he had thrown-up his food. He is now eating very little compared to what he usually eats. I will be taking him to the vet tomorrow. Any thoughts?


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Removing Urine Smell from Fabric Upholstery?How do I get urine smell out of a recliner chair upholstery?


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Value of 1928 Book of Knowledge?I have a 1928 copyright edition of the Book of Knowledge, published by the Grolier Society. It is a 19 volume set + guidebook.


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Knitting a Swiffer Pad?I am looking for instructions to knit a Swiffer pad.


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Locating Source of Smell in House?There is a smell outside my bedroom that began this week. I have no idea what it could be, there is no food around and there are no pets in the house. I'm thinking it might be a dead animal, but I'm at a loss on how to find it and what to do about it. I would be grateful for any suggestions.


pink flowering houseplant

Identifying a Houseplant?Does anyone know what type of plant this is, and if so how to care for it?


House Trained Dogs Going Inside

House Trained Dogs Going Inside?My family has a 13 year old neutered German Short-Haired Pointer, a 9 year old neutered Rat Terrier, and a 4 year old spayed Chihuahua/Jack Russel mix. Since my brother moved they have started going potty inside.


dark colored bug on tan background

Identifying and Getting Rid of Bugs?We came to an old cottage for the holidays in the Czech Republic and found these bugs (about max. 2mm tall and 0.5-1mm thick) on all the bed sheets. Then we found them on sinks, in baths, and in kitchen. They seem to not be too active, maybe in night only when we sleep.


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Homemade Computer Screen Cleaner?What is the recipe for a cleaning solution for a laptop screen?


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Hardwired Fire Alarm Beeping?I have a hard wired Honeywell fire alarm. It is beeping intermittently. How do I fix it? It does not have a battery back up. It was installed in 1979.


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Buying Large Terra Cotta Saucers?Where can I find large terra cotta saucers?


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Removing Permanent Marker on Shoes?What's the best home made solution for taking permanent marker off of shoes?


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13th Birthday Party Ideas?My daughter's birthday is on the 16th March and she is turning 13. She wants a boy-girl party, but the only problem is our house is too small to have even 10 people. She doesn't want the old pool party, she wants something special as it is her 13th. Any ideas on what and where she could do it?


thin new plants growing from dead stalk

What Is This Houseplant?I recently acquired this jade plant from my sister-in-law. A couple of weeks ago, I noticed some stems growing from a dead stalk. She said it was a housewarming gift and that there were other plants in the planter with the jade, but can not remember what they were. Any ideas?


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Dye Transferred to Jeans in Dryer?I recently bought some white jeans and put them in the dryer with some new black jeans and the dye left patchy stains, how can I get rid of them?


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Growing Star Jasmine?How do I care for a star jasmine and what method is best for propagation?


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Refrigerator Leaks Water on the Floor?My Frigidaire side by side refrigerator Model FRS26LF7DS7 side-by-side leaks water on floor (toward middle of unit) when the water dispenser is depressed. The water and ice work fine. I noticed a slight "hissing" noise when water is dispensing.


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Replacing the PTO Cable on Riding Mower?How to replace the pto cable on a Yard Machine riding mower?


closeup of black and white kitten

Rescued Kitten With Eye Discharge?I rescued a kitten that had terrible fleas so bathed her with a little Dawn and rinsed her well. The real problem now is that she has a little matter coming out of the corners of her eyes. Is this something I can address at home now? We plan to take her to the vet as soon as we can get an appointment.


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Child Support and SSD?My ex husband collects SSD and pays child support. My ex is moving and continues to harass me and my fiancé trying to claim that the children receive SSD. So with him paying SSD, does he still have to to pay child support? And does domestic relations take from child support?


black puppy with white chest and feet

Is My Pit Bull Full Blooded?My puppy is 3 months old. I don't know the parents.


white and brindle dog

Is My Pit Bull Full Blooded?Does she look full blooded? She is 9 months old.


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Cleaning Smell from Defrosted Freezer?My freezer was turned off the other day for long enough for the meat to thaw but not go bad. The blood from the meat ran down the freezer sides. I thought I got it all because the freezer itself did not smell. Two days later and there is a terrible smell coming from near the freezer.


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